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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2021-05-08
Top RPA Tools to use in 2021 

Today every business unit is thriving to get a leading position in the market out of huge competition. This requires enhancing its productivity in 360 degrees. There are a lot of tasks that are repetitive to perform for an enterprise on daily basis. But it is not that much easier to carry out all the tasks accurately through manual power. Also, it takes time consumption and there is no guarantee of avoiding mistakes. Hence, to avoid such errors and to save time, the RPA software is available in the market. The RPA tools bring automation in performing the tasks that are repetitive and make them faster. 

Here in this blog, I am going to discuss the various top RPA tools available currently in the market. Using these automation tools many businesses are developing their product much faster with improved operations. RPA tools are very crucial for automating the repeatedly done back-office tasks. Hence, it is difficult to choose from the widely available RPA tools in the current market. RPA software uses a bot that helps to automate the daily tasks performed by the employees of any business.  

Before diving into the main picture of this blog, let us know about RPA and its types in brief. 

RPA also saves much time and effort made by humans to great extent. Moreover, the automation process is a time saver and cost-effective approach than others. The most important features of RPA include platform-independent, intelligence, and scalability that improves efficiency.  

Further, RPA is categorized into different types such as - Attended, Unattended automation, and Hybrid RPA. Also, robotic process automation is useful in many industries like healthcare, manufacturing, retail, banking, insurance, telecom, etc. 

Let us know the details of the RPA tools to use in 2021. 

Top RPA tools 2021

Here we are going to look into the different types of RPA tools useful in 2021 for many businesses.  


The tool Pega is one of the most popular RPA tools which is considered a BPM tool also. Pega is an automation framework developed by Pegasystems mostly useful on desktop servers. Moreover, it provides many cloud-based solutions and perfect for medium and large-scale enterprises. The tool is compatible with various OS like Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. Further, it merges the mechanism of predictive analytics and business management systems. 

Top RPA Tools of 2021

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Key features:-

Pega offers open APIs that connect with existing services at lightning speed.

It helps to deploy the solutions to the customers very easily.

Moreover, its actionable intelligence helps to locate the process for optimization automatically.

A leading cloud-based solution provider to many businesses.

Further, using the Pega RPA tool, you can allocate the tasks to desktop, server, and employees as well. Also, it helps to capture the various insights at the desktop 

This tool is a robust and reliable RPA tool of the current era that works much faster. 

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This is one of the highly extensible RPA tools that offers almost all core capabilities. This robotic automation tool is useful to automate web apps and desktop apps. Moreover, it’s an open-source RPA tool with user-friendly operation. This tool allows global enterprises to automate their workforce to design and deploy apps faster. Furthermore, it is a perfect fit for any business enterprise.  

Key features:-

It offers auto-login features that help to run the bots much faster. 

This RPA tool is capable to be hosted upon cloud environments.

Moreover, it provides support to a high range of apps along with security to manage credentials, encryption, etc. 

Also, it provides access control to the users based on the roles within an organization.

It offers an open platform to use for various automation processes like desktop and web apps.

Further, it can handle any number of complex processes. 

It is easy to understand the tool as it doesn’t require coding knowledge and has good features. 

Blue Prism

This is one of the popular RPA tools with core capabilities and cost-effective agile features. Blue Prism is one of the open-source RPA tools that comes with designer flowcharts with drag-drop features. This tool automates the different business processes in a cost-effective way and with lightning speed. Also, this tool is best suitable for most large-scale and medium enterprises. Let us look at the key features of this RPA tool.

Key features:-

This tool supports multi-model deployment with robust & rich features and analytics too.

Also, it is very easy to implement this tool within a short span.

The great thing is that it doesn’t need any programming skills to implement. 

It allows security features for software and network credentials that are crucial.

This RPA tool has cross-platform support and compatible with any app to work.

Using this tool one can develop a highly productive and automated complete business process. 

Automation Anywhere

This tool is one of the RPA tools that combines the traditional RPA with intellectual elements. It supports both on-premise and on-cloud services for many businesses on a medium and large scale. Moreover, this is a user-friendly RPA tool that understands languages and can read unstructured data well. 

Key features:-

This tool offers intelligent automation features in business IT operations. 

The RPA tool also provides high-level security with real-time reports, analytics, and authentication. 

It helps to automate many complex tasks much faster with user-friendly features.

Moreover, it is a platform-independent tool that provides script-less automation.

It offers the allocation of tasks to different systems. 


This is one of the RPA tools that make regular repetitive tasks easy, fast, and error-free. Also, it helps to improve productivity, customer satisfaction, and resource utilization. Besides, it’s an ideal RPA solution for banks, finance, HR, etc.

Key features:-

It provides on-cloud and on-premise enterprise software solutions for many businesses.

The Python RPA tool helps to make improved decisions on the basis of advanced analytics of different data types.

It allows employees of a company to freely focus on the activities of high value.

This RPA tool provides the attended bot system that automates the process well.

Further, it offers graphs and pie charts on the classified information.


This is one of the best RPA tools, a SaaS product, and a cloud computing platform that offers a complete automation solution. It also automates the process of monitoring databases and manages the crowdsource workers. Moreover, it helps to automate the different types of knowledge work such as financial, e-commerce, and retail businesses. 

Key Features:-

This RPA software automates tasks just through few clicks. 

Besides, the tool makes the automation process easier by using the training models and ML algorithms.

It also has an intelligent automation feature that analyses data to improve the enterprise progress in the right direction.

Moreover, this tool has a pre-emptive control feature through which the user can control the bot performance optimization. 

Also, it provides automation security to the software from any intrusions. 


This is also one of the RPA tools that work with any other application virtually. The tool KOFAX helps more efficiently to acquire, enhance, and deliver information from any data source. It helps to automate different tasks across the systems and data sources and no coding needs. Moreover, there is no need to have any coding skills to implement this RPA tool. 

Key Features:-

The intelligent software bots of this tool improve the operational efficiency of the organization.

It helps to eliminate the errors through automation of data gathering and input given.

The RPA intelligence of this tool helps to monitor and optimize various processes.

This tool helps to manage, deploy, and perform the robots through the central server. 

The KOFAX RPA tool robots extend workforce capacity through embedded AI and cognitive capture. Also, it offers flexible and scalable deployment services to users. 

Besides, it can process data from different websites, portals, and desktop apps. Further, it has an intelligent screen automation feature. 


One of the RPA tools with automation solutions and a perfect fit for any size of the front office. Also, it offers a powerful IDE useful for an RPA. This tool offers a complete customer view, online support, and also data sharing facility across two apps. 

Key features:-

The tool deals with real-time automation tasks. 

This RPA tool helps robots’ settings through different approaches like drag & drop, point, and click.

Moreover, it observes the different processes performed at the workstation.

It also helps to recognize and locate the target apps.

Further, it ensures the sequencing tasks in a proper way. 


This is one of the leading RPA tools that help in desktop automation. It also enables companies to automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks. Also, the tool supports enhancing accuracy, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Further, the tool extensively useful in building comm centers and customer satisfaction.  

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Key Features:-

It minimizes the avg handling time of the enterprises.

The tool conducts the automation processes with a high level of accuracy and unbeaten consistency.

This RPA tool has robust capabilities that integrate both attended and unattended robots.

The tool helps to enhance the first call resolution for the enterprise.  


Kryon is one of the RPA tools for automation that brings in innovation in the discovery of the best-automated processes. It also provides three different automation solutions to the companies such as attended, unattended, and hybrid.  

Key Features:-

It empowers business units to complete their major tasks with great accuracy, speed, and productivity.

Also, this RPA tool helps in identifying the process areas that need to automate for saving time and costs. 

Kryon also helps in automating all the time-taking and repetitive tasks.

This tool helps in improving all the stages of productivity within the business processes. 


This is also a leading RPA tool that automates, combines, and schedules tasks for Windows-based apps. The tool is available through the clock for automation of the processes.  

Key features:-

It is available round the clock for any process automation.

This RPA tool improves throughput and minimizes the life cycle time.

It supports scalability and offers flexibility in operational tasks.

Also, helps to reduce errors with enhanced efficiency.  


This is one of the RPA tools that have two different solutions such as Enterprise automation and Desktop automation. Here the enterprise automation helps in enhancing the efficiency, and performance of the enterprise. But desktop automation is useful for individuals and small business teams. The tool is more efficient and productive to reach the desired output levels.

Key Features:-

The tool helps users through the design process from the production system.

It also supports the platforms such as Dot Net and SQL.

Also, it combines with different technologies, platforms like SAP, Salesforce, etc.

Moreover, it offers accuracy, security, and error handling capabilities. 

Automation Edge

Automation Edge is one of the RPA tools that provide many crucial technologies that help in front and middle office, back office, and IT ops. 

The features of the Automation edge tool includes;-

It helps in automating the front, middle, and back-office operations well.

Besides, the chatbot helps in interacting with customers and processes requests through AI. 

Hence, this is all about the top RPA tools to use in 2021. These best RPA tools help in different ways to different business units as per their requirement. Most of these tools are user-friendly and easy to implement. Many companies today are using these processes to make up their business processes with a less human touch.


I hope you got the basic idea of these different RPA tools and their features. Robotic Process Automation is the latest trend in the business process operations to automate. Thus, to avoid the errors that happen in the repetitive tasks RPA helps extensively. It also makes sure of accuracy and speed to deliver the given tasks on time. They also increase the scalability of a large number of processes that automate. Moreover, RPA tools offer real-time processes of data with visibility into identifying errors. Learn more from the experts of RPA through Pega RPA Online Training from the ITGuru platform.