ServiceNow is a platform that supports IT service management and mechanizes common business forms. It was founded in 2004 by Fred Luddy This software as an service (SaaS) platform contains various modular applications that can differ by instance and use. It specializes in IT service Management (ITSM), IT operations Management (ITOM) and IT business Management (ITBM). ServiceNow computerizes enterprise IT operations, creating a solitary system of record for all IT forms inside an association. This framework unites IT strategy, design, transition and operation on a powerfully simple cloud platform.It worked to be an efficiency tool for a wide range of business clients—the CIO, service desk staff, application developers, IT finance, IT operations and business leads.

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The Service Now’s plan of business model is defined as the  organization makes customization productivity tools that are sufficiently adaptable to serve an extensive variety of business needs. In its earlier days, ServiceNow targeted help desk and IT service management suppliers as essential clients. In a short measure of time, they have extended their offerings to include enterprise cloud-solution that can be custom-made to address a variety of corporate IT concerns.

ServiceNow applications are based on a solitary stage platform which offers a steady and instinctive user experience through the whole IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) service lifecycle.


The ServiceNow platform as an servce is 100% composed and created by internal development  staff, under the guidance  of CPO, Fred Luddy and VP of Development, David Osman. It is a Java based platform utilizing a Tomcat Web server and running on Linux. generally , most clients keep running on a MySQL database although  few clients are running on Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase.

Servicenow Architecture

ServiceNow Infrastructure:

ServiceNow gives a stage and suite of applications as a service. They stress over the equipment, Internet network, and operating system security

An instance is a free implementation of ServiceNow. It is separated and self-governing, which means your instance is not imparted to different clients. ServiceNow utilizes a single tenure design, which implies your instance is yours: you can do what you need with it, for example, changing logic , refreshing the UI, and including fields.

Each client has several instances ; once more, all detached and free. One case may be set apart out for creating on, another for testing, and one for generation. And each instance is independent; every one can be running an alternate release of ServiceNow. The production instance only differs because it has all the more powerful hardware.

ServiceNow hosted Instance:

 A ServiceNow hosted instance  is split over  two physical data centers, a high-accessibility match. Every area runs autonomously of the other, giving a semi clustered environment. In case of a cataclysmic catastrophe, with one area being totally inaccessible, alternate hubs will simply get the heap, with no downtime. Indeed, the way toward exchanging between areas is utilized for maintenance procedures, empowering your instance to be all around ensured against hardware and other failures.

When you visit your occurrence, you are directed through several layers:

 By looking up the DNS records, you are coordinated to the currently active datacenter

The load balancer, by reading a cooki, guides you to the application server you have your session with

If you aren’t signed in, you get coordinated to the minimum occupied application server

Your application server at that point utilizes the database as of now decided as dynamic

Changing Service Now Instance:

A new instance  begins with a couple of ServiceNow applications, some demo configuration, and example data . This is frequently known as  out-of-the-box state. One of the example data elements  is the System Administrator client. You can sign in and go ahead, gaining full power quickly.

you’ll have to get the data a few clients at very least. Some ServiceNow clients arrange a considerable measure and some do the absolute minimum. You can pick the amount you wish to do. Since it is single-tenant, you can adjust the configurattion and data.

 Recommeded Audience :

Software Developers

Project Mangers

Analytical Professionals

ETL professionals

Prerequisites : It is good to have a knowledge on codding and data bases like SQL , MySQL. But it is not Mandatory .Trainers will teach you from the basics.

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