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Post By AdminLast Updated At 2020-06-11
Who is a Junior Business Analyst? 

A Junior Business Analyst is a person who works with project groups, and senior business analysts to ensure the Products or applications being developed, and he send the issues to the end clients.

Generally, Data Analysis is one of their top duties, and they report your analysis to the senior experts and engineers. Their Job Roles cover combining frameworks data, examining how projects influence business results, and giving a review to designers working away at the output.

Who is Junior Business Analyst?

1. How to Become a Junior Business Analyst?

To turn into a Junior Business Analyst, you need Graduation certification in business, data technology, or a related field. Also, a certificate in business Analysis (BA) shows the managers that you are qualified.

Different capabilities include experience working, in either data innovation or business. Techniques in sales, client administration, Product handling, and quality confirmation can prompt a project as a business examiner.

A JBA needs critical thinking aptitudes, correspondence, and arrangement abilities, and finds information about the business or industry, in which you work to be fruitful in this Project.

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2. What Abilities Are Needed for Entry-Level Business Analyst?

a)Critical thinking:

The primary employment of a Business analyst is to manage, issues and suggest suitable arrangements. You would give a post identified with dealing, with the minor issues in the task.


As this profile is of a go-between various offices, you will continue speaking with cross divisions. Along these lines, for this, you have to exhibit fine composed and verbal relational capabilities.

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3.Executive Skill:

Generally, a JBA is regularly engaged, with different divisions and needs to shuffle everyday Projects and tasks to guarantee smooth techniques. This combines understanding customer calls and getting them, going to group rallies, performing ad-hoc assignments, and dealing with the Setup in general.


Anyway, most managers may not Specially specify this one, it is basic that you have great Research abilities.

Today research becomes a necessity for every business entity that makes it different from others. Moreover, the data is growing more than expectations on a daily basis which requires doing the research before applying anything.

So BAs are expected to conduct thorough research of the current market trends. This helps the business to survive with good profits for the long term.

4.Specialized Skills:

Most of the JBA part is engaged with business divisions in a team, he should have a Rule capacity to fulfill Data.


A JBA runs many commands or needs to work in a Tight climate. To lock the work stays plain, you should make fitting choices.


This is a must to have a drift for a Business expert, as it helps in watching the case and collect inventive answers for the issues.

5.Expository Skills:

At the point when you handle this job, it is basic that you have a symbolic skill. This unites sense on the issue, analyzes it, uses an intelligent and logical way to deal, and gets an Easy plan.

6. Below are some of the Expository Skills:

1.Knowledge of Microsoft applications, Word, Visio.

2.Solid client tie-up skills.

3.Past Analysis experience (Business or Technical).

4.Particular Writing experience.

5.Software handling experience.

6.State/Media industry experience.

7. This is a multi-job where you report various partners all through a project life cycle.

Communication skills

A Junior Business Analyst needs to have good comm skills also along with the above. He should be able to share his knowledge with different stakeholders and clients directly. Also, he should be superb in documentation and reports for the data he gathered which makes him more superior within the entity. 

Good comm skills will help Jr BA to contact different business leaders, stakeholders, etc to discuss things well. 

Listening skills

Good listening skills are one of the important components of a junior Business Analyst’s skills. He should be able to grab the whole information after listening to the leaders, management, stakeholders, etc. Moreover, these skills help the BA to analyze the whole information thoroughly before he makes any document. Through this, he can easily specify the business needs. Also, he can improve his contacts well. 

Also, listening properly to the presenter, a BA grabs the actual context behind it. A junior business analyst observes the voice, tone, and body language of the presenter of information. This makes him understand the message clearly that is conveyed. 

Junior Business Analyst salary

Business Analysis is one of the core business practices within the business entities and IT sector. It helps to understand the changing business needs as per the latest trends and assess the impact of such changes. Moreover, these include analyzing, documenting, report writing, and discussions with stakeholders, etc. 

Hence, the Junior Business Analyst can earn handsome packs of salary in his career path. A Jr BA can earn on an average Rs 25-30K p.m. as his initial salary which depends upon his qualification and skills. It also depends upon the different roles and entity size and its operations.

An experienced jr BA can earn up to or more than Rs 600K p.a. in India. Different companies offer different salary range depending upon their ops and projects. At the entry-level, a Jr BA can expect a salary range between Rs 300K-500K p.a. as per the IT companies. 

As the experience level increases the salary may expectedly grow up to more than Rs 500K p.a. Thus, a Junior Business Analyst can expect good pay after attaining the required skills for the role. 

Future scope of a junior business analyst

There will be seamless growth in the BA role in the IT industry in the coming years. Today many companies are investing more in Business Analysis to achieve their goals and objectives with accuracy. Moreover, a junior business analyst has a vast scope in IT sectors and his updated skills may take him to a high level. The BA career is among the top-paying jobs today with the highest salaries. 

Both IT and E-commerce companies in India are paying good and decent salaries to Business analysts. This is a kind of techno-functional role which makes a person climb the ladder of success in the long term. Since it is a multi-faceted role so it can give you a rewarding career with good financial stability. Moreover, one can expect good professional growth as a junior Business Analyst

BAs can help organizations in different ways to achieve their objectives and goals in a profitable way. Their skills, knowledge, and understanding of business trends, etc help businesses to grow well. 

Thus, there is a huge scope for the BA profession across the IT sector in this world.

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I hope you have gone through the different ideas of becoming a Jr Business Analyst. You can expect a good position after getting certified in the BA career program. Also, there will be a growth in the pay of a Jr or Sr. BA by 12-17% in the coming days. The increasing demand for business analysts totally depends upon the qualification, skills, and experience of the BAs. BA should have all the skills that a business entity generally requires. Moreover, he is expected to perform at a great level depending upon the position he is hired for. 

Hence, to get more information on BA career and its various aspects click through the Business Analyst Online Course with ITGuru. This learning may help you get your BA career a successful one.

I think our blog, said very well about Junior Business Analyst, they have to update their skills and they require more skills, to survive in the IT world. In upcoming blogs, we will update more data on this topic.