AWS Solution Architect
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Aws Solution Architect refers to the elements required, for cloud computing. These Components contain a front end and back end platforms, with a cloud-based Delivery and network.

AWS Solution Architect

Combining these components makes cloud computing Architecture, cloud solutions. The design is based on total architectural methods, that have developed, over the past 20 years.

An AWS Cloud Architect is Responsible for, converting the technical needs, of a Project, into the Architecture and Design that guides products. Every time cloud Architects are responsible for filling the gaps.

In between critical business problems and solutions in the cloud. Other members of a technology team include DevOps Engineers and Developers that work with cloud Architect, to make sure the Right technology being designed.

Pay Scale for AWS Solution Architect

The average Salary would be mostly, $ 1, 50,000 in the United States.

Sign-on Bonus – Median Amount of $ 50,000.

RSU – $70,000/yr.

Modules Include in AWS Cloud Architect

  1. EC2, that is AZ, auto-scaling, Security Group, Load Balancer.
  2. RDS – Multi-AZ, cross-Region replication.
  3. S3, Lifecycle, Cross-Region Replication, Encryption, Different S3 classes)

Services that you have to Understand

Applications like SNS, SQS.

Analytics like Athens, Kinesis.

Monitoring and Management, KMS, Cloud Formation, Cloud Watch, IAM.

Networking, Route53, API gateway, Cloud Front.

Computing such as Elastic Beanstalk, ECS, and Lambda.

Taking Decisions based on Design principles, and best Applications of AWS.

Use AWS Services, for making Reliable, scalable, Infrastructures.

Increase Performance and Decrease cost.

Skills Required for AWS cloud Architect

If you want to become an AWS cloud Architect, you should already have a tough background in cloud computing. If you feel ok, with the above-mentioned concepts, or at least a few of them.

Then you are on the correct Track, If not I will suggest, the below study.

  1. It’s good if you know operating systems like, Linux, Unix, Solaris, Ubuntu, Windows.
  2. My suggestion is any Linux Operating system, but prior as an administrator or an Architect.
  3. Understanding of Networking TCP/IP, HTTP, DNS, IP Address. I Suggest, that you have some familiarity with these concepts before you pursue a Role as AWS cloud Architect.
  4. You should have Prior Knowledge of Programming Languages.
  5. 5. Security is the Most Important Point in cloud computing, you should have a prior understanding of Main Security Concepts like firewalls, for becoming a cloud architect.

 I am a Certified AWS Solution Architect

Once if you have passed, the certification exam, your Certification gives you a lot of new Job Opportunities. I think you are aware of Big data, It could not accomplish any applications, without taking the help of Aws and other Cloud Solutions Architects.

With more than one million active users, AWS will deliver, scalability, flexibility. Some companies like IBM, Splunk, General Electric, Implementing Big data in AWS.

You should not forget that AWS’s biggest user is Netflix.

Amazon says, their solutions Architecture Team, show the features by helping users to succeed in Applying AWS technologies daily. Their Team builders utilise Deep knowledge of AWS tools, and products, by partnering with AWS sales and many other AWS teams.

For making highly scalable, flexible cloud Architectures, that point user business issues, and they accelerate, complete adoption of AWS Services.

Designing User Success, with a Reality is our “Everyday” task, and our teams, offer users with an innovative commercial and Public Sector Organisations.

AWS Solutions Architecture Team is Full of Users, like to Invent, and there is no Such place to design and learn than AWS.

Future of AWS Certified Solution Architect

As I think, you know that there is a Huge Increase in cloud computing technologies. That started an Entrance for IT professionals, with technical Skills and Expertise skills, to design, move and handle Applications on Certain AWS Services.

As I already Told. AWS Certification is the main key to AWS careers. The flow of AWS Certification is not going, to Decrease any more. As I told, the AWS certified, solution Architect, is more $ 1, 00,000, every year the hike would be more than 10%.

What are the Benefits if you are an AWS Certified?

Generally, You can Show your Certificates, with Digital badges, in your social Media Accounts and Email Signatures. With this, you will Get, fast Access to AWS certifications Events.

Finally, this is all about AWS solution Architect, and in future, Every company may Ask more certified cloud Architects.

So you too can become the AWS solution Architect at AWS certification training

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