5 Facts Why Tableau Rocks

Let’s talk about Tableau. Why do people still using Tableau? Why not!. And the reason behind why Tableau rocks still?. 5 Facts Why Tableau Rocks. If you want to know these reasons, spend your time on this blog. After reading this blog if anybody like this one please share on social media. Maybe, this information is useful to someone and one thing, share your knowledge with others and get more knowledge by daily updates on different technologies. Let’s come to the point, All BI tools are not able to work out in various areas, but Tableau beats all BI tools. Tableau able to work in different areas.

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Some experts share their experiences of Tableau, from day one they were part of the Tableau. They found a fantastic and easy way to visualize the data and produce good reports and analysis. Tableau has native connectors that enable it to the inquiry cloud database, spreadsheets, flat files, and relational database. Those are all the best reasons why people still use Tableau. Also, it is a huge domain in the market. Here, in Tableau don’t use many dashboards, we just need the right one. In this blog, I mention 5 facts why Tableau rocks. Take look what are they and for those reasons really Tableau rocks in nowadays?.

5 Facts Why Tableau Rocks?

Tableau helps to see and understand the data:

Data is the most important thing for every organization and it’s not an easy task to understand the data and solve the problems. But, by using Tableau it’s very easy to analyze the data fast, these words are not written by me. Tableau experts share their experience, how to solve the problems and how to make data easily and beautifully. Almost all business users can use Tableau for good and beautiful results. No wonders it has gained daily step by step. And one thing we have to notice, more and more journalists are using Tableau to publish their data to the web.

5 Facts Why Tableau RocksTableau suits different kinds of needs and organizations:

Tableau provide several options as per needs of different organizations. Tableau performs according to the end user requirements, let’s take three type of examples. Suppose, we are an individual user. Tableau Desktop is a tool for you. It’s an application we can use it an individual and provides data visualizations and workbooks to Tableau Server. As well as publishing data sources. The second example, Tableau provides Tableau Server for enterprises- aim to collaboration and security of data visualizations. Data can take from anywhere and these data shared within the organizations via mobile browsers or desktop. Tableau Server is an on-premise solution. At finally, there is a possibility of Online Server with Tableau Online. It behaves based on IT support but, it’s doesn’t suit enterprise-sized organizations.

Tableau is a killer for creating a visual dashboard – easy and fast:

Majorly tableau used for

Self-Service BI

Creating Dashboards

Data discovery and visualization

What special in Tableau and What not with other tools? let’s check, Tableau is so unique compared to other BI tools. Tableau provides analyze data without the need of IT intervention. It has set golden standards for self-service BI tool.5 Facts Why Tableau RocksContinue your love affair with Excel:

For super-fast performance use live connections or make use of Tableau engine. Tableau doesn’t need licensing fees to use them. It’s very easy to connect to different sources (more than 40 different sources). Some of the examples

Relational database data source – such as SQL Server, Teradata.

Cloud-based data source – Google analytics

File-based data source – Excel and CVS

Web-connector – web service as a source

You don’t need to do any coding:

Tableau doesn’t need any coding. Every functionality will do by using drag and drop. It provides inbuilt table calculations with a click of a mouse. But, in other hand Tableau integrates with Python and R languages. From this blog know 5 Facts Why Tableau Rocks?

Recommended Audience :

Software developers

ETL  developers

Project Managers

Team Lead’s


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