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So till now, we have established the selenium IDE environment in our local system. So now its time to start executing. 

Selenium IDE Execution:

So It’s time to record a test case. Open the Chrome extension, that we have already installed in our systems.

Selenium IDE

Then after clicking over it, you will be asking to  create the project name

Selenium IDE

So after providing the name. Click OK

So once you have created a project, its time to Test the project. Once you have opened the IDE, on the top you will be finding a RECORD button indicated in red color. Just click over to start testing the URL. So once when you start recording, you will be asked to enter the base URL. Initially, for the test purpose, I would like to provide

Selenium IDESo once it was given and click on Start recording,  its starts recording your actions and stop as per your requirements. Once you stopped the recordings, you were supposed to provide a name and  then click on OK

Selenium IDE

So its time playback your record. To do this, select your test and click on Run all your tests. But like before, here also we need to provide the project base URL. And I would like to provide here at

Selenium IDE

And after start playback, you will be getting the output as shown below

Selenium IDE

So we have successfully installed tested the URL in our IDE.

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