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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
Importance of ITIL in servicenow

Today, IT companies were the increasing day-to-day. As a startup company, the companies were not in a position to afford all its services.   I have heard from many company directors like the startup has been closed. I approached them and asked the reason. The answer that I got from most of the people like they were lack of Funds. And many starters were not getting front due to lack of money. ServiceNow came into the picture in order to solve the problems of all the starters. ServiceNow is the cloud service provider, which offers the service to IT companies regarding infrastructure. Today in this article, I will let you know the importance of ITIL in ServiceNow

What is ITIL?

ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. The purpose of ITIL is to provide all the IT end-to-end services to the client.  Finally, this ITIL is recommended as the best frameworks among IT professions. ITIL framework is being used many companies today for providing the best services to its clients in a smart and efficient way.

Importance of ITIL in ServiceNow:

ITIL came into existence in 1989 by Her Majesty's Stationery Office (HMSO) in the UK on the behalf of Central Communications and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA). For every business, Customer satisfaction plays a major role in running a business. A client (or) a customer will revisit the company if he was happy with the previous deal.

ITIL has a great demand in the market. Let me explain you the Importance of ITIL in ServiceNow step-by-step:

ITIL plays a major role in IT strategic and business planning

It reduces the cost of total Ownership and demonstrates the business value of IT

It acquires the right retaining resources and   manages the constant business  for IT


When a framework, came into existence it does not stop at a single instance.It goes on releasing various publication under various names throughout its life cycle. So, Let me take you to the various publication of ITIL through Importance of ITIL in ServiceNow

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Service strategy:

This is the initial  Publication of ITIL. This service strategy helps us to get an idea regarding design, development, and implementation. It enables the service providers to consistently outperform the competitive alternative across time, business cycles, industry cycles, leadership changes etc.Importance of ITIL in ServiceNow

Service Design:

If once, I got a clarity regarding the strategy, my next agenda will be in the design phase. This design is the basic block for the building of a model. Therefore the best and smart design that you are going to create, the best output you were going to get. This basically provides the blueprint for all thee services. Let us have a look regarding the regarding its architecturesImportance of ITIL in ServiceNow

Service transition :

 The framework will not always in a fixed way. It will be changing from time –to time. This state is responsible for the transition of new change (or) service. So, It checks all changes to ServiceNow management process carried out in a coordinated way. It is responsible for all the service to carried out in a coordinated way.Importance of ITIL in ServiceNow

Service operation :

The publication ensures that the services are being offered to the clients in an effective and efficient manner as discussed before with the client before. It also checks for the quality of the service that was being offered to the end client. So, this service operation includes the monitoring of services, resolving incidents, fulfilling the request and so onImportance of ITIL in ServiceNow

Continuous Service Management :

This is the final publication in ITIL. Hence, It deals with continuous delivery of service to the clients. It ensures the delivery of services continuously without any effect to the other system in the framework. Its purpose is to align and realign the IT services to the changing need by identifying and making improvements to the business needs.

Recommended Audience:
Software DevelopersProject ManagersAnalytical ProfessionalsETL professionals
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