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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2021-06-21
Why you should learn Pega RPA?

Today most businesses are working on agile platforms with process automation that helps them to deliver results faster. Here, Pega is one of the major tools that deal with the BPM process and useful for managing business flows. Also, it helps to develop various apps useful for end-to-end processes much faster. After the introduction of Pega Robotic Process features, it becomes easier to deliver customer needs much quicker. There are many benefits of using Pega RPA in various business processes.

Robotic automation is useful for automating the general routine tasks that we daily perform in a workflow. Pega RPA is capable of automating various tasks through the user interface of existing apps. Here, Pega Robotic Studio plays an important role where the actual automation is created. Moreover, the Pega RPA studio offers a very intuitive and latest growth environment to develop run-time solutions. These solutions allow users to finish their tasks more efficiently and faster.

I have discussed in my previous blogs that there are two types of Pega RPA versions available. RDA and RPA. Further, there Pega Desktop automation is there that provides the best desktop user experience. This is through automation and integration of Pega 7 apps and so on. The automation of Peag Desktop minimizes the repetitive tasks of copying and making duplicate data throughout different apps. 

Let us go deep into this blog to know more about Pega RPA in detail.

Pega RPA

Advantages of Pega RPA

There are many useful things that you should know about Pega RPA and its usage benefits. 

Hence, RPA is useful in automating several human tasks that give accurate results of the product outcomes. There are three different categories of RPA technologies such as- Knowbots, Chatbots, etc. All these bots work differently to provide various solutions. They help in data processing, getting any specific information from the internet, and responding to customer queries as virtual agents. 

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Let us know the advantages behind using Pega RPA which are as follows:-

Cost Savings

RPA or Pega RPA helps business entities to save huge amounts of costs that they spend on human resources. This gives the business a boost to invest in core business areas and technology growth to enhance business. 

By saving costs it can improve business in a different way and it can enhance profitability. 

Reduced errors 

Using the Pega automation process one can reduce the errors generally made by humans during their tasks. It works on standard logic without any tiredness and distraction. Hence, it reduces the probability of errors with greater efficiency and accuracy in performing tasks with automation. 

Further, it helps to reduce the re-work and enhances the business reputation and productivity. With reduced errors, the work becomes more easier and accurate. 

Quick Processing

Unlike humans/employees that need a break, food, etc. RPA process works much faster in delivering the product without break. It works restlessly while performing many repetitive tasks. Besides, the processing time becomes consistent with the RPA use, and also it ensures customer service with high quality. 

When the process becomes faster the tasks also complete on time with fewer efforts. This proves that business is on right track and could gain momentum in a short span. 

Offers Better Customer Service

Through the induction of RPA into business, it makes customer-centric activities much easier. Also, it reduces the employee engagement in such services that takes a lot of time to solve the queries. Hence, Pega RPA helps in this regard very much by reducing the burden on employees solving customer queries. Productivity also easily enhances through this service. 

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Security and Audit

This service facilitates RPA to become a successful automation process application. The robotic bot will only access the data for which permission is given and it helps to develop a detailed audit trail activity. Thus, it secures the information of the system from unwanted access.

No technical issues

Due to code-free technology, RPA doesn’t need any coding skills to configure the software bots. Moreover, through the simple drag-drop features, a non-tech person can easily set up the bot. Further, it includes a recorder that records the whole automation process stepwise.

Thus, we can say that the RPA brings a high-level quality in completing tasks for the enterprise. This makes the business tasks error-free and helps to deliver the product much faster without fail. 

With fewer issues, it is easier to process automation activities in less time and with good outcomes.

What’s new in the Pega Robotic Automation process?

The introduction of Pega RPA 19.1 brings in various significant changes in the product infrastructure and its growth. Hence, the latest infra changes modularize Pega RPA that reduces the need for updating the whole product when the components change. 

Now it supports the Windows Server 2019 as team RPA found it with the latest release. But to use such a facility, the user needs to install Pega Native Foundation version 10.1.13 or later. Moreover, the Pega Package Server and Server Status, etc features also tested that supports Windows Server 2019.

It also supports.Net Core updates. The latest version of Pega RA 19.1.77 updates the Pega Sync Server, Package Server, etc to use MS.Net Core 3.1 with no change in functionality. 

In addition to the .Net Core support, RPA also supports ActiveX apps very well. The augment of X-ray Vision technology makes inquiries to the app much easier. 

Further, build 19.1.70 offers support in the automation of the MS Edge Chromium version. For this, it uses UWA which is similar to the support given to Google Chrome.  Also, to automate this version, the user needs to install the extension and register the extension ID. 

Additionally, build 19.1.54 adds new variable components that contain several methods. They help to operate values included in the variables directly. These components include Equals, >, +, Multiply, Concat, Compare, Now, etc for different purposes.  

Hence, the new variables are useful to replace the old variables use on the Toolbox earlier. In this regard, a user can use the Pega Robotic Inspector (PRI) that helps to read those values and allot values to the variables. 

Further, it supports Windows 10, Power Builder, PPT Connectors, etc. apps.

How beneficial to work with RPA?

The survey says that working with the Pega RPA tool is better than any others. Using this tool a business can easily enhance its proficiency, accuracy, etc which helps to improve business ops. It also improves the productivity of the employees with good experience that makes them result-oriented.

Moreover, RPA reduces the overall costs to the business which favors its investment in other areas.

Using this automation process many business entities can change their work efficiency more times. It increases the strength to produce more with smart business solutions following customer thoughts and choices. 

It helps to satisfy their customers through answering in less time to their queries. Also, it provides them the best experience.

Thus, the survey done on different companies says that the deployment of RPA is very effective. To get this experience in long run, learn PEGA from the industry experts. 

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Challenges with RPA

In addition to the great advantages, there are some difficulties and challenges of applying RPA to the processes. The major issues are the time to deploy RPA and the maintenance to keep them running. This is found according to the survey done through various business leaders globally. 

The common issue in applying RPA in business says that there may be a breakage or failure of bots. Around 40% of this survey says that maintenance of bots is a little harder. And 50% described that it takes a long to deploy automation. 

But there is a belief that addressing these challenges may change the scale of conversion in the coming era. The challenges are common with large apps but to overcome them is the greatest opportunity. 

Thus, it is better to understand the concept of RPA well before its application and deployment for a business. 

RPA Tools

There are different types of RPA tools available in the current market. These are BluePrism, UiPath, AA, Pega RPA, Jacada, etc. All these serve better in different areas for different purposes of automation processes. Among these Pega RPA is the most useful and reliable product that we discussed here. It provides various cloud-based solutions, deployments, captures desktop insights, etc. It uses its strong memory to store all the data and information for further use. 

These different tools help in automate processing to enhance the business activities well with a customer-centric approach. 

Hence, RPA is much popular because it frees employees from performing repetitive tasks. Through this companies can make either people more productive and efficient so that business could progress well. 


I hope you got the basic idea of Pega RPA and its applications to business. Now you got to know why to learn Pega RPA and its usefulness. RPA is the process of automation through bots that developed with Pega to automate the business processes. It helps to reduce the time and cost of the business that needs to spend more using manual methods.

Automation today brings a lot of ease in doing large-scale business for most of the leaders of the world. With this change, the burden on employees becomes less. They can look into the other major aspects of business well. 

Learn the most demanding Pega RPA Online Training through ITGuru experts with real-time experience of using techniques and tools. Stay tuned in this space for more updates on this section of Pega.

Application of Pega RPA may change the phase of business especially in developing values and approaching customers faster. They can solve their different queries in less time and they can satisfy them very well with accurate information.