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In olden days, there is a demand only for developers, but today you have a demand for testing too. Because as days pass on, developers were increasing day-to-day.Even they launched a new software app they could directly launch into the production. Because, there would some errors which predicted by the developer during run time. But when they launched directly into production the errors would be faced by end users.So to avoid this problem, testing was introduced which fixes the bugs occurred during development and send you the error-free product to the end user. One of the testing suppliers of this testing is selenium which supports two types of testing namely Manual and Automated. Today, we were going to have complete picture Selenium Automated testing

 In the olden days, production development was low. Where people can test each and every case of the developed software manually.But when days upon more software’s were developed and need of immediate testing has been increased rapidly where it came to a situation like an equal amount of developers and testers were required.To avoid this problem Automated tools were introduced.

OnlineITGuru explains this Selenium automation tool in the following manner through selenium online training.

This automation tool helps in making the testing faster in a smart and efficient manner. If the testing needs to go under automation, it has to follow some rules. Let us discuss these through Automation Test Life Cycle.

This life cycle has 6 phases which have its own importance and testing goes through automation. Only if it passes through all these phases.Let us discuss each of them in detailed

Automated Feasibility analysis: When some code needs to automated, it needs to undergo some feasibility analysis. This done to check whether it can go through automated testing (or) not.If there is the feasibility of the code to be automated, then it will go into further stages. It checks for the feasibility in the following way :

 Which mode of application can tested and which cannot?

Which tools can be used for automation testing of the current application?

Test plan /Test Design: When there is a feasibility for the test case to get automated, then it undergoes a Test plan/test Design. In this phase, it checks for the following :

It primarily checks all the cases manually and finalizes which cases can automated.

Which framework can used for this automated testing and pros and cons of that particular framework.

If the framework dedicated then create a test suite on the test management tool.

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Environment Set up: For any work that needs to installed in your system, it needs some environment set up in order to run the framework  i.e you need to install the required software and provide the requisite hardware based upon on requirement

Test Script development: A script is necessary in order to develop an automation. If a script written for the  automated testing, it must undergo the following criteria :

It should cover the functional requirement of the test case

The script must be able to run in all the environments

The script must have a capability in order to perform the batch execution in order to save the time and effort.

It must have a capability of raising the token in case of failure of the automation.

Generate the result : Analyze the report the calculate the time in order to know the time taken for automation where the report is usually in the form of XSLT report, Test NG Report  etc.

In this way, the report is taken from the automated test tools. today these tools have gained much popularity for many test cases of different projects in the IT Industry.This tool has gained importance because of  its efficiency and best result in the short span of time

Recommended Audience :

Software developers

System Admins

Project  Managers

Team Leaders


There is nothing prerequisite required for learning Selenium.It’s good to have analytical skills and knowledge of some and the basic idea of troubleshooting and some knowledge of programming languages like Java, C#,  PERL and one database like MySql. But not mandatory.Trainers of OnlineITGuru will teach you from the basics.

Master of Selenium  testing from OnlineITGuru through Selenium Online Training

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