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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
What is AWS lambda?

Aws Lambda is a compute service, with this you can run the code without servers. It runs the code when it needed, measures automatically in few seconds. It charges only when you run the code, when your code is not running it wont charge. You can code on any type of application with Zero administration. It runs your code with compute Infrastructure. It performs each administration of the compute resources that includes server and operating system maintenance and many more. Everything you need is to submit your code, to Lambda this code may be in Java, Node. Js and Python. Lambda was announced in 2014.

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In this what is AWS Lambda blog we will discuss the following.

  • What is AWS lambda?
  • Why AWS lambda is used?
  • Which language is best for AWS lambda?
  • Is AWS lambda is free?

Design aws Serverless applications composed of functions that started by Events. Which move them by Aws code build and code pipeline.

Why AWS lambda is used?

Specifically lambda can used in many use cases. It is easy to start and run with low price. Unique to less traffic applications, company IT services. In the same way Other uses of Lambda include analyzing data on the projects that uploaded to S3. Therefore this will check the availability and health of other projects as soon as possible.

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We know that it used for server less websites. While constant content hosted on S3, and front end web will send requests to lambda functions by an API gateway. Lambda functions has application logic and they use RDS or Dynamo-db for continuous Data. Consequently you pay only, when it depends on the number of requests that occurred in Lambda, API gateway and S3. For Dynamo-db and RDS you have to pay on monthly fixed payments.

Which language is best for aws lambda?

Especially Lambda inbuilt supports, the Ruby code, Python, C#, Node. Js, Powershell, Go, Java and many more. It uses Run-time API, that allows you to implement any additional Programming languages to write your Functions. For more Information go through OnlineITGuru IT training Java, python, Ruby blogs.

One of our Programmer has uploaded, Golang Apexin in lambda to power the apex ping. He has implemented it a year ago. In brief this works like a better one with 0.5ms on a plain node.

If you want, you can test an application in Lambda. Write the code in a different language. For many things, you will not notice the difference. Most Important, Last year it declared that Node.js.6.10, that available for designing of programming languages which supports lambda. As a matter of fact you can include Java, C, Python to it.

Use AWS Lambda languages and layers for Programming in Lambda.

What is a Lambda layer?

A lambda layer is a guide to manage the code centrally to design server less Applications. It is simple to write a code and share that code across Aws lambda function. That is your custom code, used by single function or standard set of library.


  • You can implement separate concerns, in between custom business logics and dependencies. Design your Function code, which is smaller and concentrated, that you need to design
  • Speed up your Movements, why means less code will be uploaded and packed, and Reused equally.

Is AWS lambda is free?

As we already mentioned, you pay only for what you use. Similarly, You charged depending on the number of functions and the duration of time. In the same fashion it means the time taken for your coding and execution.

Now we discuss AWS Lambda Pricing

It starts with the count on each request. In other words it starts processing in reaction to a call or an event alert. Simultaneously You will charged on all requests of your functions with aws lambda limits.

Lambda Free Tier

This free tier include 1M free requests in a month with 400 GB-seconds of computing time in a month. Not to mention functioning of your program depends on the memory that used by your program. As a result this free tier option is available more than 12 months after you can see lambda pricing.

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