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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
What are the top MongoDB GUI Tools in 2020?

MongoDB is an object-oriented, cross-platform NoSQL database program. It is dynamic and highly scalable. It stores the data in a JSON like documents where there is no data structure. Moreover, it is an open-source database management system. MongoDB GUI tools are useful to enhance the productivity of development and other tasks.

The MongoDB GUI tools include many key features such as;-

Query autocompletion.

Visual editor to edit and add queries faster in an agile way.

Have an aggregation framework for aggregation query writing.

Data movement facility in the fastest way between RDBMS and MongoDB.

Furthermore, it provides the fastest and easiest way to check the server & query execution.

MongoDB GUI tools

There are many MongoDB GUI tools available that help the business in many ways. Furthermore, we will discuss the various MongoDB GUI tools and their functions. The following MongoDB GUI tools help businesses with their top features and use.


It is one of the popular MongoDB GUI tools that support multiple platforms. And it is available in the free edition too. This tool has many features that support many functions. Also, this GUI tool contains a built-in language service. Further, it knows all methods, variables, and MongoDB collection names. Besides, it helps to assemble building blocks within MongoDB shell script.

The booster helps to translate the MongoDB queries into different languages such as Java, Python, C#, etc. Moreover, it allows its users to use NPM packages within MongoDB shell script. The important feature of NoSQLBooster is that it helps to import and export various collections from CSV and JSON files and vice versa. Further, its test data generator feature offers to test the MongoDB queries to get the fake data if any.

Moreover, it has great features like IntelliSense and interactive samples of the in-app tutorials with pre-written queries & descriptions. This MongoDB tool comes forward as a tooltip while we type to recommend completions, keywords, methods, variables, etc. 

Studio 3T

The Studio 3T is an advanced MongoDB GUI tool that consists of an integrated development environment. It offers drag and drop fields to the visual query builder. It helps to synchronize data without much effort. Moreover, it helps to import and export data in many ways along with SQL migration. This tool offers automation and scheduling of various MongoDB repetitive tasks such as the import of data using task scheduler. It’s a GUI interface tool that manages a database with paid services. Moreover, it offers in-place data editing services. The Studio 3T includes the aggregation editor feature that helps the user to write complex queries. Besides, it is useful to break the complex query into different stages and helps to test them using pipeline operators for each stage.

The learning of MongoDB Online Course will help to get more skills in the usage of MongoDB GUI tools.

Robo 3T

This is also one of the important MongoDB GUI tools. This tool is an open-source free to use tool that has a cross-platform support feature. Its interface provides both GUI and shell-based interactions. Moreover, it helps to embed the original MongoDB shell. Its internal JavaScript VM helps to auto-complete the runtime. This tool uses very fewer machine resources. It contains an embedded shell environment along with asynchronous non-blocking UI. Furthermore, it supports MongoDB 4.0 version. There are many updates to come upon. 

This tool doesn’t provide SQL import or data migration features to its users. It links to different MongoDB databases. The following authentication methods that this tool supports are-




Other facilities that Robo 3T GUI tool offers are as follows. Like query creation, import/export data, executing CRUD ops, and building MongoDB aggregations.

MongoDB Compass

This is also an effective MongoDB GUI tool. This tool provides its users with a graphical view of their MongoDB schema. This doesn’t need any query language. Moreover, it analyzes documents and presents rich structures with its GUI features. The tool allows viewing the query performance along with that it helps to explore data visually. Its CRUD approach makes easier to interact. Further, this tool helps to take decisions regarding indexing, validating documents, etc. It allows adding new functionalities through the use of plugins. Moreover, it provides real-time server stats that give insights into server status. The latest version supports Linux OS.

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NoSQL Manager

The NoSQL Manager is one of the MongoDB GUI tools that merge UI and Shell features. This tool offers all the latest features of MongoDB and its other versions. It offers easy to use document views. Its latest editor comes with the Tree, Table, and JSON view modes. Furthermore, it helps to export documents to CSV, XML, and JSON formats. This tool also imports tables from MySQL and SQL server databases and it offers a simple view and management options for different types of objects.

Its functional GUI supports all the available commands for MongoDB shell that helps to save the time of the professionals. Besides, this tool offers both paid and free services. The NoSQL Manager has put a lot of effort to improve its performance monitoring. This is considered an important part of database administration. Moreover, its performance monitoring tools present various database metrics like reading and write operations, client requests, and network usage, etc.

Mongo Management Studio

Mongo Management Studio is an effective tool among MongoDB GUI tools. It’s a cross-platform management tool that runs all systems. Moreover, it supports the various versions of MongoDB such as MongoDB 3.0, 3.2, and so on. Using this tool, it is possible to read and write GridFS collections. Furthermore, its inline edit feature help to manipulate data on the fly. This tool offers complete documentation of all features within the MongoDB. This application allows connecting remote MongoDB databases.

Cluster Control

The Cluster Control is among the MongoDB GUI tools that allow fully automated security and integrity of database architecture. Using this tool it is possible to implement and manage different open-source free database technologies. This tool allows its users to personalize various solutions for the self MongoDB implementations Moreover, it offers various management features that manage broken nodes along it performs tests and upgrades automation. Further, the tool provides to add and remove the nodes and modify instances with their usage. It offers to automate the integration of MongoDB and MySQL databases using a single interface.

MongoDB Spark Connector

The connector helps to connect the MongoDB with the spark. It allows using the various libraries of Spark along with MongoDB datasets. This connector supports all the ranges of Spark and MongoDB.

MongoDB Charts

This MongoDB tool is useful to present various datasets using charts and graphs. The visual data presentation helps to know more insights into data that are impossible to view directly. It helps to plot different trends and styles of datasets within MongoDB. Moreover, it offers document-based data handling techniques. Further, it allows us to aggregate data where the data is modified before its visualization through various plots.


This is one of the popular MongoDB GUI tools that support all databases and collections related to queries and written in PHP. Further, the user needs to install PHP on his server to run the GUI. It’s an HTML-based GUI tool that is helpful for PHP developers as it’s PHP written. The key features that the RockMongo tool includes:- Easy to install the software, easy usage as it has browser-based GUI, a boon for PHP developers, etc. Moreover, it offers support to individual plugins. 


The MongoHub is also among the MongoDB GUI tools and a Mac OSX based GUI app for this platform. There are many useful features of the MongoHub tool such as;- 

It facilitates easy usage for adding and removing connections, add or delete various collections and databases, etc. Moreover, it also supports SSH access along with importing & exporting data in JSON or CSV formats. This tool also helps users to execute custom queries as mentioned above. 


Among MongoDB GUI tools UMongo is useful in browsing and administering MongoDB clusters. Moreover, this GUI tool has several variants available for different operating systems (LINUX, Windows, Mac, etc.). The tool includes various useful features also. Such as;- the best tool to link to a single server or a MongoDB cluster, various database operations, offers document builder for GUI, etc. Further, it offers to import and export data in different formats like JSON, BSON, CSV, etc. Besides, this tool also offers DB, document, and index operations. 

Here, all the operations are performed in the background that keeps the UI responsive. Also, it provides support to all queries.

MongoJS Query Analyzer

Mongo JS is a JavaScript editor that performs javascript on the MongoDB tool. Its print feature enables users to view output in a JSON format after the process that is easy to read. Moreover, users can store the output from this query analyzer in various formats to view. 


It’s the latest and the best among the MongoDB GUI tools with a desktop app for GUI. And it also useful for the users with Windows older versions but doesn’t update with the MongoDB new versions. Moreover, this tool offers the best GUI solution to work with MongoDB databases and variables. Furthermore, it offers various features like building links with various MongoDB servers for smooth functioning.

Building indexes, adding databases, map-reduce operations are quite easier using this GUI tool. Provides an easy and interactive GUI with the option to migrate data from any database to MongoDB automatically. Further, like other MongoDB GUI tools, it also provides document export facilities in different formats.

Nucleon Database Master

This is one of the new entrants in the MongoDB GUI tools world with easy to use and administration facilities. The Nucleon database master is a powerful management tool within today’s market. And it offers various activities to perform to its users like managing, querying, editing, monitoring, etc. 

This tool offers support for SQL, JSON, etc editors. Furthermore, it provides its users to import data in different formats without any size limits. There are different data importing formats available in the market like XML, CSV, SQL script, etc. For data exportation, the formats available are XML, PDF, MS Office, XPS, CSV, etc. 


The MongoClient is also an important one among other MongoDB GUI tools useful as a management tool. Its an open-source and free to use GUI tool available for different formats like Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. The tool has a responsive design that provides support to all formats of data. Furthermore, it provides an auto-completion facility on all queries along with supporting MongoDB 3.2 and older versions too. It also has the facility to direct file upload and download using the user interface. Also, users can restore the database through an easy to use UI. 


It’s a kind of operations and management tool for MongoDB with various dashboards, and graphs. The various features of MongoBird include- packaged installation script, a group of MongoDB replica sets, real-time observation and capturing, etc. It also provides support for various user-described events for predicting, notifications, etc. 


This is a commercial database MongoDB GUI tool available at a much affordable price compared to other tools. The aim of this tool development is to offer management of various databases with a graphical UI rather than a CLI. The GUI helps to minimize the anomalies of the database system admin. Moreover, it helps a different range of people within the industry or any organization. Such as admins, developers, and medium & small scale businesses too.

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Importance of MongoDB GUI tools

Using MongoDB GUI tools, the users can present their data more visually and attractively. The user interface is an important part of any application development. Instead of using the Mongo shell, it is good to use MongoDB GUI Tools which are very simple and unique. These tools give an excellent user experience. Besides, there are various factors of MongoDB GUI tools that attract users to utilize them in their development work. These are visualization, presentation, editing, and features. Moreover, they help users with their latest updates and developments. These updates are useful to integrate various things in their development process.

Further, MongoDB offers load-balancing, automatic failover support, management services, automatic data movement, etc. 


Finally, we had discussed the top MongoDB GUI tools that are useful in the current era. It’s a cross-platform NoSql database that offers great advantages of using its various tools. To use the right kind of tool that helps any application development, the user must know all the MongoDB GUI tools along with updates. Moreover, this will make the user more intelligent and smart while using tools and interfaces.

To get more practical insights into GUI tools and their features one can opt for MongoDB Online Training from the expert’s voice. This learning may help to enhance skills and knowledge and paves the way for a good career.