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From December 2009 to December 2017, Statistic says that the number of mobile applications in Google play store was reached 3 million. Under the name of Android Market, Google play was originally launched in October 2008, per day in Google play, almost  1300 new application comes into the market. In this fast technology number of applications are released per day, sellers of mobile app testing can’t manage only by using manual testing. They will have to go back to mobile test automation to guarantee the quality of the app while reaching their difficult deadlines.

But, it’s not very easy to identify the correct tool for mobile automation testing. Let’s come to point check out what is it.

Selenium is familiar with web applications. “You cannot use Selenium for app testing, but in selenium, there are some frameworks especially for mobile automated testing. By this way, we can still use selenium for mobile website testing”. Appium and Selendroid are the frameworks in Selenium. Appium and Selendroid are most popular tools for mobile application.  Let’s take a movement look at these tools make a decision which one is best for your requirement.


It is freely Spread open source automation tool for mobile application. Appium allows testing the mobile application by using their all three types of mobile applications: native, hybrid and web application testing and it supports you to run the automation test on physical devices, emulators, and simulators. Appium supports cross-platform application testing i.e. you need only one script for both  Android and iOS mobile application testing.

It supports all programming languages like JavaScript, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, C# more. Thus, automation test engineers can select their better language to write scripts. Appium is different from all other applications it doesn’t require recompiling the app to interact with Appium. In several Android devices, Apium supports parallel testing. This characteristic is available in only for Android apps. To make certain quality automation, Appium depends on Selenium frameworks and libraries.Can Selenium be Used for Mobile Automated Testing

Selendroid (Selenium+Android=Selendroid):

Selendroid is one of the best tools for testing Android app. It is a very powerful test automation framework which can interact with multiple devices simultaneously, it’s a great advantage of Selendroid. It can fit for native and hybrid Android apps. Selendroid generally called “Selenium for Android applications”. No need recompiling the app under the test. Why do you need Selendroid? Let’s check out the important features of Selendroid to answer why you need Selendroid.

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Important Features of Selendroid:

Selendroid gives user-friendly features called Hot Plugging: By using this we can plug another device without restarting the test.

Dynamic Extendibility: Users can add their code to the framework at run-time. It allows to edit your script, during the test is going on.

Selendroid supports multiple new Android API (From API 10 to API 19).

Testing Process Using Appium and Selendroid:

When we are writing the scripts with Appium and Selendroid, it requires programming knowledge. But these tools are very easy for test engineers who know Selenium. Scripting takes more time when the app under test there is no way to interact. For example, the messenger that uses camera and microphone should have a smooth and continuous connection with those. Appium reaches this problem allows an app to opened within an app (e.g., camera in a messenger), Selendroid doesn’t have this opportunity.Can Selenium be Used for Mobile Automated Testing

Selendroid inspector has an easy test recorder it identifies the element clicked and save the locator and command to Java tab. In Appium only available for iOS applications. In two cases, recorder saves the actions. The Testing team needs a suitable reporting tool, by using Appium or Selendroid. They have to connect to a third-party reporting system, it increases time and effort.

Appium is the best solution for automating functional and compatibility testing of native Android and iOS apps. But one thing you should carry in your mind that the testing process may decrease when testing Hybrid and iOS apps.

Selendroid is good for all sorts of Android apps for Android Version Of API 10-19. Selendroid offers some features like hot plugging, backward compatibility etc..In terms of platform and community support the tool loses to Appium. These factors give a too strong improvement in Appium. Appium developers release updates 11 times in 2017. But Selendroid updated in 2015. Based on the above reasons Appium is a better choice for mobile app testing than Selendroid.

Recommended Audience :

Software developers

System Admins

Project  Managers

Team Leaders


There is nothing prerequisite required for learn Selenium.It’s good to have analytical skills and knowledge of some and the basic idea of troubleshooting and some knowledge of programming languages like Java, C#,  PERL and one database like MySQL. But not compulsory. Trainers of OnlineITGuru will teach you from the basics.

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