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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
How to learn Angularjs?

According to 2019 reports most of the websites designed by angularjs only. If we consider high traffic websites like Netflix, designed by angularjs. Coming to Java it handled by google. The features offered by AngularJS guide developers to design web applications that depended upon business requirements. Day by day angularJS is gaining so much popularity. In this blog how to learn AngularJS, you will best steps to learn AngularJS.

Everybody knows AngularJS is JavaScript, if you know how JavaScript runs and works, and then it is easy to understand Angularjs. In fact it guides a powerful method to show web applications in a single page. It just look like a MVC model that is a JavaScript.

Therefore, to initiate with AngularJS we have tutorials in OnlineITguru. In addition, you have the basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and AJAX to get going with angular. So if you have knowledge about the above frameworks and technologies implemented in designing, you can simply master angular.

Why Developers should learn AngularJS?

It support Single page Application

Generally, Single Page applications has become more popular because, nobody likes to wait too long for an application or a website. Angular training from a point of design perspective. Not to mention SPA's, known for more responsive and familiar. In addition, these applications able to load existing HTML pages in browser. They update contents that dynamically done as per the user Input. This updates the user experience and performance of application or website.

Angular is best for Design Development

It Guides Designers to add HTML in applications, while designing without Interrupting an application. It depends on some ID or design to locate an element and operates tasks. Designers can skip Job of re aligning code. Not to mention they can move elements around script. This script is a part of angular online.

Angular Manages Dependencies

It made up of Dependency Injection subsystem. It Designs process of unit testing which is much easier and simple. Developers have to add dependencies that act as a parameter, which does not act as searching. AngularJS makes things that can add dynamic loading and dependencies without any namespace and spin up an example.

Is angular JS easy to learn?

Unlike many answers, I would say angular JS is a simple and easy framework to learn. It got its own popularity because it is very easy. If we take some frameworks like Backbone and Knockout which are more tough to learn.  Coming on other side it is well-designed framework and to every web development requirement, it has a very big community support.

Not to mention it is very easy and simple to learn. Up to my knowledge, if you have a good knowledge on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Learn AngularJs is simple and easy to learn.

Why AngularJS is called angular?

Especially AngularJS named as angular because, it is a JavaScript framework and invented by google. It is written in HTML tags that which are written in angle brackets<>. For Instance . We have many Angular IT certifications, you can go through them.

Angular versions are angularJS, angular 2, and angular 4, angular 7.

Is JavaScript required for angular?

Generally, angularJS uses Java features like prototyping, scopes and many more. It does not mean that you can study angular directly. If you already know angular, then java is somewhat helpful to start angular JS. In the same fashion It is simple you have to refer Java script concepts in parallel method.





Dependency Injection




Modules and controllers

Data Binding

Phonecat App

In the Phonecat app, you can design a smartphone directory app. By this you can learn advanced and intermediate angular concepts like E2E tests and unit testing. How to organize your directories and application files, templating, best practices and many more. As  a matter of fact  the founder of the Phonecat app says that, you can go through the total tutorial in some couple of hours.

Developer Guide

Developer guide is to think and understand angular foundation features, concepts, and methods. At this section, you will get much knowledge on Angular course. Now it is time to go into in depth details. The official angular JS Developer guide is the next stop. The angular class Developer guide will dive into capabilities of nitty to gritty. So many new learners have started this guide. It would have stopped them for continuous learn. In addition, angular has become tough way. After the old steps, now you should be more confident.

Therefore, these are the best steps to learn angularJS. If you have any doubts, you can contact OnlineITguru. In addition, OnlineITguru is the best AngularJS online training Institute in the world.

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