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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-15
Tableau Overview

Tableau is an interactive, self-service reporting and and analyzing tool that enables  people to combine the data from different sources into visualizations and to be accesses in a single desktop environment utilizing Tableau Desktop or through a common dashboard.Tableau is one of the such leading business intelligence tool to move your business speedier and make it simple to-comprehend by clients and customers. With high scalable, effectively deployable and efficient performing business system. Enterprises  are investing  millions in this BI tool  to compete in the data analytics  race and stay as a business pioneer in the market.

The real advantage of Tableau is its capacity to investigate any data  of any size by a simple drag and drop interface. You can utilize Tableau's drag and drop  interface to visualize any data, investigate distinctive perspectives, and even combine various databases effectively. It doesn't require any complex scripting. Any individual who understands  the business issues can address it with a representation of the relevant data .

Tableau Tutorial Video

Tableau Features :
As a data visualization tool, Tableau has numerous desirable  and  unique features . Its Powerful data discovery  and exploration application enables you to answer essential questions in seconds. some of them are recorded below:

Tableau Visual Discovery: The client investigates and analyses the data by utilizing visual devices like colors, trend lines, graphs, and charts. There is little script  to be written as almost everything is done by drag and drop .

Tableau Self-Reliant: Tableau does not require a complex software setup. The desktop versions which is utilized by most clients is easily installed and contains every one of the features needed to start and complete data analysis.

Tableau Centralized Data: Tableau server provides a centralized location to deal with the majority of the association's distributed data sources. You can delete, change permissions, include tags, and manage schedules in one convenient location. It's anything but difficult to plan extract refreshes and manage them in the data server.

Tableau Real-Time Collaboration: Portals like SharePoint site or Salesforce can sort and filter the data.Associates can subscribe to your interactive  dashboards by saving your data. so that they see the exceptionally most recent data just by reviving their web program.

Architecture Agnostic: Tableau works in multiple devices where data flows . Consequently, the user need not stress over particular hardware or software  requirements  to utilize Tableau.