Artificial intelligence future in 2020
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Artificial Intelligence is virtually Impacting the Future, of Every human and Every company. AI is designed as the main plugin of Evergreen technologies like Big Data, IoT and Robotics.

AI Continues to live like a technological Innovator, for the upcoming Future.

Applying computer vision and Machine Learning, for detecting and classifying many, “safety Events”, the shoe box, type device, don’t see many. It is similar to a driver, who is looking for a vehicle, as he operates it.

Artificial Intelligence Future

Where he, is driving, locations of the users around him.

If you assume about a camera, it is really the best available gadget, available to us today. Our smartphone camera and sensors present in our camera has become, more expensive.

Impact of AI is Everywhere

Present virtually, there is no main AI, that is known as, “narrow AI”. That which operates objective functions. That is by using, data trained Samples. Every time falls into some categories of Deep learning or like machine learning.

This is Especially, fact from past few years, as Information collection, and analysis that has come up, considerably, we have to thank some robust IoT connections.  That is the upgrade of connected devices and more fast computer processing.

Few sectors have didn’t started their AI journey, other known as Veteran travellers. Both of them have a length direction to travel. That is, the issue of AI, having on our daily living, is critical to Ignore.

Impact of AI on Society

What is Daily Routine Job, is there a Narrow AI threat on workforce

In a Certain lecture, at Northwestern University. The AI guru of AI Kai-Fu Lee has become champion of AI technology. It is modifying and it’s showing more issues when showing no side effects and Big limitations.

90 per cent, that is especially, the bottom 50 per cent of the world, in terms of education or total Income. That hurt Job displacement. The main and simple Question, to ask, is “How Routine is Your Job”.

That is How, likely a job can completely replace by AI, due to this, AI within the complete Routine work. They learn to optimize by itself. The more quantitative. The main motto of the job is separating things into certain bins.

That is picking fruits, and answering certain service calls, these are very much scripted tasks, that are Repetitive and Routine in nature.  In a matter of 10 or 15 years, they will be replaced by AI.

In the warehouses,  of online giant and AI powerhouse Amazon, that which buzz, with more 1 lakh robots, that is by packing and Picking functions, that are still operated by humans, but this will change.

The Analyser view is that people get, Big numbers, that is earlier they had Incremental, that is 10 to 15 per cent set of Aims, that is by decreasing their workforce, at present these experts are saying, why they can not do it with only one per cent of people, do we have.

AI and Future of Human Rights and Privacy

Of course, we have made, the fact that AI, reliance on certain big data, is started Impacting privacy in the main Direction. We can look into  Facebook analytics and Alexa Eavesdropping. In those two many examples, of tech went wild.

Without Exact terms and conditions and Self-aligned Limitations, some expert argues, the situation will get worse.

War Robots, How humans may use AGI

Some of the AI physics Professors and Certain leading AI Researchers told. That Exact Impact from AI is not a Hollywood movie.

Time to think and Understand, what we are designing, and how we are going to Incorporate, it in the society, that might exactly what we require. But no one is sure about it.

Our plan with AI is more complicated, but the big thing, that we have to remember is simple, most AGI Researchers, expecting within Decades, and if we just go into unplanned, it may be the biggest, issue in the history of Men and Women.

It could initiate, certain tough global dictatorships, with certain suffering, may happen to human extinction.

I think I have provided the best about the artificial intelligence future. We can not Predict the Artificial Intelligence Future. But we can guess it by, analyzing Present and Past output of AI and ML.

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