How to Become a Android Developer
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If your wish is to become an android Developer, it is easy and simple task. When you have a passion, Interest towards Development. I cannot offer you short cut methods, but our team OnlineITguru will offer you a 30 hours course if you are interested in training. Or you can follow my blog How to Become a Android Developer.

Know the Tools

Generally, You can do Android programming on Windows, Mac and Linux. Every Development App is Free. Furthermore, the thing you have to do is Download latest version of Java SE after that download SDK.  In addition this Include emulator, code libraries and best command lines for Developing.

As an illustration, Eclipse designed for Mobile Development Dashboard for Developers. It Integrates SDK. Eclipse is a free tool for them and you can get it from Java website. Moreover it is best text edit tool, which offer many features, and contain API documentation, package organization, syntax highlighting and many more. Do not miss to add development tools plugin. For Instance by using ADT with the help of eclipse, it designs android application development and easier benefits like UI Editor and debugger.

Get Java self-Paced free from OnlineITGuru

Every program or ap is designed by using Java. A strong Java programming is needed for designing apps. Generally, in the concept of object oriented programming, parts of program is divided into real world. As an instance if you take an game enemy and player are objects.

Know what API is?

When applications are designed in Java programming language. API adds completely latest packages to commands. With this package, you can write script that controls each thing from voice recording and on-board camera. If you have tough commands, then you can implement the hardware and options with devices in your mobile applications.

Grasp what is life cycle?

Designing web and desktop applications is different from designing an mobile application. If you take desktop applications, the OS manages other apps. Coming to android coding it depends up on you. For instance, if you write a program for text messages, how that reacts with end user and everything.

Power your App

Especially Scripting first application looks difficult. However, it is easy and simple when you execute them. At the same time Code your application in many iterations, initiating with foundation features and enlarging its capacities with every exit. Equally, Important Test and debug when you make sure, that your app works in every situation. In the meantime, Testing finished on exact device and emulator.

Promote Your Application

Create android app, upload them in some third party app stores. Specifically you can upload in official store by registering in their website.

Why Developers have Big Potential?

Finally this platform has more than what you want. Because android OS is in first place, when compared to other mobile operating systems. According to LinkedIn, the average salary of developer is $85,000 and In addition, it depends according to area and location.

Google Android Developer Certification

Especially this Exam is designed for testing the skills of junior level Developer. At the same time, you should have prior knowledge on education, self-study, or you should might have already worked as developer in past. In the same fashion go through the Exam content, before going to write the exam.

Google Study Guides

Generally, you can make use of Google study guide, at the same time for the Google associate Android Certification exam. Most important this Guide shows the best areas for Individual preparation. In particular, we have links that suggested for web-guided study resources. Simultaneously, you have to make a note that only tiny part of what is available on web, moreover we update you for additional research.

Study Guides are:



Data Management.

User Interface.


Mobile web Specialist

Generally, Mobile Web Specialist Certification will test your skills, in updating Mobile web. Specifically you have to write the code to promote that you have special web skills. Therefore, you can design offline basic experiences. By getting a mobile web specialist certification. To enumerate in the same way, you can be aside from yourself by web developers and promote skills that you require to design elastic web applications with online education from OnlineITGuru.

As a matter of fact, these are the best-known facts about development certification. If you have any doubts, you can contact OnlineITGuru team for more updates and get best online training.

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