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We can install python on our local computer through the following steps  :

  1. Visit

Python Installation1. Download the supported  latest version ( The installer is available  for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems )

2. Once you have downloaded click on Run to install the environment.

Python Installation3. Tick Add  3.7 to the path

Python Installation

5)Now click on install now to install the environment.

Python Installation

6)Finally, you will be seeing setup was successful.

Python Installation

IDLE is preferred scripting for Python. So go to your operating system search bar and search for IDLE. Then you will be entering into the following screen

This IDLE suits best for beginners. But this Python IDLE  does not fit well for developing the application. So we need an alternative editor like IDE  to develop the application using python. Today in the market, we do have many IDE ‘s to learn Python 3. But I prefer Pycharm as an editor to develop the applications.

But before going to know about pycharm installation, let us briefly discuss

What is meant bt IDE ( Integrated Development Environment):

IDE typically provides Code editor, Compiler and debugger in one Graphical use Interface (GUI). It integrates the entire process of code creation, compilation, and testing. This finally increases the developer’s productivity

A developer working with IDE starts with a model.  The IDE then converts the model into the code. Additionally, with a high level of automation, the IDE then debugs and then test the model driven code. And if once build is successful and properly tested, it can be deployed for the further testing through the IDE.

Now its time to move into the installation of  Pycharm IDE :

Visit to download the latest version of IDE.

Python Installation

Now its time to select the operating systems. As of now, I opt WINDOWS. And this pycharm has two versions. ( Community version is available for free and the professional version is a licensed version.) As a beginner, we would opt the community version.  Now its time to download the Community version. After downloading the file, Click on RUN to install the file.

Python Installation

Now click on NEXT

Python Installation

Select the path for installation.(A default path would be provided and can be changed if required)

Python Installation

Now select the operating system of the Local system.

Python Installation

Select the project location path to create the program shortcuts

Python Installation

Now click on Install . and tick RUN Pycharm Community Edition.

Python Installation

Finally, tick Finish completing the installation.

Visit Essential Python IDE’s to learn to know all the IDE ‘s available for Python course

First program :

Hope you have completed the installation of python on your local computer. Now let us run the first program.

Initially open Pycharm shortcut that was installed in your computer.

Go to File menu and then click on the New project.

Python Installation

Then once again go to the file menu and then open the project. Now open the respective project and then create the new Python (.py) file.

Initially, I would like to print the user input statement.

Python Installation

So after writing some code, its time to execute the piece of code. So to do this go to the terminal in the pycharm and the press shift +F10.

Finally, you will be getting the output as

Python Installation

So till now, you have installed python environment in your system. Now its time to discuss features of python.

Python features :

Python is said to be the best programming language because of the following features.

1)simple and easy to learn

2) Interpreted expressive and cross dependent language

3)Open source and free

4)Object-oriented language

5) Extensible and portable

6)GUI programming support

7) Standard library and Integrated language.

Also check the Factors that will improve python growth.

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