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UI Developer Interview Questions

You are right place, If you are looking for ui developer interview questions and answers, get more confidence to crack interview by reading this questions and answers we will update more and more latest questions for you…

1) What is meant by UI Design?

User interface structure (UI) or UI building is the plan of UI for machines and programming, for example, PCs, home apparatuses, cell phones, and other electronic gadgets, with the attention on expanding convenience and the user experience.

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2) What do you mean by Good UI Design?

Good  UI design encourages you to make the finishing the tasks as friction less as would greatly expand user convenience

3) What is the difference between UI and UX?

UX Design alludes to the term User Experience Design, while UI Design represents User Interface Design. The two components are important to the product and work firmly together. Be that as it may, in spite of their expert relationship, the jobs themselves are very extraordinary, refers to different pieces of the procedure and the planning discipline.

Where UX Design is an increasingly expository and specialized field, UI Design is nearer to what we refer to as visual computerization, however, the responsibilities are to some degree progressively mind-boggling.

4) How do you test the website performance?

Site Execution plays a major role. According to Think With Google site, a site is a great id its stacking time is under 5 seconds. A site is reasonable if stacking time is 5 to 8 seconds. However, a site is poor if stacking time is over 8 seconds.

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5) Explain the ways to reduce the page loading time?

Decrease picture sizes, remove unnecessary gadgets, HTTP pressure, put CSS at the top and content references at the base or in outer documents, lessen queries, limit diverts, reserving, and so on.

{ Info: use google page insights to check your page loading time }

6) What is Web Accessibility?

Web openness implies a web for distinctively able or incapacitated individuals. HTML5 presented WAI-ARIA so that even incapacitate individuals can communicate, comprehend and explore a site.

7) what is the CSS Box Model?

CSS Box Model is the foundation of CSS design. Box Model incorporates Content, cushioning, outskirt and edge of a component. In the CSS Box Model, each div or component is considered as a rectangular box. That crate can have content, for example, width and height, margin, padding and border.

8) Is a CSS case sensitive?

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) isn’t case Sensitive. However, textual style families, URLs to pictures, and other direct references with the template might be.  The secret is that in the event that you compose a report utilizing an XML assertion and an XHTML doc-type, at that point the CSS class names will be case touchy for some browsers

9) How do you check coding errors in CSS?

Open your website page in Firefox. Press Ctrl + move + j. You will see all security, JavaScript and CSS related issues. You can also utilize W3C validator for HTML and CSS related issues. Indeed, even W3C approval can check CSS mistakes now.

10) What is a CSS Reset? Differentiate between the CSS Reset and Normalize CSS?

CSS Reset expels program default styles. Normalize css sets a standard overall program (It doesn’t ‘reset’ them).

11) What is meant by Ajax Request?

AJAX is Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is customer side procedure written in JavaScript used to get or post information from a remote server without reloading page

12) What is Scrapping in UI path?

Data Scrapping is getting organized information from the program into a database, CSV document, or Excel record.

13) What is “Semantic HTML?”

Semantic HTML is a coding style where the labels specify what the content is intended to pass on. In Semantic HTML, labels like for strong, and for italic ought not to be utilized, the reason being they simply speak to organizing, and give no sign of importance or structure. The semantically right activity is useful and. These labels will have a similar striking and italic impacts while showing importance and structure (accentuation for this situation).

14) what is the limitation when serving  XHTML pages?

Maybe the greatest issue is the poor program support XHTML as of now appreciates. Web Explorer and various other client specialists can’t parse XHTML as XML. Hence, it isn’t the extensible language it was guaranteed to be

15) What is Frameset?

Frames enable a designer to partition a program window into different (rectangular)  regions. Numerous records can be shown in a solitary window, each inside its very own frame. Graphical programs enable these casings to be looked over freely of one another, and connections can refresh the record showed in one casing without influencing the others.

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16) As a UI designer do you need to memorize the tags?

No. Most projects that help you compose HTML code definitely know most labels and make them when you press a catch. In any case, you should comprehend what a tag is, and how it works. That way you can address blunders in your page all the more effectively.

17) How can you allow file uploads to the website?

These things are fundamental for Web-based transfers:

* A HTTP server that acknowledges transfers.

* Access to the/cgi-canister/to put the getting content. Prewritten CGI record transfer contents are accessible.

18) How to combine multiple sheets to one?

To consolidate numerous/halfway templates into one set the TITLE property taking one and a similar incentive to the LINK component. The joined style will apply as a favored style, e.g.:

<LINK REL=Stylesheet HREF=”default.css” TITLE=”combined”>

<LINK REL=Stylesheet HREF=”fonts.css” TITLE=”combined”>

<LINK REL=Stylesheet HREF=”tables.css” TITLE=”combined”>

19) How to design a backward compact-ability with style sheets ?

Existing HTML style techniques, (for example, <font SIZE> and <b>) might be effectively joined with template particular strategies. Programs that don’t comprehend templates will utilize the more established HTML designing strategies, and templates particulars can control the presence of these components in programs that help CSS1

20) Is it possible to hide the HTML Side?

In general, there is no genuine strategy or content for making standard HTML source code not distinguishable. You may consider doing any of the below in the event that they are worried about your source code.

  1. Make the website page in Macromedia Flash or a comparable program. The guest would need to download the Macromedia Flash module and would be unfit to see the source code for the blaze applet.
  2. There are different contents that will cripple the correct snap include, keeping the client from sparing pictures or survey the source. Be that as it may, this won’t secure the source code of your page. For instance, Internet Explorer clients may in any case click “View” and “Source” to see the source code of the page, or a client could incapacitate contents and pictures can be spared by just sparing the website page to the hard drive.
  3. There are a few projects that will help scramble your code, making it troublesome (certainly feasible) to peruse. Once more, this won’t keep somebody from survey your code.

21) The color of the webpage looks different when viewed on PC and Mac Why?

To put it plainly, there is no genuine strategy or content for making standard HTML source code not perceptible. You may consider doing any of the underneath on the off chance that they are worried about your source code.

  1. Make the site page in Macromedia Flash or a comparative program. The guest would need to download the Macromedia Flash module and would be unfit to see the source code for the glimmer applet.
  2. There are different contents that will incapacitate the correct snap highlight, keeping the client from sparing pictures or survey the source. In any case, this won’t ensure the source code of your page. For instance, Internet Explorer clients may at present snap “View” and “Source” to see the source code of the page, or a client could handicap contents and pictures can be spared by just sparing the site page to the hard drive.
  3. There are a few projects that will help scramble your code, making it troublesome (certainly feasible) to peruse. Once more, this won’t keep somebody from reviewing your code.

22) How to make the frame with the vertical Scroll bar but not a horizontal Scroll bar?

The best way to have a frame with a vertical scrollbar yet without an even scrollbar is to characterize the casing with SCROLLING=”auto” (the default) and to have content that does not require level looking over. There is no real way to indicate that an edge ought to have one scrollbar yet not the other. Utilizing SCROLLING=”yes” will drive scrollbars in the two headings (notwithstanding when they aren’t required), and utilizing SCROLLING=”no” will restrain all scrollbars (notwithstanding when looking over is important to get to the edge’s substance). There are no different qualities for the SCROLLING property.

23) differentiate Div and Span?

DIV is utilized to choose a block of content with the goal that one can apply styles to it. span is utilized to choose inline content and let clients apply styles to it. The principal contrast among DIV and SPAN will be SPAN does not do arranging without anyone else’s input. Additionally, the DIV tag is utilized as a section break as it makes a legitimate division of the record wherein it is connected. This is as opposed to the SPAN as SPAN basically dos the usefulness of applying the style and arrangement whatever was determined in it.

24) What is the difference between the <strong> and < b>?

<b> is a presentational component used to give bolder look to content. While <strong> gives bolder look and solid significance in Search Results

25) What is the difference between <i> and <em>?

<i> is a presentational component used to give italic look to content. While <em> gives italic look and underscore in query items.

26) Differentiate between Position Relative, Absolute and Fixed?

Position relative can move a component as for its present position. Position outright can move a component as for its present position or parent components position. Total Elements doesn’t consume space in DOM Flow. Position fixed gives a fixed position to a component regarding the gadget screen. These components don’t proceed onward looking over. Fixed Elements additionally doesn’t consume space in DOM Flow

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27) Differentiate standard and quirks mode?

in “standard mode” pages are rendered by the HTML and CSS particulars, while in “quirks mode”  attempts are made to imitate the conduct of more established programs.

28) Differentiate event bubbling and Capturing?

Event Propagation is the request that occasion fire on the component. Bubbling is the point at which an occasion fire on the component and afterwards bulb up DOM Tree. Means First kid and after that parent will call. Catching is actually inverse. First parent hub is called and after that engenders down towards target component.

29) Differentiate Jquery ready function and ready on – load?

the window.onload is a JavaScript work through $(document).ready is a Jquery work. Jquery prepared capacity burdens content somewhat quicker than the JavaScript window. onload work. window. onload hang tight for all DOM substance including media to stack first and after that executed, though Jquery prepared capacity to sit tight for just HTML components, not media, hence burden quick.

30) Differentiate linking to the image, email address and website

To connect a picture, use labels. You need to indicate the picture in statements utilizing the source quality, src in the opening tag. For hyperlinking, the stay tag is utilized and the connection is determined in the href trait. Content to be hyperlinked ought to be put between the labels. Minimal known reality: href means “HYPERTEXT REFERENCE.” When connecting to an email, the href determination will be

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