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Selenium is a combination of web browser automation tools for automating browsers on many platforms. It used for automating the web applications for many checking reasons. Many vendors support it and it is the core technology that used for other type of API. With guidance of browser automation tools and automation checking frameworks. Selenium mainly runs on many browsers, operating systems, selenium framework and programming languages for controlling it. You can automate many web depended administration works. In our blog what is Selenium testing, you will find the best methods used in auditing.

Types of selenium screenings

Functional Testing

Generally Functional screening is a part of selenium testing, for examining the software applications according to the business needs. For ensuring each feature as that expected. Just like the users focused on functional examining depends on the Clients View. For confirming the minimum coverage and decreasing the risk of potential threats and Bugs. Functional checking is nothing but black box trail, where the quality assurance experts concentrate on software testing. As a result that is without any code design and Structure.

Regression Testing

First, we have to reset total methods for regression examining, in that the total trails in evaluation bucket or suite re-executed. It is very expensive because it requires big resources and time. It uses the best selenium testing automation.


In the point of re-executing the total check suite, it is good for selecting the part of the trail suite that to be operated. The trail examples, that selected categorized into obsolete trail examples and reusable trail Instances. As an illustration the Re-usable trail cases is succeed by the regression cycles. In addition, the obsolete check Instances cannot used in implementing the cycles.

Selecting the analysis cases

You have to select trail Instances, that which have frequent defects. The functionalities with more and more visibility features. The trail cases who verify the core concepts of product. To illustrate check examples of the functionalities that went many recent changes, with complete integration trail Instances. Especially the Sample of failed trail Instances, successful check cases, boundary value evaluation examples, complex evaluation Instances.

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Smoke testing

The smoke auditing operated after the Software made to as certain some of complex functionalities of the program, which is working very fine. The process executed before any type of regression or functionality checks executed on software build. To enumerate In smoke examining, the check examples selected the most important functionality or a component of system.

Responsive Testing

Every time any user engagement, the topic of accessing compliance will considered. Many companies are struggling with many examples and examining when they operate evaluations like this. Considering many platforms and teams, in detail they require covering as a part of RWD website.

Cross Browser Testing

It is a type of functional examining to check your web applications that work as that expected in many different web browsers. The web applications are completely different. We can perform the cross browser evaluation , by using the selenium automation web driver; For example we can automate the evaluation examples by using the Internet explorer, Firefox and safari browser. For executing the evaluation examples, with many different set of browsers, in the machine, at the same time we can integrate the evaluating  analysis framework with the guidance of the  web driver.

Integration Testing

The general procedure for managing the selenium webdriver exams in the quality complete. You utilize the Unit examining. It is a combination of many unit analysis. That supported by analysis complete, Pyunit, PHPunit, TestNG, and Junit. In general settings the analysis with only one unit examining and analysis collection for your project. At the same time It also add the exact unit analysis model. IF you have a selenium tool analysis that designed by the Junit or the Junit Project.

Finally set and configure the project to operate your analysis.  For that Data on the configuration Settings, you have to see the required summary for operation. That is audit complete section. Operate the project item in analysis complete, in the same direction you can run other unit auditing. From the analysis complete user Interface or from a keyword quality or the audit script code. Design some part of project audit run by watching the Unit auditing.

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