Python vs Php
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Today Every Company is thinking, about two languages for Web Development. That is Python and Php. In our blog Python vs Php, We will see which is the best language to select, according to their pros and cons.

Python vs Php


Python It has less number of Frameworks.

PHP – Users can access many matured Frameworks.


Python – Mainly used in Data Science, AI, and Scientific Community.

PHP – It is a language of Choice, for best Web development.

Database Connectivity

Python – It Do, not Support Database connectivity.

In PHP, it is possible for accessing, more than 20 databases.

Community Support

Python has the best community support.

Php is having a Wider Community.

What is the learning Curve for Php and Python

The learning curve of Python is better, for Long-Term projects.

Php has a Very low, Learning Curve.


Python use, Indentation Enforcement that is quite Strict. This makes, python more Readable, than Php.

PHP, language, more documented and has a Classical Approach.

Type of Language

Python is a General Purpose Programming language.

Php is Web Development Programming Language.


Syntax of Python is, very clear and concise, the syntax of codes.

Php syntax has built-in libraries, that has a wide range of naming and conventions.

How many Using this Technology

Mozilla, Pinterest, Uber, use python.

Appcelerator, Viber, Hootsuite uses Php.

Key Features

Python – Beautiful Code and Dynamic Typing, and Rapid Development.

Php – Continual Improvements, Easy Deployment, and Open Source.


Python has Flask, Django,, Frameworks.

Php has Slim, larval, and fast-Free Framework.


The average Salary, for a professional Python Developer, is $130,024 per year in United States.

Average Salary of a Php Developer is $90,017 per year, in the United States.

Performance Comparison

The old version of PHP is very slow, the latest release, of PHP 7.x is very fast. It is 3 times faster than a critical Python program. Speed is considered, an important factor according, their performance and applications.

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Features of Python

We can Integrate Python, with c, c++ and Java Programming.

It offers high-level dynamic data types, and support dynamic type checking.

It is best for Interactive mode of Debugging and Testing.

Python has an Automatic garbage Collection.

We have low-Level modules in Python Interpreter.

Features of PHP

PHP has Error Reporting, constants for Generating warnings and Notices or warnings.

Php is faster than JSP and ASP.

It supports databases like MySQL, Oracle, and others.


As usual in Python, most common Python Frameworks, used are a pyramid, pylons, Flask, Django. Coming to PHP, the most used Frameworks are symphony, laravel,code-igniter and many more.

Django is secure, easy to use, and scalable. Widely used in any number of applications. In PHP Larval and Code-igniter are most, used frameworks.

In some cases Python language, and PHP, both look the same. They equally offer best choices, with new Developers. However you can make, easy applications with Django, it is simple and easy to install.

What about debugging?

Python Offers the best Debugger, known as PDB. On the other side PHP offers, XDebug easy package, for Debugging. Both Xdebug and PDB offer, some familiar Debugging features.

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Library Support

Python is known for updated library Support, which has all types of applications. Where PHP is back in Library support.

Python Offer best machine learning, libraries like Scikit learn, Theano, Keras, Tensor Flow. All these libraries are easy, to Implement and easy to use.

Lambda of Python

Lambda known as Identifier is Just like a code block, which passed around and completed, later once or many times. These lambdas Flow freely, in Python and easy to create.

Python JSON Developers like to use, and implement lambdas.


Python is a multi-dimensional programming language. Not only for web development but also used for machine learning, data science, NLP, Image Processing, mobile and desktop applications, with fewer use cases.

Which one is better?

After Comparing, both these Languages, Selecting any one of them, is a difficult task. Because Python offers a gateway, to Machine Learning and Php is best language, for Server Side Scripting, and complete Web Development.

I think Our Blog, Python vs Php has shown you the best, features about both languages, if you have more doubts on them, learn Php and Python online courses.


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