Inferential Statistics
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We people know that stats play a major role in Data science.This stats play a major role in the analyzing the business. Through this, we can get the current growth of the business and can estimate the future. Basically, this stats have been divided into two types. The first one is the descriptive statistics. And the second one is the Inferential statistics. This descriptive statistics takes all the sample in the population. Whereas the Inferential Statistics take only some samples of the population. And predicts how the future would be with that population. Today in this article I would like to explain to you the types of Inferential statistics.

Types of Inferential Statistics

The are two major difference between the Descriptive and Inferential stats

Descriptive stats takes all the sample in the population and gives the result, whereas an Inferential stat does not. Through Inferential stats we can expect the future whereas Descriptive stats cannot.

This inferential stats have been classified in various ways. Now let me explain to you some of the types of Inferential statistics

How you know what is meant by mean, median and Mode. If you find any difficult find it at How do stats take part in data science. For all types of inferential statistics mean plays a major role. In simple words, it is calculated as the ratio of the some of the samples in the population to the number of samples in the population.

i.e sum of all samples / total number of sample

Now let me explain to you the 1st type in types of Inferential Statistics.

T-test :

A t-test is nothing but a statistical test used to compare means. This t-test is internally divided into 3 types. But for each and every test mean is common. Let us see each and Evert t-test in detail.Inferential Statistics

One sample T-test :

It is used to compare the mean of the data to the mean of the known population. So,Let me explain this test application with an example

Inferential Statistics


Usually in institutes, some new facilities were being added periodically. But all the members n the institution may / may not utilize it. So, In such cases, this One Sample T-test is used.

It is calculated as a ratio of the mean of samples who utilize the new services offered to the mean of all samples in the population.

It is used only when there is one data set for comparison

Moreover, if we know the data set to be compared

Independent sample T-test :

We don’t find all the time to compare the same data samples for comparison. I some cases, we do find different independent data sets for comparison. Finally, let me explain you the application through an example.

Inferential Statistics


Today same service is being provided by multiple providers. But among all the providers, we do have some minor changes. So this test is applicable for the comparison of service among two different providers.

This is majorly used when we have two separate non – independent data sets.

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Dependent sample test :

It is a bit controversial to the above. It is used for comparison of data over a period of time. But this comparison will be done from a related sample/related group. So, this is basically used for pretest/post-test setup. So, It is used for comparison of the behavior of a single over different periods of time.Inferential StatisticsExample: Comparison of marks of a student from one year to the other

The marks of a student may increase/decrease from one year to the other. It is mostly used to know the progress of student over the years Along with this there few more test like Analysis of variance (Anova).

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