Need for Machine learning in IT industry
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Till today, we have have been reading the article with respect to various tools and platforms in the IT industry. So today, I come up with a new topic of  Machine learning today. Over the past 5 years, we people, have been hearing the word Machine learning in the IT World. So what is Machine learning? What is the need for Machine Learning in IT industry? Read the complete article to get the answer to these questions

Many people today think that the Machine learning is new Technology. If you too belong to the same category you are wrong. Because Machine learning has been using over a long time. Machine learning is basically the branch of Artificial Intelligence.  You can also check why do we need Artificial Intelligence in this blog. Before going to explain the need for Machine learning in IT industry let the first introduce you what is Machine learning?

Machine learning is the branch of Artificial Intelligence, that enables the computer to learn from the data. it also improves the experience without being explicitly programmed.

Need for Machine Learning in IT Industry

It means through machine learning, we can make the computers read like how the parents make their child read. It makes it possible through the use of Algorithms. Basically, an algorithm contains the step by step procedure of solving a problem. When a problem occurs, the computer usually goes through the algorithms to solve it step by step and get it out. It means, through machine learning, we were making the machines/ computers to learn themselves rather than explicitly being handled by the Computer system. The main intention of machine learning is to give training data to the machine learning algorithms. This learning algorithm makes a new set of rules based on inferences from the data. This, in turn, generates a new algorithm formally known as machine learning model.

So in this training of data,  leaning is basically classified into there types

Need for Machine learning in IT industry

Supervised Learning:

So machines, by seeing the labels computer can predict the data in it. Moreover, through this, they can also predict the output of the algorithm. For example, pic true of humans labeled with human will helps in to identify the rules of humans and classification of humans.

Unsupervised learning :

Here the data used for learning the algorithm is unlabeled. Moreover, here the algorithm is asked to identify the patterns in the input data. Need for Machine learning in IT industry. For example, the recommendation of an educational website, while the learning algorithm observes the similar items that were brought together.

Reinforcement learning :

This algorithm interacts with the dynamic environment, that provides the feedback in terms of rewards and punishment. For example, being rewarded to stay on road no .1 for self-driving cars.

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And this machine learning is important in three major areas :

Data Availability :

Since we have approx 3 billion people,  and an estimated 17 billion connected sensors and devices, machine learning has a great scope to use this data. This generates a large amount of data. This comes with decreasing cost of data storage and is easily available for use. This machine learning can be used as learning data for the development of new algorithms and also develop new rules to perform the increasingly complex tasks. we are discussing about Need for Machine learning in IT industry.

Computing Power :

Since the technology moves quickly and the amount of internet consumption has also increased powerful computer have to make it possible for the large consumption of data. And it makes it possible to handle enormous handle.

Algorithmic Innovation :

Since technology is moving fast, new machine learning techniques have developed. In neural network it’s specially available. This makes the inspiration of new services in the research and investment field.

Recommended Audience :

Software developers

Database Administrators

Team leaders

System Admins


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