MSBI Means Microsoft Business Intelligence it is the Extraordinary Suite Which Provides Ultimate Solutions for Business and Data Mining Queries. It Works With Companies and Provides Access and Exact Data Up-To-Date. This Helps All the Companies to Make Decisions Accurately and they Can Implement Future Plans within the Time. Firstly Every Professional Should Know What is Business Intelligence.

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Business Intelligence gives you a Set of Plans to find out the Data and to Analyze It from Huge Terra Bytes of Data. By this, you can Implement New Business Plans.

Why MSBI is important for Every Business

The Architecture of MSBI is divided into Three Types You Can Understand Easily by MSBI online Training

The SQL Server Gives You SSIS/RS/AS Tools to Create Business Intelligence Solutions for any Data Base Applications for Analyzing and Reporting

SQL Server Integration Services :

In that First Module Of MSBI is SQL Server Integration Services-Integration Tool, By This We Can Import Data From Multiple Excel Files Using SSIS And How To Execute SSIS Package Using Microsoft Excel Macros. It Allows You to Create ETLS And Get Data From Multiple Sources to Integrate the Data. It Creates a Central Data Warehouse Which Shows You Meaning Full Data.

SQL is An ETL Tool Given by Microsoft to Extra Data from Various Sources.

SSIS Is the Part of Microsoft SQL Server 2005

It Uses Scripting Languages

Deployment Wizard is Also Available

Supports End To End Process of BI

Multi-tasks Run Parallel platforms.

SSIS Is Developed through Business Intelligence Development Tools it is Nothing but New Version Of VS IDE

It Can Be Performed By Multiple Servers Using BIDS

Why MSBI is important for Every Business

SQL Server Analytical Services :

The Second Module Of MSBI Is SQL Server Analytical Services- Analysis Tool It Is the Technology From The Microsoft Business Intelligence Stack to Implement Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) Solutions. In A Simple Manner, You Can Say That SSAS is to Create Data from Data Storages and Data Warehouse for Fast Output in Data Analysis.

What Are Cubes in SSAS MSBI online Training They Are Multi-Dimensional Data Sources Which are Having More Dimensions and Facts? These Dimensions Are From the thought Of Master Tables and Facts are From Measurable Details. These Details are Stored in Pre-Allocated Format that Which Helps the Users to Analyze Large Amounts of Data, To Query a Cube Multi-Dimensional Language (MDX), is Used and In SQL Server to Query A Table T-SQL is Used.

Some of the Examples of Dimensions are Customer, Time, Geography, and Product.

And some of the Examples of Facts are Sales and Orders.

1) Analyzing Data from a Multi-Dimensional Model

2) Implementing a Plan in Business Intelligence Development Studio.

3) Creation of Cubes, Dimensions, Measures from this Plan.

4) Modifying the Cube as Per Requirement.

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SQL Server Reporting Services :

The Third Module Of MSBI Is SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) it is The Server Based Report Generating Software Tool From Microsoft, It is The Part of SSAS and SSIS, and It Gives a Genuine Interface into Microsoft Visual Studio. So that Programmers and SQL Admins Can Connect to SQL Data Bases. It Provides Report Builder Tool for Low IT Employers To Format SQL Reports Of Low Complexity.

By SSRS You Can Create, Move, and Manage Mobile and Sequence Reports

The SSRS 2016 Provides

Traditional Sequence Reports

Latest Mobile Reports

A Modern Web Portal

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You Can Understand Easily By This Example

Suppose We Have the Past 3 Years Data Of a Shopping Mall, In the Data We Have Different Set of Products and their Complete Specifications. Let’s Choose the Product Shoes, In that Adventure, Sports, Formal Shoes Were there by Mining. This three Types of Shoes by the Data We Came to know that Formal Shoes are Having More Engagements in Compare with the other two Shoe Models by Digging. The Sale of the Formal Shoes Was Maximum from 8 am to 11 am.On Further Data Research, You Came to know that these Formal Shoes are purchased by a Popular Company.

Now You Can Apply Business Intelligence For the Analysis: What a Businessmen Can Do is, He Can Get the Other Materials That Are Applicable Along With the Company in the Appearance of this Formal Shoes, Now the Customers Coming to Buy The Formal Shoes For that Company Can See the Related Products to that Company and They May Be tempted to Buy Them as Well. Now This Will Definitely Increases the Sales and Profits to that Company.

Why MSBI is important for Every Business

Advantages Of MSBI:

1) Self Service Business Tool

2) Complete Use of Ms-Excel Features

3) Score Cards and Dashboards

4) End to End Business Solutions

5) Applications of Data Ware House

Recommended Audience:-

1) Developers

2) Project Managers

3) Analytical Professionals

4) ETL Professionals


It is Good to Have Knowledge on Data Bases. But it is Not Mandatory and there is no necessity for the Knowledge of Programming Language.

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