Today Every Company is thinking about two languages for Web Development. That is Python and Php. This Two languages are used for making Websites and Applications. Selecting which is the best language is a tough task, while Python and Php make many number of websites. In our blog python vs Php, we will see which is the best language to select according to their pros and cons.

Python vs Php

Performance Comparison

The old version of PHP is very slow, the latest release php 7.x is very fast. It almost 3 times faster than a critical Python program. Speed is considered as an important factor according their performance and applications. For Example in banking sector any program may get billions of hits, if it is delayed for three times, then it may show impact on the total system output. In the point of speed, php wins the race.

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Python vs Php


As usual the most common frameworks, used are pyramid, pylons, Flask, Django. Coming to PHP, the most used Framework is symphony, laravel,code-igniter and many more.

Django is secure, easy to use, secure and scalable. It is very tough and it used widely in many number of applications. Larval and Code-igniter are much used frameworks in the market, not to mention each application use one of the above Python Frameworks.

In some cases Python language and PHP, both look same and they offer equally best choices with new Developers. However you can make easy applications with Django, it is simple and easy to install.

What about debugging?

Python Offer a best and Powerful Debugger, that called as PDB, that is Debugger. PDB is easy to use and it is best for beginners. On the other side PHP offers XDebug is the best and easy package for Debugging. Both Xdebug and PDB offer some familiar Debugging features and some Breakpoints. In Debugging no one is the winner, both are equal.

Not to mention python and PHP are same and similar to each other. For some techies PHP is better than Python. It look like Python Wins over PHP.

If you are working as an PHP programmer, be in that because you already know it. If you know some basic programming concepts, if you want to learn python, just learn it.

Language Library Support

We explain, this is the best point, where Python wins on PHP. Python known for updated library Support, which has all types of applications. Where PHP will get back in this point. By this we should not consider PHP as low, it has best packages considered as a strong backbone to it. Not to mention many Start-ups and even big organizations updating machine learning powered web applications. It Offers best machine learning libraries like Scikit learn, Theano, keras, Tensor flow. All these libraries are easy to Implement and easy to use Python programming language.


Generally this two languages have Enlarged Documentation, which is better for Programming concepts. There are number of Websites, discussion boards, forums and many more to design Applications using PHP and Python. We have more Competition for learning, this Two languages. Similarly with Python libraries we can do many things.


Especially Python is easy and simple to understand, scripting in, it does not include curly braces. Just like other programming Languages and it is easy and simple to understand make a python function Program.

Lambda of Python

Lambda known as identifier, it is Just like a code block, which passed around and executed later once or many times. These lambdas Flow freely in Python and they are easy to create. Python Json Developers like to use and implement lambdas when it is useful for their Job.


Python is multi-dimensional programming language. It is not only for web development, but also used for machine learning, data science, NLP, Image Processing, mobile and desktop applications, with only less use cases.


The first and the best important things in PHP and Python the matter of their orientation. PHP Object oriented and python Aspect oriented. By working with Python , developer Designs, separate functional modules, it make sure the connections. Implementing PHP means Designing code object, which has some properties and that executes some of the user Input.

I Think I have Covered the best about PHP and Python. If you have any doubts, freely you can contact onlineITguru team they are always, there to help you. Get more details about PHP and Python online courses.

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