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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-15
Introduction to JDBC

JDBC API is nothing but a java API (Application Programming Interface) it can able to access a tabular data and stored a data in relational database. Generally an API is in the form of interfaces and collection of classes. It is used for developing java program which can communicate with data base server

An API is classified in to two types

  • Public API: An API is released by an organization and implementation of that API is given by any organization.
  •  Proprietary API: It is based on that organization which is released and implementation           process through that organization only.

Introduction to JDBC

The java application connectivity to data source and source to JDBC API and finally stored in database like My SQL, Oracle, ODBC etc. During application development if we are changing the data base from oracle to My SQL. We cannot use OCI call the function and instead.

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What is JDBC?

JDBC is a standard API used for developing java program which can communicate with a data base server.  An application is said to be business or enterprise if it is computerizing day to day activities of an organization. The business applications are the enterprise application will be generating huge amount of data.

  • File systems
  • Data base server

To overcome the drawbacks of the file systems then we use data base server for storing the data. The data base server software will be installed every developer as per part of oracle data base we are provided with client program called SQL Plus which we can communicate with data base server.

 JDBC Components:

  • Driver Manager: In a java application with better data base server using as communication protocol. A class can manage a drivers which Matches connection requests. The driver will able to catch the sub protocol under JDBC will be used a database Connection.
  • Driver: The communications with a database server is with an interface You will interrelate openly with a Driver objects very infrequently with put using of Driver Manager objects, which manages objects, It hides the details related  with Driver objects.
  • Statement: Objects can be used produced from this interface to put forward the        SQL statements to a database and Some resultant interfaces receive parameters in addition to execute a stored procedures.
  • Result Set: In this result set objects are hold a data to retrieve from database after execute an SQL query using Statement objects then it acts as an iterator to move its data.
  • SQL Exception: It handles an error which occurs in a database applications.
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