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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2021-06-10
Top Business Analyst skills required to upgrade in 2021

Today business analytics is in most demand for every growing business. To upgrade business according to current trends strong analysis is needed. For this purpose, Business Analysts are appointed who help to bridge the gap between IT and Business within an entity. A business analyst is a person who involves in analyzing data and provide better solutions for the growth of the business. There are certain Business Analyst skills in demand that they need to acquire for better performance. 

Hence, there is a great demand for these BAs in the present IT market. These skills help them to become experts in this field and also they can make a good career. 

In this blog, I am going to explain to you the most demanding business analyst skills in detail. Let us go deep into this section to understand the various BA skills.

Business analyst skills in demand

A Business Analyst needs to perform multiple tasks with lots of ideas sharing with others. Moreover, these business analyst skills include both technical and non-technical which makes him a complete BA. Let us discuss these most demanding BA skills in detail.

Understand business goals and objectives

This is one of the top business analyst skills in demand that helps him better understand the business objectives. Every business entity has certain goals and objectives that give potential to perform its operations. 

A business analyst should be able to understand the varied goals and issues within the enterprise. He should make a proper plan with suitable solutions to overcome identified business issues. Also, if he has the domain knowledge for which organization he is working, will be an add-on. This helps him to make faster deliverables with great improvement. 

Hence, they should understand the business motive as a first and foremost step. Moreover, sometimes a BA also requires to work towards the change in a business phase with the motive to enhance sales, increase production, and also improve revenue. 

Business Analyst Skills

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Programming skills

Generally, a BA has to deal with some coding and data. Hence, coding skills are also one of the essential Business Analyst skills. Coding languages like R and Python are useful to deal with big data analysis with simple code writing. They include a large number of useful libraries and packages for data changing, analytics, and visualization. Also, the knowledge of statistical software like SAS will be an added advantage for a BA. 

Moreover, the knowledge of DB skills is also important that helps him to deal with DBMS systems. There are some other languages like SQL and MySQL that help to extract and modify data. BA needs to have the following language and DB skills such as R, Python, SQL, Oracle, My SQL, etc. With the help of these coding skills, a BA can build different business models for making good predictions. 

Thus, these business analyst skills help him to gain expertise in coding and technical knowledge.

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Analytical thinking

A business analyst is required to think analytically and also critically to analyze, translate, and define a client’s needs. He should focus on gathering and comprehend the different business needs of the client and use multiple options to make a decision. Hence, these skills help him to reach the defined business targets on time. Even if there are certain limitations, he overcomes them with these analytical skills. 

Along with this, statistical skills also help a business analyst in a great way. The essential stat skills like permutations and combinations, sampling techniques, distribution testing, etc. are most useful.

So, critical and analytical knowledge of various things helps them to prioritize different business needs. 

Communication Skills

The next in the list of business analyst skills is the most important one- communication and interpersonal skills. Hence, a business analyst should be able to communicate clearly with the stakeholders and clients with regard to their needs. He uses different comm skills and different levels of business management for different areas. 

Moreover, BA is expected to have good written and verbal skills to share ideas, facts, and thoughts with business leaders.

Also, these skills and knowledge will give great confidence to BA while conducting high-level meetings. It also helps in the alliance of different teams easily without any mistakes. 

Negotiation skills

For a successful business analyst, negotiation skills are a must and should. This comes next in the list of different business analyst skills. These negotiation skills help BAs at every phase of a project. Based on the negotiations made with others, helps to determine the exact needs and priorities of the business.

With the progress of a project, negotiation skills play a crucial role in deciding the functional aspects of the business. These aspects also fulfill the needs that desired. They also help in taking some technical decisions based on the business needs.

Being practical is important to put one’s thoughts before others. Then only people will believe and agree with you if you have feasible solutions with practical knowledge. 

Moreover, it is useful in the assessment of costs and benefits associated with the project. Hence, whenever an enterprise undertakes a new project, a business analyst uses the cost-benefit analysis to forecast whether to start with that project. It includes various aspects that help to assess the profitability or the expected gain from the project work. 

Decision-making skills

These skills are also of high priority among the various business analyst skills. Making a good decision directly or indirectly impacts the business in various ways. A business analyst should be able to make great decisions based on the different business aspects. 

He should interpret the issues that come in and locate the alternative business approach before making any decision. Also, he should test these approaches and finally make the decision out of the different thoughts. After testing them properly he has to implement those solutions for the improvement of the business.

Once the decision made by him will impact the business and its ops greatly. So, BA should be careful while putting his decisions in a meeting without prior analysis. 

Thus, having these skills will take the business analysts’ career to some great extent. 

Data visualization skills

Having the data visualization skills a business analyst can build meaningful digital presentations through transforming the raw data. These business analyst skills help them to assist their clients in understanding the data and making their decisions based on their needs. 

Besides, there are different data visualization techniques that BA’s use. Such as scatter diagrams, plots, area diagrams, line graphs, and many more. 

In this regard, popular visualization tools like Tableau, Qlik Sence, Power BI, etc skillset may help BA in a broadway.

Reporting and Documentation

Building reports and dashboards along with proper documentation of data are necessary for every business. These reports are escalated with the higher authorities and management for further decision-making. BAs are required to develop reports and document them based on their analysis. Further, this process helps them to put their point clearly while in a client’s meeting. The reporting and documentation support BAs in a great way while presenting to impress clients. In this regard, knowledge of tools like MS Excel, PowerPoint, etc is helpful.

Presenting a detailed report with good examples will help management to understand the trends well. They could make priority decisions based on these reports and analysis done.

MS Excel

This is the basic, oldest, and highly useful among the other business analyst skills. MS Excel is one of the oldest analytics and reporting tools. This helps BAs to execute several calculations, budget and data analysis, etc to provide business trends. 

Excel is also useful to make pivot tables, different types of charts, etc to produce the dynamic reports associated with business issues. Moreover, it is useful to build different revenue development models, etc based on customer predictions. 

Also, BAs can use Excel for calculating discounts provided to customers based on their monthly purchase volumes. They can summarize and divide the product revenue based on the customer focus. Through this, they can put focus on building a strong relationship with those customers of the particular area. 

Thus, this skill should be given priority among the various business analyst skills. Because it is a basic skill and anyone can learn easily without prior experience or knowledge.

What does a Business Analyst do?

The major role of a BA within any organization is to improve its processes and systems for better results. The role of BA is very crucial in every business unit that makes it strong to tackle various issues. He has to diagnose the business system throughout the corners and provide solutions to the issues. Also, he has to build several business models based on the different analytics. 

He has to take care of everything thing starting from analysis, report generation to final decision-making support. Thus, he should assist clients and stakeholders in every area of business to suggest to them the best solution. In this way, he helps to improve and scale business to a great extent. He should have different business analyst skills mentioned above with high priority. Besides, these skills only help him to improve himself along with the business.

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Summary of Business Analysts Skills

Here is a quick recap of the above business analyst skills in brief.

Good verbal and written comm skills.

Good decision-making and analytical knowledge. 

Powerful organizational skills.

Moreover, he should have good management and practical skills in business ops.

Goal-oriented and problem-solving savvy.

The business analyst skills must include better presentation, reporting, etc skills.

Good stakeholder analysis skills. 

Little coding and good negotiation skills.

Perfect in using various tools and techniques. 

All these skills and knowledge help BA to build a strong portfolio of business and help management to improve the core areas. These varied business analyst skills help businesses to improve their performance with the right decisions. 

Also, BA should be ready to tackle any challenge in business with great confidence. This is through adding his extraordinary skills to solve. He can generate good revenue for the business according to the current market trend using his skills. 

Final words

This is all about the top business analyst skills and their different aspects that may help to upgrade you in this era. Based on these skills and knowledge you can make a good career in the BA field. The growing demand for BAs requires these skills to have which will provide good weightage to their potential. BA can help a business to grow up to an extreme level with his various skills. This makes business enterprises give priority to hiring skilled BAs. A person having a degree in finance, accounts, or business administration can learn business analyst skills easily. 

BA should prepare well-designed reports and dashboards based on his findings and consults with other teams. This brings him the confidence to put his thoughts on the business improvement. 

Hence to get more practical knowledge and updates on BA, get into the Business Analyst Training with ITGuru. The industry experts with business analytics and other skillsets will help you get clear knowledge of what a BA is. Stay tuned for more updates in this space and keep learning.