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Post By AdminLast Updated At 2020-06-11
Explain Python vs Java

Python Vs Java

We all know that, programming languages are the basics of computer Science. These languages considered as Tools for every programmer. Here the Question Comes Which Programming Language, we have to use. Today we have many programming languages, But Coming to Python and Java; we can see War between, these two languages. These languages are most popular programming languages, Python is Showing Amazing outcome and coming to Java it is on its best place. In our onlineITguru blog Explain Python VS Java, we will discuss more updated topics, and why we have to use them.

Firstly, we go with small introduction.


Generally Python is a dynamic programming language. It was started in Netherlands and Invented to fill the gap between Shell and C. As the founder of python told, designing System administration utilities by utilizing C language is very tough. The syntax of python inspired by few other languages like ABC, Pascal, Algol68.


Generally Java is a static and object oriented Java programming language. If you write it once, you can run this language anywhere in the world. It designed to run on any platform by Java Virtual Machine.

Now we will discuss some of the Differences between these two languages.

python vs Java performance

We know that Python is dynamically scripted language. No variable types, we have Interpreter, this will write, check and Design at run-time. This will result in an easy Syntax, which is quite same to the English Language. In Python programming , we do not have braces and Indentation rules. This will make the code very easy for reading or compiling.


Web Development

Both languages used for Web Development. Back end Web development is the main source of web development, which is better for Designing Software, which runs on the Server. At the same time, it is a popular web development source according to Developers.

The best frameworks of Python are Flask and Django. Not to mention, Flask is known as a micro web Framework. It offer the basic Functionalities. Django is the best option, that will guide you to design powerful back end and it equipped with powerful ORM layer. In other words it offers Databases and it performs different type of operations on the data. The best thing you have to know is Python Filter.

Till now we have discussed about Python back end, Now we will discuss about Spring which is back end to Java. GE, Dell, orange and many more, uses the spring. In particular Spring is not as trendy as Django. Most Important Spring is the best option for designing IT Applications. Python contains best feature, that is known as Python Array.

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Coming to Machine learning

As per words python function is very easy, and general-purpose programming language. It became best option for people from different Domains. That is the reason we can see a lot of Development in machine learning and AI. Machine learning made with a help of big eco systems and libraries.

However Coming to Java, it is considered as best option, when it comes to the point of machine learning. It is simple and easy to compile. Similarly It has already implemented for Big – scale, company Applications. As a matter of fact In the point of libraries, you can Implement MOA, Deep learning 4, Mallet, Weka and many more. Every year we have a Java Update.

Now we will compare both of this language.

  • Syntax – Python Syntax is easy to learn and whereas Java syntax is hard to learn.
  • Java and Python are two popular languages. Java contains Java String.
  • Coming to performance, Python has low performance and Java is very fast in the point of performance.
  • In the same fashion, Python is a cross-platform, and Java is cross-platform with JVM.
  • For Python back-end Frameworks are flask, Django, coming to python, Blade and spring are Frameworks.
  • Consequently, Machine learning Libraries for Python are pytorch, Tensorflow and for Java weka, MOA, Deeplearning4j, Mallet.
  • In the point of Game Development Engines for Python Panda 3d, Cocos. For Java Jmonkey Engine. Every year we have latest Java Version.
Do we have Future with Python or Java?

Finally Python or Java, both having a beautiful feature. known as open source languages. Can easily fix the bugs. This will create best coding options for the future. As a result, We know that Java is the popular language in the world, on the other hand when Python is in top five. It well known for its Python operators.

Therefore, this all about python vs Java, these are the best concepts of both the technologies. In upcoming blogs, I will cover more blogs on this both technologies. OnlineITguru is the best online courses