What are the Testing Trends Should Follow
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Today I come with a topic What are the Testing Trends Should Follow? By following these trends we can achieve a good result in the testing platform. 2018 really, this is a special year coming with a number of updates we spend some time to talk about this year because so many i.e., number of updates take place in software. The number will be uncountable, daily so many updates will take place so, guys keep update with daily updates.

In this fast generation, we want to update and update with more thing on technologies otherwise we will be the loser. Why am saying this:  We are in the software domain right! need to update and learn new technologies. From this blog know What are the Testing Trends Should Follow? my dear readers if you like this blog keep share in the social media and keep touch with us for more updates on different technologies.

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Testing: Testing is a process of validating “Actual values” and “Expected values”. Actual value means based on the requirement of final development. Software testing is a process of executing an application with an aim of finding defects. Moreover, We all well know about in software testing Selenium play a major role and it is very famous open-source web-based automation tool. Selenium supports several system environments like Linux and Windows etc. If the tester has more skills in Selenium they have bright future in Software and they will test scripts to meet complexity levels. Let’s take a look What are the Testing Trends Should Follow.

What are the Testing Trends Should Follow?What are the Testing Trends Should Follow

Many peoples are inspired by the manufacturing process of testing, software testing obtains the waterfall approach to the test quality, it can involve one-by-one checks the case test. Sometimes this made difficult for the manual testers because too much can’t handle by the manual testers they feel a burden to run all test cases. Therefore Before starting the process we want to check the phases of testing, many business organizations checking and testing the cases by some Agile and DevOps methodology. Let’s look forward following test trending.

The shift from QA to Quality Engineering:

The Software Industry changing continuously, new technologies will arrive in the market. QA (Quality Assurance follows a methodical waterfall for testing which takes place as a one-by-one process it takes a lengthy time. QA feels struggle to keep up the dynamics in the testing field and which can perform like congestion(traffic jam) to complete the entire process. Whether it will follow the step-by-step process, the starting process needs to check the manual tester again in the detail from starting onwards. But in the QA the data and processes can very easily pile up. By the QE (Quality Engineering) one can show the automation and testing process earlier in the process rather than at the customer’s phase.


Internet of Things(IoT) is the very fast growing technology in nowadays entire the world which is a challenge for test automation. Today across the globe all the products were being interconnected  with each other through a software (or) a hardware that connects the software . Moreover ,today every thing was interconnected . Along with that the products must be tested  must be  tested for the purpose of quality, functionality and  Security. According to the recent reports . 70 % of the people ,connected to IOT were not safe due to security related issues

Digital Transformation with Agile:

 By using this Methodology the result makes very fast and continuous delivery. So, It helps the users works like evaluation, execution, and planning.


Simply we can say which can reduce the time from development to operation is a DevOps. It is not a new topic in the businesses which runs since past 5 years. So, It gains full support from the business organizations. And coming days also most of the organization will adapt to set of principles to develop the performances.

Increasing Adoption of Open-Source Tools:

Open-Source tools really play a major role in nowadays and future too. Along with the above mentioned features ,there are  many advantages like open source. free available.  If users are experts in designing it gives freedom what you want to do in our way. I hope you got some idea of What are the Testing Trends Should Follow?

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