Tableau Declared New report for Data
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Tableau comes with so many updates in this year. Really this is the most important year for Tableau, it comes with a new announcement sorry not an announcement it will come with announcements, not one or two with three announcements to help the peoples overcome the challenges. These are groundbreaking developments that will remove two of the barriers to making the data easy for everyone. Before going to the Tableau Declared New report for Data, know what the two barriers are.

First barrier, launching the data to everyone in your organization means to allow the different types of people using data to their different needs. Not everyone needs a perfect data analyst, but everyone needs make a perfect decision to their data. Tableau should offer designed for every type of user. For specimen, there are some peoples in your organization those peoples are casual users of data-they see and interact with data lightly. Now Tableau has something that is perfect for every type of user.

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Second barrier, data has increased rapidly, the reality of people are facing where data is mucky. Too many data sources and too much data need shaping and cleaning, for this problem a small set of specialists can help. There is a lot of data that will be very easier for who is in the flow of analysis. With more analysis, you will engage more people at every level through the organization, because they can depend on secure and trusted data. Let’s check out the Tableau Declared New report for Data.

Tableau Declared New report for Data

It’s really a big announcement, not one, not two, three announcements help to overcome the challenges.

  1. Tableau declares new announcement that is new subscription offering that will change the capabilities to the different users present in the organization and provides more analytical powers as before than ever before. This process will make much easier for everyone to work with trusted data.
  2. Tableau extends the analytics platform with a new product that is Tableau Prep (previously known as Project Maestro).
  3. Coming to last one Tableau launch Tableau 2018.1, this can include new capabilities including the ability to connect to data from the browser.

New subscription offeringTableau Declared New report for Data

The new subscription offering changes to meet the needs of different users, making it easy. Tableau Tutorial goal is to help everyone including those people who are casually want to use data.

Tableau leading with Tableau Creator, it gives the full experience to the analysts and power users. A license for Tableau Server or Tableau Online, Tableau Desktop, as well as Tableau Prep these are all includes in Tableau Creator.

Tableau Explorer provides self-service analysis of data sources published by Tableau Server/Tableau Online and Tableau Viewer permits casual users to use dashboards and visualizations created by others.

Tableau’s new subscription offering makes it easy to meet the needs of the users. Check out next update in the below

Democratizing data preparation with Tableau Prep

Tableau heard the news that is data preparation is one of the biggest challenges. What Tableau did for analytics same thing Tableau Prep will do for data preparation. Tableau Prep allows more people to get into insights quickly and help them as fastly as possible and confidently combine, clear, and shape their data analysis. Tableau happy to announce that as already existing customers is subscribing to Tableau Desktop or who are current with their maintenance they will receive Tableau Prep at no extra charges.Tableau Declared New report for Data

Tableau 2018.1 Here!

Lastly, release days are very thrill and Tableau excited to announce the launch of Tableau 2018.1. It unbelievable capabilities for data that is to connect data to the browser. Tableau 2018.1 connect 20+ data sources including Amazon Red shift, SQL Server or local data sources like Excel from the browser. Enjoy these continuous flow with the ability to add joins, and create dashboards. With these analytics experiences, organizations very fastly add the users and use Tableau to thin clients, like Chromebooks. Now people can connect to data directly from the browsers. In this process, customers complete all scenarios from end-to-end, without leaving the browser. These are the reports declared by Tableau for Data.Tableau Declared New report for Data

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