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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-10-02
How to get certified in Pega CSSA

Pega CSSA or Pega Certified Senior System Architect is a certification exam for the CSA certificate holders. Pega CSSA is an option for Pega CSA to enhance their career to a bit extent. Those who want to learn about designing and development of Pega Applications that are reusable, scalable, and secure. Moreover, the Pega CSSA certificate makes sure about your knowledge and skills that make the difference. These skills enable one to design and develop Pega apps that fit to be deployed at organizations.

Earning a Pega CSSA certificate from Pega systems will add more feathers to a professional career.

Pega CSSA certification path

Pega systems offer learning platforms and devices that help to achieve a professional certificate in Pega CSSA.

The CSSA exam includes CSSA 72V1 and 74V1 types of examinations. However, the PEGACSSA74V1 is the first step towards the certification, or maybe you are going to attempt another round. By choosing this exam you can feel the challenge, the learning path, and preparing to pass the PEGACSSA74V1. If this is your first attempt then make your strategy to prepare well and clear. Moreover, this certificate could be the first step to a new high-paying job and an extraordinary career. There is a great community of Pega systems that helps you regarding FAQ on the exam.

In this exam, candidates are mostly tested on their ability in the following terms:

  • Analyze the needs to design and build various application components.
  • Apply the PEGA app design, case, and process design protocols and techniques to verify.
  • Verify the security and access requirements within an application.
  • Apply application debugging tools and features to check the errors within.
  • Data modeling and user interface, custom portal building.

Pega CSSA Exam and Modules

To clear the exam, you have to go through various modules that help to understand the principles of a CSSA.  The Pega CSSA exam includes around 60 Qs and with a timeline of 1hr 30 mins. Moreover, the passing criteria would be 70% in this exam.

Preparing for the Pega CSSA exam is a little tough in comparison to the CSA exam. Moreover, this exam tests your theoretical, practical, and administrative skills along with the technical aspect. If you have proper planning and dedication with the subject hold, then it won't be rocket science at all. Moreover, we provide you the necessary training on Pega modules where your preparation will be easier. Like the criteria of exam preparation, the topics need to be read, how much weightage will be given for each topic, etc. Those candidates searching to start preparing the exam need to know about each topic. And the level of reading the material requires & what are the available sources for getting those modules, etc.

Having all these things in one place, one can easily crack the CSSA exam. You can get the CSSA modules from the learning center as well or from Pegasystems.

If you want yourself to be certified in Pega CSSA, then enroll for the Pega CSSA Online Course through Onlineitguru.

Uses of clearing the Pega CSSA exam

There are many uses of clearing the Pega CSSA exam. The most important use of getting the certificate of Pega would be an increase in your market value. And you would be identified well among other participants. If you’re planning to switch your current job or company then also you would get the benefit from it. Moreover, if you are not planning to move then also your existing company will locate your capability as a highly-skilled person.

To attempt the Pega CSSA exam, one should have to register with Pearson VUE. They need to create an account there and get the exam schedule.

Pega certification cost

The Pega CSSA is an intermediate level course for App developers. This is built to provide app developers to enhance their knowledge/skill of app development on the Pega Platform.

The cost of the Pega CSSA exam and its results include the following;

  • Code of exam: PCSSA
  • Fee/price of exam: USD $175
  • Exam Duration/Time: 90 Minutes
  • Total Questions to Attempt: 60
  • Passing criteria: 70% of total marks
  • Format of exam: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

After passing the Pega CSSA certification exam, you will be able to do the following successfully:

  • Manage settings and configuration.
  • Build and enhance Pega apps.
  • Handle the data path between a Pega Platform application and other external systems.
  • Manage various rules and rulesets within Pega.
  • Design and implement different mobile apps for Pega Platform apps.
  • Manage the rule specialization and their reuse effectively.
  • Able to configure application security and user rights to prevent unnecessary access.
  • Moreover, manage proper data access within an application to avoid misuse.

Other certifications in PEGA

There are certain other certifications under PEGA that equally participate in the market along with PCSSA. These are the following;

Pega Certified System Architect

The Pega Certified System Architect (PCSA) career is the best path for developers and technical people to scale. Those who want to learn to develop Pega applications at ease, this will help. Moreover, this certification gives a baseline value to your knowledge and skill of the Pega Platform. This is the basic level certification in this regard. It includes;

  • Examination Code: PCSA
  • Cost of exam: USD $175
  • Timing/Duration: 90 Minutes
  • Total questions to attempt: 60
  • Passing criteria: 65
  • Format of Qs: (MCQs) Multiple Choice Questions

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Pega Certified Business Architect Certification

The PCBA certificate focuses on building the ability to work in the design and development of a Pega app. PCBAs consists of the fundamental and important skills needed for analysis, building, and developing business needs and particulars within the Pega app.

Moreover, the PCBA certificate is for BA’s who want to learn the technique of developing Pega apps.

After passing the certification, you will be able to do the following things.

  • Establish and manage reference data to allow applications to adjust to changing business criteria.
  • Specify Pega's direct capture of objectives approach to enhance the speed and productivity of application delivery.
  • Explain the benefits of using the Pega model-based application blueprint and development start.
  • Approve case data to make sure that user entries match the patterns exactly needed.
  • Design the life cycle of a case that displays the design business people to complete the work.
  • Locate the high-level responsibilities related to the Pega platform.

Pega Certified Lead System Architect

The PCLSA or Pega Certified Lead System Architect certification is the ultimate goal for Certified Senior System Architects (CSSA). Those who are ready to expand their skills and become part of an elite team having competency, PCLSA is better. And the sought after resources for Pega projects is also a part of it.

Therefore, you must be a Pega Certified Senior System Architect to earn this certificate and lead the game of IT.

Pega Certified Robotics System Architect

Another certification in Pega is the Pega Certified Robotics System Architect (PCRSA. This career path is for system engineers and software developers who are looking to extend their knowledge in robotic automation and workforce intelligence. Thus, this certification will give the maximum benefit of certification in this fast-paced environment.

As robotics and automation are a need in every sector, the need for certain professionals is also increasing. So, there is plenty of opportunity in this regard for every IT enthusiast.

The exam pattern for these certifications may be similar to the above certificate exams. So, no need to panic and prepare well. Get enrolled for the exams and check your ability.

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Preparing for Pega Certification

Any certification within the IT field needs proper planning and preparation to clear the exam. Especially in Pega, there are different modules depending upon the criteria we suit best. Anyone who wants to get a Pega certification and a good career have to plan his preparation. Prepare for the exam by taking up the course or training program of Pega certificate and tasks. Next, you will get certain dumps to perform the exercises until you get skilled and decisions are made.

Review the exam details like the syllabus, topics include, number of Qs, passing criteria, and exam cost, etc. Furthermore, take down the note of all things needed to finish the exam after enrollment.

Give a look throughout the concepts included within the certification exam. Essentially you need to be an expert in all the topics to clear the exam.

As a part of self-study, you can solve the practice questions and dumps in case you have PDN credentials.

Complete the exercises, practice papers included as part of PDN self-study. You will also get guidance from your online mentor.

Here, the second & third points are really helpful and useful while attending the CSSA exam. Mostly, 20-30% of the Qs are based on the concepts you get expertise upon. For this, you have to analyze/understand/apply the practical knowledge you gained from various concepts.

The final thing is you should be very confident while attempting the Peg CSSA exam. Don't panic or be afraid. If you fear it, then every answer seems to be correct for you. Read every question entirely, before answering or attempting.

Therefore, plan to complete all the questions well in time. Moreover, you should have at least 10 minutes in hand before you finally submit to review your bookmark questions.

Final Words

We have reached a conclusion in this blog on how to get certified in Pega CSSA. One should remember the basic points from enrolling in attending an exam. Thus, the above preparation plan and practice will help you to crack the Pega CSSA exam easily. Moreover, you can also attempt other modules depending upon the eligibility and your experience with Pega.

One has to prepare well on each and every topic, module, and other criteria necessary to clear the exam. To get a certificate with a good score, you have to be very cautious until the end of the exam. Get practical experience of learning from experts to clear your certification through Pega CSSA Online Training.