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1. What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is used to store, manage and process the data. The main advantage of cloud computing is instead of using your own server. One can use someone’s server to perform the task. Users can pay the amount of time they use it for it  –  What is cloud computing?

2. What are the advantages of Cloud Computing?

The main advantages of cloud computing are less cost, 24* 7 availability, flexibility, security, enhanced collaboration, easily manageable and control of documents, etc.

3. What is Microsoft Azure technology?

Azure is a product from Microsoft. It is a cloud computing service for building, testing and deploying the applications. It is easy and simple to use for creating dynamic web applications – What is Azure?

4. What are Iaas, Paas and SaaS?

Iaas – Infrastructure as a service is a set of infrastructures level capabilities that are delivered for as pay for useful services and can host web applications. Some of the common examples are azure, VM and VNET, etc.

PaaS- Platform as a Service is a cloud computing model used by the developers who are interested to build applications without worrying about the management of the hosting environment at all. Some of the common examples are azure cloud services, Azure web apps, storage, SQL Azure database, etc.

SaaS – SaaS is generally called as on-demand software and called as software plus services. Organizations would pay for the use of applications. SaaS is licensed on a subscription basis and hosted.

Ex: Office 365. Gmail etc, CRM so on.

5. What are the public hybrid and private cloud

In public cloud implementations, All the components run in Azure by default Whereas in private cloud all the azure and features run on the premises data center. In a hybrid cloud, it is a combination of both private and public clouds.

6. What is the purpose of the cloud service configuration file in the Azure

The main purpose of the cloud service configuration file is used for storage. It is also used to allow configuration changes in the production environment of your application

7. What are fault domains?

Fault domains are a set of hardware components that will share a single point of failure. Generally, this type of Fault domains are logical group underlying hardware and share a common power source and network source.

8. What are storage keys in Azure?

Storage keys are mainly used to authenticate mode for accessing the storage services account. This storage key helps control read-write access to the virtual storage area.

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9. What are the concepts of tables in Azure?

The table is a type of Azure storage which is used to store your data. Tables allow the structure data storage. It will store data as a collection of entities. It has a primary key and properties as key-value pair

10. What are the main difference between blob in block and page?

Generally, block blobs are made up of blocks and each of them is loaded as block id. It is easy to create and modify the block blob by uploading a set of blocks by their block ids.

Similarly, page blobs are a collection of pages. The page is a range of data that is identified as an offset from the set of a blob. For creating the page blob, one can initialize the page blob by calling put blob and specifying its maximum size. The main use of page blob is used to provide random read and write access.

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