Now a day’s Cloud computing is offering the services on cloud to a huge cost saving for organizations and enterprises. Many services offer clouds to explore salesforce to more advanced topics and move forward. In the business applications sector cloud computing is the recent development and all old business applications are very complicated to operate and expensive. With a help of team to run and obtain some high end hardware and software efficiently without help of trained professionals you can’t configure and update them.

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You don’t have to manage the complicated software and hardware in a cloud computing .Here cloud is based on apps for working in salesforce with less cost .while comparison comes under traditional business applications. Many business applications are working on a cloud computing platform like Customer relationship management, HR and accounting. Salesforce because of the security and reliability of their infrastructure then the benefits, you can available.

Automatic upgrades you can receive from it, IT resources in any manner don’t impact on it. Choosing between preserving your hardwork and system updates to customization are preserved automatically when the upgrades will happen in the integrations. This technology you can receive some features like ‘point and click’ and ‘on the fly’ customization, because of that, the IT personnel’s, making small changes and running reports.

Cloud computing is not easy to customize and switching to this technology can be harmful to their business that’s why some of IT Professionals think that cloud platform, allows their users some deep customization and configuration.

One of the best feature of this technology is simplicity of the heavy hardware and software and range of cost is very low. The benefits you can get from AppExchange with help of thousand applications built for its cloud computing infrastructure and these applications are also pre-integrated with the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application of Salesforce.

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In order to understanding, potential cloud stakeholders are characterized in general roles:

  • End Users : Consumer of the cloud application services
  • Cloud Service Providers
  • Cloud Tool Providers
  • Cloud Application Vendors

As shown below some of following is the list Cloud Services

  1. Amazon Cloud Drive
  2. Box
  3. Dropbox
  4. Egnyte
  5. G Suite
  6. iCloud
  7. iDrive
  8. Microsoft OneDrive
  9. OpenDrive
  10. SugarSync
Cloud vendors:

The key feature of Salesforce cloud vendor is Customer relationship management it is based on CRM cloud software systems. Managing sales and its key products like, Salesforce Communities and exact target Marketing Cloud. For your business in CRM system that allows you leads forecast projected revenue, contacts etc. To manage your sales process and developed processes for a unique business needs in order for it to work.

Three building blocks in cloud applications:

Through internet cloud computing is a model for providing IT services at remote place the services are placed through web-based tools and applications are retrieved from internet.

 The Services are mainly divided into three categories

Software-as-a-Service (Saas).

Platform-as-a-Service (Paas)

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Iaas)

IaaS_PaaS_SaaS/Salesforce Online Training/OnlineITGuru


Delivering applications over the Internet is a way of Software as a service for installing each software on your personal computer it can easily access from internet


The platform exists in the cloud as a service accessing customers through internet platform’s infrastructure differs widely across platform vendors in functionality. A multi-tenant architecture which is based in a to corporate application developers and independent software vendors.A custom application platform centered on the relational database in a to resembling an application for developers. is incorporated with different advances utilizing open norms like SOAP and REST, the programming dialects like APEX. underpins metadata driven advancement show. VMforce is outstanding amongst other stage for designer group which comprises of advancement apparatuses from the Salesforce people group and virtualized figuring assets from VMware. Utilizing VMforce, one can make half and half applications that utilization for information and administrations however are worked with Java standard advancements, for example, spring.


IAAS is a type of service where assets are shared basically. Multi-tenancy is a decent case of virtualization. The Virtual machine screen is capable to make and run the virtual machines.

Recommended Audience:

Software developers

Project Managers

Team Lead’s

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  • Knowledge in cloud computing is an basic step to understand the environment
  • For retrieving and manipulating the database you must have essential knowledge in database is very important
  • In order to start learning Salesforce CRM has no prior requirement to have knowledge on any technology required to Salesforce and also need to have some basic knowledge on java concept.

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