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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
How the connection happens between selenium and Excel?

 Till now, you have seen what is meant by selenium and what are the benefits of selenium? But this millennium has not limited only to that. It has a connection with many fields. Because the usage of testing plays a major role in different fields. Moreover, as days pass on demand for this selenium testing will increase exponentially. Because along with population,  the amount of testers is also increasing. This s because we need to deliver the perfect product to the client. So, this could be possible with a perfect testing. And to say frankly, this perfection is achieved with the computerized testing. This is because we may get some errors while performing the manual testing. So to get the accurate report we need to automated testing using the tools like selenium. So read the complete article to know how the connection happens between selenium and Excel

This excel is one of the products of Microsoft. The excel looks too short. but if see this interior, it would as a large as an ocean. As you go, there would be still something to reach in. So this powerful product has been used by many tools. It is basically used to store the data in a tabular form. Because today we may expect the same type of data with a minute difference. So there is a need to separate these data that contain the minute difference. One of the possible way to achieve this through the Microsoft Excel.

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So until now, we have seen the importance of Selenium and Excel in the IT industry. Now, It’s the time to know how the connection happens between selenium and excel. The connection usually happens through the page object model shortly known as POM. So before going the actual scenario let me explain to you what is meant by POM?

Page Object Model :

In selenium, the tool we many many test cases to handle. As long as the test case increases, maintaining this is a difficult task. The reason for the difficulty is due to the increase in a number of duplicate cases. This duplicate code is caused by duplicate functionality and this will result in duplicate usage of locators. The disadvantage of this duplicate code is the project is less maintainable. Because, if one locator change, we need to change all the locators in the project where ever necessary. On the conversion way, usage of POI removes the POI. This makes the code non – brittle and makes and remove (or) eliminate the duplicate code where ever possible. So using this model, we usually make the connection between the selenium and excel.

How the Connection happens between Selenium and Excel:

In order to integrate, we need to download the Jar file.  You can get the Jar file at  the following address


So after downloading all the jar files, you need to download and extract all the jar files.

So add all / required jar files to the project.

This adding  will be done at the following location :

Select project then Right click on project > Build path > Configure build path > Click on lib section > Add external jarPrecondition- Create an xlsx file and enter some data to read and save file at a particular location.connection between selenium and excel

And some developers use CSV files to export the data, whereas some developers used databases to store the data.

So using this we connect all the input data present in Excel to the selenium.  This is mostly used in scenarios like, where the tester has several test cases like user Id and password. At this time, this kind of testing is useful. Moreover, it saves the time to test when compared with other types of testing. Connect with OnlineITGuru to learn selenium training.

Recommended Audience :

Software developers

System Admins

Project  Managers

Team Leaders


There is nothing prerequisite required for learn Selenium. It’s good to have analytical skills. Some knowledge of programming languages like Java, C#,  PERL and one database like MySQL. But not compulsory. In OnlineITGuru Trainers will teach you from the basics. They will teach in a practical way.