What is SalesForce CRM and its Features
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Salesforce is a main CRM (Customer Relationship Management) programming which served frame cloud. It has more than 800 applications to help different highlights like producing new leads, securing new leads, expanding deals and settling the deals. Intended to deal with the organizations information centered on client and deals points of interest. It additionally offers highlights to modify its inbuilt data structures and GUI to suit the particular needs of a business. it has begun offering the IOT availability to the CRM stage.

Lets Know about Salesforce CRM:

Especially Salesforce is a cloud based solution for CRM. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. For managing the relationship between an organization and its customers involvement is providing here. It also involves storing and managing the details of the people and the concerned department from the seller organization to managing the customer’s account and needs. As a matter of fact, For a better growth organization it is easy to manage and enhance the relationship with customers.

Features of Salesforce Platform:

Contact Management: Activity of customer contact details and their history to be viewed and account discussions etc .While in a short, it manages the data.

Opportunity Management: It provides the details of the products and quotation involved in the deal. While in a short, it manages all the data that helps in identifying, progressing and closing a deal.

Salesforce Engage: Marketing team was designed for a customer in various campaigns to be focused on making personalized contact. Sales alerts based on the level of engagement with a customer in a real-time.

Sales Collaboration: Closing a deal based on customer queries and feedback for finding experts. While in a short, for a collaborative effort to engage an entire team in the deal and make the deal happen.

Sales Performance Management: This helps in enhancing the performance of the sales team. This provides a metric-based goal setting, and its feedback, rewards.

Lead Management: Tracking the leads which are in progress for optimizing campaigns across every channel.

Partner Management: To building a community with partners for helping the connectivity directly with channel partners for sharing goals and activities.

Workflow and Approvals: Afterwards To automate the business processes visual designing used here. For a drag and drop options interface will provides the designing the approval process with deal discounts and expense management etc.

Email Integration: An existing email platform is depends upon salesforce integration. This will helps in providing flexibility to the existing team.

Files Sync and Share: For sharing various files the sales team will easily power the alerts when something is changes in the file.

Reports and Dashboards: A real-time picture of the business at a glance will offer dashboards So anyone can create detailed reports which can be accessed.

Sales Forecasting: To forecast a sales team with a real time view will helps by providing multi-currency support with an editing mode to manage the sales forecast.

Generally Company success is depends upon customer base. In any case, dissimilar to most individual connections, the organization client relationship is one that may feel somewhat unbalanced. Therefore All things considered, most customers don’t need to work hard to find out about your business; everything that they might need to know is likely promptly accessible.

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Be that as it may, for an organization to accumulate data on its clients keeping in mind the end goal to better encourage a working relationship can be a troublesome errand. However What’s more, the significance of client information doesn’t end once it’s gathered; keeping precise and available records of client exchanges, inclinations, needs, and concerns can without much of a stretch mean the contrast between a relationship that benefits the two gatherings, and one that leaves everybody feeling unfulfilled.

Advantages of Salesforce CRM:
  •  Improved informational organization
  •  CRM Enhanced Communication
  •  CRM improves customer service
  •  Automation of everyday Tasks
  •  Greater efficiency for multiple teams
  •  Improved analytical data and reporting
Recommended Audience:

Software developers

Project Managers

Team Lead’s


Knowledge in cloud computing is an basic step to understand the environment. For retrieving and manipulating the database you must have essential knowledge in database is very important. In order to start learning Salesforce CRM has no prior requirement to have knowledge on any technology required. To Salesforce and also need to have some basic knowledge on java concept.

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