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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
What is cloud computing?

What is cloud computing? In Earlier, we use Hard Drives to store Our Data and Programs. But now we have an option on the Internet, to store our data that is “cloud” and we can access all cloud services. Nobody can hack or take our data. 

Especially today everything is looking towards cloud like running, browsing, storing in the cloud itself.

Where you get this cloud?

In summary for answering the above question, in what is cloud computing blog. I think it can be anywhere, at the last point of your Internet connection. This is the place, where you can store and access your Data from Anywhere.

I think you are lucky!

Because, you do not need Design your cloud.

The space you get in the cloud is unlimited.

In the first place, you can edit, delete, and run all your applications by just connecting your Internet Gadget.

Where this exactly started?

I think you know about it, the Internet was invented in 1960 by Robert Khan and Vincent Cerf. From the last ten years, Many Companies has grown their business with internet and it is given, an option to create Application service providers that are known as ASP.

This Process updated in last 10 years and today we have cloud computing and that gave us an option to write this blog in what is cloud computing.

Many business reports view is that it has grown recently.

From the past two years cloud services, increased up to 90 %. It reached $10 billion in 2018 and $8 billion in 2017.

I think this is fascinating right!

If you have a clear Idea, what is cloud exactly, just think about it? Our day to day life, activities. We are doing them online, now you realize that lot you browse on the Internet is based on cloud right. For Instance, we can take WhatsApp chat, e-commerce websites, what not, everything we going with the cloud.

How cloud hosting is operated by the Internet, we will discuss with an easy example.

We all know about Salesforce that is world’s best CRM. It is “customer Relation Manager”, that is Depended up on the cloud. This type of software used by many sales Companies like Bajaj Finance, Capital first. They use this platform for better service and offer the best products to the customers.

Generally, the Direction it implemented is like this. A sales officer require access, to the gadget. This gadget is connected to the Internet, in this way he will get the complete user information. Like his old transactions, data, and location. This process is very helpful, in which way means, the sales officer doesn’t need to go to the office and update the user information. Automatically this user information is updated in company CRM.

If you are a Sales manager you, can watch the work data of your sales by the mobile application. Everything happens at your fingertips.

What is the benefit? You don’t need to buy any machines or need to recruit a software professional to handle your Data. All the process will be managed by the cloud service provider, who maintains your app, I think this is the best option right!


Now if you ask me, what is cloud computing, I will explain it to you, in a big way. So then cloud services have been Divided into three Different models. Let go through each of them.

  • Iaas
  • Paas
  • Saas

Infrastructure as a service (Iaas)

In this service, the cloud service provider offers the customers with many virtual machines. And provides other resources as a service. They get the user information by dividing the Data, from a physical machine. If the user needs a Ubuntu machine, he gets a Ubuntu machine. And in simple words, he will not get in worry about the physical machine. Or the system networking where the OS has been installed.

For Instance, AWS is the example for Iaas.

Platform as a Service(Paas)

In this type of service, the cloud technology provider will give the option. To the user, so that he can move the application designed by him. By using many programming languages and tools given by the cloud provider. The user does not have any access to control the storage servers and operating systems.

If we take an example, this Paas is a service only useful, if you are a Developer. This service will allow you to develop Google App Engine.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Here you and I can book software for lease. An example is ServiceNow Certification, it is the monopoly in ticketing Industry. These applications are own by the cloud providers. Later you can access, these applications on any gadget, that is connected with the Internet, and Implementing tools like web browsers.

Till now you and I have seen about what is cloud computing, where it was started. And what are the services offered by the cloud, everything we have seen?

Accordingly, now we will Discuss the Cloud Types.

  • Hybrid cloud
  • Private cloud
  • Public cloud

What is Public cloud, it is a source for everybody. It has Deployment mode. By this, the services which moved, will act as an open source for Public uses. These applications are free. If we see in a technical way private cloud and public cloud will act as same. Coming to security features we can see different securities features for both clouds. Because if anyone can access the cloud, cyber-attacks will also more.

What is a Private cloud? if you are maintaining an IT company, you need this type of cloud. It operated only for one company. It can done by a same organization or any other company. When you use your own cloud, you have to pay a certain amount for your cloud provider. Usually, the hardware also updates. Cyber Security team will be online every second.

Hybrid Cloud, here we can see both public and private cloud. how you can understand this?

In this case, we can understand this by easy example. Soon If you started a research company. Also, You have to know about published data, and this Data will be in research Phase. So after Doing the research, As a result, you will get some data right! This is your own data and you have to keep this in private. So you need a Hybrid cloud for this.

I think you are following my blog and you might have come, to one conclusion that what is cloud computing. Now we have to know, who are the target audience for the cloud , I think that is you. Now you can see the cloud as a student or Later software professional or a business person.


I think you have enjoyed this blog about what is cloud computing Tutorial. Like we discussed above if you are looking into cloud computing. If it is only AWS, we offer training for the same. Here you can collect AWS architect Interview Questions to guide you and by that, you can prepare for your upcoming AWS job interview.