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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
Will Python replace Java?

According to IT programming, Java is currently more popular than any other programming languages. This will be considered at the point of Job as well. We have more Java developers, in compare with python language. According to the latest implementation analytics posted in an updated technology survey website. At present Java is used by 3 websites that act as a base for server-side programming languages. Where 0.2 % of websites implement Python. However, the latest reports have shown the Implementation and popularity of python. In the first place it is growing high and high when compared to Java, this shows how will python replace Java.

Will Python replace Java?

For example, We are seeing the Job competition, is more in between these two languages. In the meantime, it is important for programmers to think, about the differences between these two programming languages.

Java vs Python:-

Earlier these languages are general purpose Programming languages. In the former is statically scripted language, where Developers has to declare all variable names. as a result Afterward looked upon dynamically typed languages, where developers no need of declaring names.

Generally, Java needs Developers to write very long lines, of code to get programming works to complete. In this case , they have additional time and effort to handle and maintain Java code. On the other side, the syntax of python programming language starts Developers to show the concepts. Without scripting longer lines of code. Thus it becomes much easier for programmers to maintain and update the code base. These two languages updated on regular basis. The programmers can Implement Java 8 to many features that contain lambda expressions.

Will Python replace Java:-

Will Batman replace Iron-man, does coca cola replace Pepsi ??? The answer to this question is Just Familiar. Python and Java, they are two different languages that, contain use cases. Afterward these two languages has the same qualities, they implement work of each other.

Both of them have powerful and large communities and had a big array of libraries supported by Developers.

Code usage, so, java will take more time to code. Python Certification takes less time to code.

Hello world example



Print(“hello world”)

Now you might have understood that how much time java took for coding.


  1. Java – curly braces are mandatory to run any code. 2. Python – Reverse of Java, curly braces terminate the code.


Java fast language than Python.


If you miss typing a semicolon, it will throw an error.

Python-Do does not require any semicolon to end the code.


Java best for Android and IoT development, Python best for Data science.


Java operates on JVM, it can see anywhere. In Portability Java wins.

Data Bases Access:-

JDBC is a database of Java, python databases weaker than it.

What is Python used for, heavily used in Data science, ML, Analytics and scientific research? Blockchain and other technologies that are booming this day. Definitely, Python is more dominant here. In the case of web scrapping and back end, python replaces java.

Python language uses software Development. I mean that many applications we use in our day to day life. Game Development and Many things. We all don’t that Google announced kotlin language is the official language for developing Android. If anybody asks to learn about Python. 

Why Python beat Java:-

Accordingly Python uses implemented all over the world. But its handled to stay well- managed and fun for long period. Now also you can download Python and initiate hacking away on small scripts and applications.

How great it was right, there are many projects in python. A lot of cool things, that occur in python. It is just like playing with Lego, has a big repository of modules that shoot combined. For the most part it encourages the design of sorts. Here python is very easy to learn, finally to get in-depth knowledge on Python, you can enroll for live Python online training by OnlineITGuru with 24/7 support and lifetime access.

In summary, Why python becoming popular, the reason is that it became like, a language of choice. For each and every current trending technologies in IT. As a result, Like Web development, cloud computing, Aws, Open Stack, VM ware and Google cloud, Oracle.


Soon As first and best Singularly, python code has many positive vibes. so, coding is simple and easy you can understand. It supports many scripting Paradigms. For instance it has a wide range of software libraries, that can go into a programming language. it can measure many large applications.