What is tableau prep
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Tableau Prep

Tableau Prep changes, the action classic data operated in a Company. By offering a Direct and Visual way to shape, combine and clean data. It makes it easier, for business users and analysts to start, their analysis faster.

Tableau prep formed into Two Products.

Tableau Prep Builder – For Designing Your Data Flows.

Prep Conductor – Used for Managing Flows on an organization.

tableau Prep

Now we will go with Tableau Prep Builder.

Generally, Prep Builder for Cleaning, Shaping and combining for analysis.

Complete Overview of Your Data.

Three coordinated views, that will let you See Row-level Data, profiles of every column and Your Complete Data Preparation Process.

Select the view to communicate depends on the task.

Fast Results

For editing values, you can select the Direct Edit button. Modify your Join type and See the result in the Right way. With every Action, you instantly see your Data modification.

Even on millions of Rows of data, tableau prep Builder gives you, total freedom to re-order steps and Experiment, without any Reaction.

Work Smarter and Faster

Use some Smart Features, for fixing common data Prep challenges. Prep Builder Employs fuzzy clustering, to change repetitive tasks, like grouping with pronunciation, into single operations.

Connect to Many Data

Connecting to Data in the cloud, whether it is in the Spreadsheet or Database. You can access, combine and clean Data. Without writing the code.

Tableau Prep builder, intelligently decrease operations, to the database when it is possible. That is letting you take advantage of existing databases, investments for the complete flow of execution.

Stay in the flow

Stay in the flow, of your analysis. It is easy to initiate your output with tableau desktop, share it with via tableau server, or complete tableau online. It is easy sharing and Decrease friction and guide your bridge, the gap in between data analytics and Data preparation. For best business output.

Tableau Prep Conductor

With this, you can schedule, manage and monitor your data flows.

 Run flows and Share on your Server

With Tableau Prep Conductor, you can simply publish and Operate flows in your server Environment. You can share Your Data sources, securely by using tableau server or tableau online.

Simultaneously, Design an environment, where everyone in your company can work with Prepped and up to date.

Schedule Your Flows

Schedule your flows to operate, when you require them, Day or Night. Automate your data prep processes, so there every time data that, prepped and ready for analyzing.

Monitor Flows across your Server

Monitor Flows, with the same tools, that offered on tableau Server today. Utilize status page, admin views, and Run Previews. For watching the health of flow across, complete server, so you can address any issues fast.

Every time, knowledge flows, which are healthy with certain proactive alerts.

You can get from Tableau Prep

Get up to Speed Quickly

Tableau prep uses Tableau data connectors, administration views, permissions, calculation language.

Fast Performance with Hyper

Enjoy fast communications and flow executions with Hyper, tableau patent-pending data engine technology.  To illustrate, Hyper uses proprietary parallelism, tricks for accelerating the data process.

Joining the community

Learning, connecting and Enjoying tableau with many 150,000 passionate users. They rely on Forums, events and user groups for extending your tableau Prep knowledge.

Then Join the Tableau community now.

Every time innovating

Tableau Software moves as fast as you do, we constantly release the latest features. We invest many in R and D. Then anyone else in Industry. More in R and D, then the latest Release around the corner.

Especially, Every Tableau product is Unicode Initiated, and compatible with data stored in any language. In the same fashion, the User Interface and guiding documentation in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.

Similarly, Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep are Supported, in both macOS and Windows Environments. In addition, every tableau product operates in central virtualized environments that include Citrix environments, and Microsoft PC and VMware.

Tableau Builder System Requirements


2 GB Minimum Free Disk Space.

4 GB Memory.

AMD Ryzen 3 Pro or Faster or Intel Core i3.

Windows 7 or latest version with 64 bit.


2 GB, minimum Free Disk space.

4 GB Memory.

Intel Core i3 or faster.

macOS Mojave 10.12 and macOS High Sierra 10.13.

These are the, best-known facts about Tableau Prep.

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