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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2021-03-31
Latest trends of Business Analyst Salary in India 2021

Today, many giant business entities across the globe are working with changing trends in the IT sector. Business Analysts are the major support behind these businesses that offer data-driven decision-making & problem-solving practices. Along with the growth of industry business, the perks and salaries also affect the people working. Business Analyst plays a key role in bridging the gap between the IT and business verticals of any enterprise. The recent growth in BA career is the reason for changing business trends as they are realizing the needs of business strategies. In this regard, a Business Analyst salary is also one of the major reasons behind the growth of this sector.

In this blog, I am going to explain to you the latest trends of ‘Business Analyst Salary’ in India in 2021. How the Business analysts play a major role in the business growth and making great strategies, etc. are the points behind here. 

Generally, a business analyst uses data analytics for deciding business needs, estimate the processes, and provide valuable suggestions & reports to the stakeholders concerned. They engage with many business leaders in order to improve efficiency through data-driven decisions. All these things are the matter of utmost importance that a Business Analysts do. Thus, their payment or the “Business Analyst salary” also very high compared to other services in the IT industry. Due to they help to drive business smoothly, they are paid such huge emoluments.

Hence, this is the basic intro of a Business Analyst and his major work ethics. Let us move further to know roles and responsibilities and the key points that a fresher BA should know. Before moving to that, once we will focus on the Business Analyst Salary trends in the current era.

Business Analyst Salary in India

In this section, we will study the latest average salary package for a Business Analyst in India depending upon the position they work in an organization and the locations they work in. Also, we will know about the major companies that pay the highest emoluments to the Business Analysts in India as per the listings posted on Glassdoor and other websites.

Business Analyst Salary

On average, the Business Analyst Salary in India is around INR 683k and it ranges from INR 300K to 1290K. Depending upon the skills, experience, and location it varies. A senior Business Analyst Salary may be more than a fresher or semi-experienced BA gets. 

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There are many major giants in the IT sector such as Accenture, Cognizant, TCS, Delloite, Wipro, Capgemini, HCL, CSC, etc. They pay a wide range of salary to the Business Analysts for their services in the companies. Let us know which company pays how much amount as a Business Analyst Salary. 

The company Accenture Technologies pays INR 721K p.a.

CTS-Cognizant Tech Solutions company pays INR 723K per annum as Business Analyst Salary. 

HCL Tech pays INR 530K and the Wipro Technologies pays INR 592K as salaries per annum. 

Similarly, the graph goes down with the change in a company such as TCS pays INR 700K, Delloite pays INR 650K p.a. The company CSC pays around INR 602K p.a. as salary to the Business Analyst. 

Senior Business Analyst Salary in India

The average Senior Business Analyst Salary in India is around INR 990K p.a. As it is a crucial role for any business entity. A Senior BA has different types of responsibilities that often become complex with myriad issues of business enterprise. They need to have a great business mind with good assessment power to comprehend and process the huge information related to business needs. Moreover, they need to understand the key challenges much faster and could be able to make smart decisions. It helps the company thrive further with smoother business prospects. 

Furthermore, a senior business analyst must know the strengths and weaknesses of the organization and give better suggestions in order to improve efficiency. This is one of the major and key components for a senior BA. After making suitable suggestions to the organization, the BA must review them and make edits to the specific needs. Along with these, he should involve in reviewing business processes and his suggestions to make sure that his views are possibly successful. 

Moreover, they develop a specific business model and functional specifications with good design details for an entity. This requires a special amount of skills and knowledge than any other has. The Senior Business Analysts take great complex/challenging projects than the Juniors or less experienced BAs take up. It makes their job much complex and difficult one but they ultimately drive great business ahead. Also, they assist the management in those project’s monitoring, maintaining deadlines, and smooth running of work. Finally, they aim to deliver quality services to their clients.

For this, a company pays a very huge amount towards Business Analyst Salary. Having more than 15 years of work experience as BA they can earn INR 12 Lacs per annum in pay.

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Fresher Business Analyst Salary

At an entry-level Business Analyst career, the business analyst salary lies between INR 340K to 500K per annum. This salary range is for the BAs who have less than 1 year of work ex. As the work experience and skills increase the pay package also increases. A business analyst salary could range up to INR 520K+ per annum with a work experience of 1-5 years. Those who have more than five years of experience then they can earn up to INR 830K per annum. 

Business Analyst Salary in Delhi

A Business Analyst Salary in the New Delhi area goes up to INR 600K per annum. This range may increase up to INR 1250K per annum also.

Business Analyst salary in Bangalore

All we know that the Karnataka city Bangalore is the IT hub of India and many major IT jobs held here. Every day there we can see a huge number of IT job listings for this city including Business Analyst. Hence, Business Analysts of this IT hub city is the highest paid IT professionals. Moreover, they earn on average INR 650K in Bangalore, KA as a Business Analyst Salary.

Business Analyst Salary in Hyderabad

In Hyderabad metro city, the Business Analyst Salary ranges up to INR 680K annually which also increases with the experience. Further, it may go up to INR 1305K p.a. Depending upon different factors like skills, experience, and knowledge.

Business Analyst Salary in Chennai

The Chennai-based Business Analyst Salary ranges more than average that earned in other cities. Also, the city has the majority of people with a lot of technical skills and experience. On average, the Business Analyst salary in Chennai is around INR 775K annually. Similar to Hyderabad city, the salary range may go up to that level with the improvement in skills and experience. 

Business Analyst salary in Kolkata

On average an IT professional like BA can earn up to INR 620K p.a in Kolkata. It also may increase to INR 800K per annum in Kolkata city.

Business Analyst salary in Noida

Based on the studies of different websites regards BA salaries, a Noida-based Business analyst earns around 40K/per month.  The cities near Noida and the UP region reveal a similar salary range for a BA. 

To cater to the different needs of a business that are dynamic, traditional methods are not sufficient. Here comes the Business Analyst to rescue businesses from complex functions. He provides a way of profitable business by applying his skills, agility, and strategies,

Thus, we have gone through the different cities and the companies that provide good pay as Business Analyst salary. Now, let us move to know the skills required to become a BA along with his roles and responsibilities.

How to Become a Business Analyst?

To become a perfect Business Analyst a simple bachelor’s degree is enough and post-graduation will be added benefit. After that, you can gain some experience in the analytics field, get knowledge of business reporting, documenting, business analytics tools, etc. Become an expert user of MS Excel, PPT, Word, MS Outlook, etc. Later, gain a Business Analyst certification from any platform that offers the best BA certification programs. Along with that, he can also gain experience in learning SQL, Oracle, BI tools, etc. which will be an added advantage.

After getting certified you can start with entry-level jobs in the BA field where there are a number of companies that offer internships too. 

In this way, you can become a successful Business Analyst and can earn decent pay also. 

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Roles and responsibilities of a Business Analyst

There are numerous roles and responsibilities that a Business Analyst needs to perform within an organization. Let’s have a look at them in detail.

  • A perfect BA needs to evaluate the business processes to locate the various needs.
  • He needs to make assessments to improve the areas of business and apply solutions.
  • The BA should analyze the various processes and come up with some good optimization strategies.
  • He must know the automation process to automate the various functions and existing processes of the business.
  • A business analyst should also gather valuable info from the stakeholders to develop insights and reports.
  • He must document the information he gathers and presents the ideas of system improvement.
  • Moreover, he should be familiar with the latest changes in technology and adapt them. 
  • He should work with the IT department of the business along with their clients to get more insights.
  • Cost-efficiency and resolution allocation should be maintained by a successful BA.
  • He should communicate well his ideas, plans to the various business departments to get a 360-degree approach.
  • He must check that the overall business processes are updated or not according to the current needs. BA has to work out always on the latest business strategies to improve business up to the next level in the competition.
  • Also, a professional Business analyst should possess all the required skills that an experienced person has. 

Hence, these are the major roles and responsibilities that a Business Analyst must perform in every business. 

Final Thoughts

Thus, you’ve gone through the Business Analyst Salary prospects and the key skills that a BA should acquire. Moreover, you also got the idea of major roles and responsibilities that a BA should have. To become a successful Business Analyst all that need is a good state of mind with active skills. All this can make you a better BA in the existing IT world. To become a qualified Business Analyst just get into the Business Analyst Online Training program with the IT Guru platform. Here, you can expand your existing knowledge and skills.