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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2021-03-13
DevOps vs Agile: Explain the difference

Software development needs some methodology that can make the development process efficient and much faster for delivery. In this area, DevOps and Agile are the two imminent software growth methodologies in the present market. They thrive to deliver the end-product i.e. software with great efficiency, yield, and in the fastest way. In DevOps vs Agile, there are some common things along with some notable differences in frameworks applications. Also, it’s a never-ending debate with the changing growth methods across the IT industry. There are many things to discuss among these framework’s differences.

Let us discuss the major points of differences and the similarities among them. Along with the features and benefits of using these software expansion methods.

Before that, you should get a basic idea of what actually the DevOps and Agile mean in the DevOps vs Agile. The following are the basic definitions of both frameworks.

DevOps vs Agile difference

DevOps methodology

All we know that DevOps includes two terms “Dev”- Software expansion and “Ops” the operations part. It brings the development and operations team together to manage the whole application lifecycle. This includes application growth to testing and its deployment and operations process. Moreover, DevOps helps entities to work without any disruptions among the development, QA, and system admin teams.

Hence, it promotes the software development team and Ops to implement code to production in a faster way with automation. The application of the DevOps framework uses tools. Also, it helps to deliver the final product by speeding up the entity’s work in delivering apps and services. 

DevOps vs Agile

What is Agile?

The Agile methodology includes the regular iteration of growth and testing of the product within the system growth cycle (SDLC). This software growth framework mainly focuses on iterative, gradual growth, and enhancement. Here, both the expansion and testing activities are united, unlike the waterfall model. This framework breaks the product into smaller pieces and combines them for final testing. Also, it can be applied in many different ways that include scrum, kanban, XP, etc. The application process requires the Agile framework.

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Thus, we have seen the basic ideology of both software expansion products in DevOps vs agile. Now we will move forward to know the key differences between them.

DevOps vs Agile Comparison

Here, you’re going to check the important points that make a difference between DevOps vs Agile frameworks. 

  • DevOps is a methodology the focuses on combining the expansion and Ops teams in IT. Agile is an iterative approach that focuses on customer feedback, short & rapid releases, and the team meetup. 
  • Agile is useful in managing complex projects while the other focuses mainly on complete engineering processes.
  • DevOps task is to test the software regularly and delivering the same while Agile focuses only on regular modifications.
  • In DevOps vs Agile, the DevOps growth strategy needs a larger team to handle than in Agile’s small team.
  • Agile methodology main targets the Software growth part. But the other framework targets to provide complete business solutions and faster delivery of the product. 
  • In DevOps vs Agile, the functional and non-functional readiness are the Agile focus areas. While the other framework focuses on the operational and business needs readiness. 
  • DevOps spreads and separates the team skillset for operations and development bot. On the other side, the Agile expansion framework concentrates mainly on training all the team members equally in the same skills.
  • DevOps methodology primarily focuses on team meetup so it doesn’t need any generally accepted framework. The Agile growth methods apply a vast range of tactical frameworks that includes safe, scrum, sprint, etc. 
  • In DevOps vs Agile, the feedback generally comes from the internal team. On the other side, Agile feedback comes from the customers. 
  • Coming to the shift left principle, DevOps supports both shifts left & right but Agile only supports shift left.
  • In DevOps vs Agile, the former’s primary goal is to maximize efficiency with automation. The other framework methods don’t much highlight Automation principles. 
  • In the Agile framework, software growth is inherent whereas in DevOps there is equal importance for expansion, testing, and implementation.

Hence, these are some of the key differences here. Now we will look into the many useful features of these frameworks in DevOps vs Agile.

DevOps vs Agile: Features

Let us go through the various features of both software expansion frameworks in DevOps vs Agile comparison.

DevOps key features
  • It performs with great agility in both the expansion & operations of IT services and apps.
  • The framework mainly involves different practices like Continuous growth (CD), Continuous deployment, regular combination. Further, there is regular testing, continuous delivery, etc. 
  • This framework mainly focuses on deadlines and quality of work with equal importance. 
  • It releases smaller growth cycles with right away feedback.
  • The goal of this framework is to deliver the code to production on a daily or hourly basis.
  • It gets feedback from its internal team or self-observing tools.
  • DevOps thrives for agility and automation in the expansion and ops tasks till product delivery.
  • The popular DevOps tools available are Puppet, Chef, Ansible, AWS, OpenStack, etc.
  • Specs and design documents are part of DevOps communication where it is important for the operations team to understand the software release process completely. Also, it needs the knowledge of network employment for the smooth running of the deployment process.
  • DevOps maintains great quality with automation in the development process and helps in early bug removal.
  • The process documentation is the leading one in the DevOps framework as it delivers the software to the Ops team for deployment. Here, the automation process comprises sufficient documentation.

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Agile key features (DevOps vs Agile)
  • The agile methodology of software expansion only shows agility in the product growth process.
  • It releases fixed-length iterations only.
  • The framework includes the best practices/tools such as Scrum, Kanboard, Jira, etc.
  • The agile framework generates better application suites with suitable needs of the organization. It quickly adapts any major changes done to the project lifecycle during the process.
  • The deadline-oriented working is the primary task of the Agile framework.
  • It follows an iterative delivery approach that minimizes the project risk significantly.
  • The frameworks release smaller lifecycles of product expansion.
  • It less emphasizes on automation process.
  • The feedback source of Agile is its customers.
  • Here, the most general principle for Agile software implementation is Scrum. Therefore, the Scrum meeting is daily carried on here.
  • The agile framework mainly prioritizes the working system instead of the whole documentation process. Also, it more ideal when the user is flexible and responsive to this framework.
  • It helps in the early detection of bugs by making them visible to the product growth team. Hence, it makes it easier for the team to respond to any change needed.
  • The work should be completed as much faster, which is the focus area here. Thus, the documentation is an unnecessary part of this approach.
  • In DevOps vs Agile, the methods of Agile absolutely focus on the growth of the right product.
  • It mainly concentrates on the cross-functional teams where every team member needs to ability to do anything for project progress. This framework enhances the team bonding across the organization well. So, it makes the software growth team much stronger through various options.
Why DevOps is proved better than Agile?

Let us know the silos that put Agile software expansion behind the scene in the DevOps vs Agile difference.

There is a great benefit that the Agile framework focuses on the growth of quality software with deadline approaches. But most of the people work in Silos as the principles that it follows.

The major drawback here is the lack of proper communication between the IT developers, testers, or the operations team. This reporting gap puts the whole process in doubt that every team member is working differently or on the same process. 

It also becomes the major reason for blaming when the product fails after growth. In such a situation the team takes isolation instead of finding the code failure reasons.

All, this helps DevOps to become a powerful source to defend against such failures. To avoid such Silos in the middle, the DevOps Engineer takes responsibility and care of everything. Like code expansion, testing the code, and posting the same. Without any bugs inclusive of it. Hence, this unification solves most issues that come up. Since the DevOps Engineer or professional has multi-skills, the ownership of the product is completely given to him. He involves in unit testing, code developing, functional testing, deploying code to the server, etc.

Hence, even in case of failure in the expansion process, the entity needs to get the knowledge from it and proceed further. Overall, we can say that the DevOps framework is not the replacement but a great successor to the Agile platform.

Here, we can say that in the case there is any IT Ops problem and the concerned person is not available. Then, DevOps engineers can resolve the same having great skills. 

Here, in DevOps vs Agile battle, the former has the ability to thrive more than Agile.

DevOps and Agile similarities

The software growth frameworks Agile and DevOps, both focus on speed, productivity, and quality output throughout the SDLC. They mainly focus on smaller release cycles of software products. Moreover, they don't put much emphasis on product documentation.  Instead of it, they spend more time on automation and alliance. In the project’s expansion, the risk level tends to reduce while we use either of these approaches. Here, the risk tendency increases over time with other approaches such as Waterfall.

In case, any new business needs arise, then both frameworks prepare the business entities to be fully responsive. They also address the various business needs right away. Further, business entities that use any of these frameworks also generally include strong product ownership of their respective projects. Similarly, with the change of time, the Agile framework has grown many challenges. On the other side, the DevOps framework turned to be more optimized in the practice.

Thus, these are some of the major common things of both Agile and DevOps frameworks. Let us move further on this topic to check out other details.

Agile methodology values -DevOps vs Agile

There are some core values that the Agile framework involves in the DevOps vs Agile comparison.

  • It prioritizes customer satisfaction at the top level
  • Approaches to the changes need even it makes the evolution process slower.
  • Rapidly and frequently delivers working software with good quality.
  • Helps in building projects around motivated people with a good environment
  • Sustainable software growth promotion.
  • Here, the expansion processes run with great simplicity.
  • This is inclusive of self-arranging teams, best structure, product design needs, and technical excellence.
  • It also includes various approaches like FDD, TDD, ASD, etc.

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DevOps methodology values

The various values that the framework includes are as follows.

  • It follows the principles of flow and also the feedbacks.
  • This framework follows the valuable principles of continuous learning.
  • It plays a vast role in the business including deployment, delivery, and combination of products. 
  • Makes the product growth platform much simple and easier to work out.
  • Like this, there are many valuables uses of this framework in software expansion.
Final thoughts

Hence, these are the few differences and the methods useful in the comparison of DevOps vs Agile. I hope you got the overall idea of these approaches along with their use in the industries. Both thrive for a great change in software building and also both framework’s principles equate at some points. If you’re are a buzzing learner and in a search of the right platform to update your skills. Then this is the right place that you are looking for and can get a real-time approach in the expansion process of software. To get more information in this regard, reach out to the DevOps Online Training with the IT Guru platform. This learning may enhance your existing software growth skills in a different way.