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The usage of the Android app industry is increasing day by day. Today it’s difficult to find a person without an android gadget in hand. Hence due to its highest usage, the android developer’s team was releasing the frequent updates according to the market trend. Moreover, the latest Android app development trends can give you clarification on where this technology is going on. The future of Android app development will absolutely look brighter than ever. These Android applications simplify our regular lives. The given below are the Android app development trends 2020.

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Android app development trends for 2020:

The following are the latest trends in android technology.

1.Beacon Technology:

It contains a small wireless transmitter. These transmitters use Bluetooth technology to send signals to smartphones that are present at the near. They can connect and transform information into smart devices. They are made by huge location technology and proximity marketing. With this, we can search the locations easily as well as gives accurate locations. This can help in out-of-store marketing as well as help you to construct footfalls near to shops. It gathers data and this data is useful to optimize the customer journey. Compare to other technologies, the beacon is available at a low-cost. So, it can be used in every business. Most of the developers are using beacon technology for android app applications.

 2.5G wireless services:

This is the ruling android app development trend for 2020. Generally, 5G is the upcoming version of 4G. It is 100 times faster than 4G. The telecom industry will use 5G to develop android applications in some areas like Augmented reality, 3D Gaming, Data Security, Speed, etc. The 5G service can help android developers to develop speed and better performing applications.

top android app development trends | OnlineITGuru


This is a growing technology and it can make simpler ways to develop Android apps. Blockchain prevents data breaking and it does not allow to make a fake document on the ledger. If someone makes a mistake, it can be traced back easily. Today, most of the hackers are using duplicate credit cards. Hence, many of the businesses are using blockchain-enabled mobile apps to protect data from hackers. Webvillee has developed this blockchain-based android app.                 


It is the combination of Enterprise Mobile Management(EMM) and Application Performance Management. It contains two components in the enterprise android app development process.  And it is responsible to reduce the slowness of the application. It becomes a quality assurance tester for testing applications. It provides safety and security to the mobile apps as well as allows efficient exchange of data across the mobile tools.


Many android development apps will be suitable for Virtual Reality(VR) and Augmented Reality(AR). The AR/VR markets are expected to reach $61.39 billion by the year 2023. An AR market revenue for smartphones and smart glasses will be expected to cross $70-$75 billion. Some of the big companies like Apple and Google are spent time and money in finding more use-cases for AR/VR.                      

6. Android Instant apps:

We can use these android development apps without downloading. These are mainly helpful in areas where internet connection is insufficient. These apps contain very low size for making apps. And also we can download them very easily. They won’t require space. Even though the size is small, it maintains the functionalities of the entire website.              

7.App Chatbots:

Many of the people know about chatbots on websites. These chatbots will soon integrate into Android apps. The Website visitor will use these chatbots to check their queries will answer in record time or not. It saves time for visitors to approach customer support, as well as most of their queries, which can be solved with the help of chatbots. The chatbots save time for many of the businesses such as online shopping, food delivery, cab services, etc. An Apple Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Assistant are the part of these chatbots           

8. Cloud-based mobile apps:

Today, every application is working based on the cloud. If you want to build your Android apps continuously across all platforms, then use cloud technology. It provides streamline operations as well as reduces weight on hosting. And also it requires no hardware to install as well as increases the storage capacity of apps. Since the data is integrated with the cloud, so there is an increase in collaboration. 

9. Predictive analysis:

The ability to forecast an event that will happen in the future with the help of the available data is called predictive analytics. It uses engines like machine learning, artificial intelligence, statistics, modelling, data mining, as well as many other techniques to predict events. Businesses require more computing strength, more storage, and more data. And also it will become one of the most important things in Android app development.

10. Accelerated Mobile Pages:

It is similar to the  HTML. It is used to increase the speed of Android apps. This helps developers to create heavy web pages and websites with high performance, quick speed. And also it reduces bounce rates. The websites which are built with Accelerated mobile pages will also be listed in Android search results. With the help of good Accelerated Mobile scores, we can reduce the bounce rate as well as significantly improve the user experience.

  In this article, I have explained the top Android app development trends, that will rule in 2020. I hope, most of the mobile app future trends will come to the industry in 2020.

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