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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-15
Salesforce App Creation

So, in the previous block, we have seen the Salesforce environment. Now we will see how to create an app the salesforce app creation.

So to create an app in the environment, login into your Salesforce account, and go to the Classic editor. As said you earlier, this Salesforce has several application. Now, it training will see how to create an app in the sales application.

Step - 1 :

Select the sales application from the top drop down.

Step -2

Click on Set up on the top

Step -3 :

in the Get started Column click on  Add app.Salesforce App Creation

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Step- 4 :

Here a form to create an app will be displayed. Just Close the application. And soon after the closing, you will be finding NEW.Salesforce App Creation

Step - 5  :

Since we were developing the Custom app it should be custom only. No further changes needed.Salesforce App Creation

Step -6 :

So you will be entering into the following screenSalesforce App Creation

Here you were having the two options App label and app name. Here app label is used for end-user and the app name is used for Administrator. When you enter these two names, you will be finding the Red color on the left side of the text area. This red color indicates, these are the mandatory sections. Moreover, here underscores (_) replaces the spaces if any. And then finally click on Next.

Step -7 :

Once you have given the names and click on Next., you will be entering into the following screen.Salesforce App Creation

As shown above,  salesforce creates an application by default. So if would like to create your own logo for your application, Salesforce provides you an option of insert image. But this cloud takes images for the application in the documents folder. So to create/add an image we must first upload the logo in the Salesforce Documents section, then replace the image from that area.

How to add the logo to the documents?

On the Nav bar, you will be finding and  click on it and select the documents from the list.Salesforce App Creation

In salesforce Personal documents is the default folder. So we need to create a new folder to upload the logo.Salesforce App Creation

So now you will be entering into the following screenSalesforce App Creation

Moreover, in this area, it allows you to add (or) remove tabs. And you can arrange these as per your requirement. And click on Save to continue.

Step - 8 :

In the step - 7 we have created the folder. So, now its time to upload the document. Here Click on Create a document as shown below.Salesforce App Creation

Step - 9 :

So once you have click on the New document, you will be entering into the following screen. And all details must be filled according to the formSalesforce App Creation

step- 10:

And finally, you will be entering into the following screen.Salesforce App Creation

Step -11:

So since we have uploaded an image in the document, it time to insert an image in the folder.Salesforce App Creation

From the above view, click on insert image. Select the document from the document folder and finally add the image and click on Next. And you will be entering into the following screen.Salesforce App Creation

Step- 12:

So once you have uploaded the image, you will be entered into the following screen.Salesforce App Creation

Step - 13 :

By default, Salesforce allows you some tabs in an app. And it allows you to create/rearrange the tabs in the application. i.e from the available tabs you can select the tabs. From here, you must drag the options and must finally drop the tabs to the selected tabs and can rearrange according to your application. You can easily rearrange with the up and down arrows at the right-hand side. Besides, it allows you to select the landing from the available pages.

Step -14:

And here in the next section, you can customize the app visibility for your application. You can easily check the profile visibility the selecting the checkbox for different kinds of users. And you can easily untick if you would like to hide an app for the user. Soon after the selection click on save. And now you will be entering into the following screen.Salesforce App Creation

Here, When you observed the above screenshot, you will find a DEL for the apps. And the people should remember that we can delete only the customized apps. And we cannot delete the default app of the application. But you can enhance the functionality of the default applications. And you can easily the application from the drop-down menu.Salesforce App Creation

So, if you have seen your application in the drop down, you succeed in developing an application in salesforce account. And if you struck up anywhere feel free to contact salesforce training.