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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-11-06
What is new in the Pega platform 8.5?

Pega systems develop a complete software that supports the customer engagement and operations of the business. Pega mainly specializes in software like CRM and BPM areas. Thus, Pega is a leading BPM and CRM solutions provider in the IT industry. With the latest release of Pega platform 8.5, the mission of Pega has changed. This is in areas like end-to-end automation and engaging the people without any limitation. Pega platform offers cloud-based solutions that allow users to build apps much faster and quicker.

Overall, we can say that the Pega platform 8.5 version is much faster, user-friendly, and flexible too in usage. The major developments we can see here are the low-code app development and the express methodology. Both are much useful for users to get their tasks done much faster.

Let us discuss more in this blog about Pega platform 8.5. And also the benefits of using this version in business operations.

Pega 8.5 new features

The latest release of the new version has many features that come with new updates. The important features that we can see here are the a) Low-code app development & b) Pega Express methodology. Besides, these changes affect the users and developers very much with their new improvements. We will also come to know about how Pega platform 8.5 will support, and allow the Pega express in the business world.

There is only a little information about it that we are going to elaborate on in this article.

Pega Express Methodology-

The Pega express methodology is so important because it enables business enterprises to focus on their central business architecture. Here, it includes AI and other business rules that are built to operate businesses throughout various channels. The new version of the Pega platform offers to capture the various micro journeys directly into the system. Here, micro journeys refer to “Payment inquiry”, for example.

The Payment Inquiry within Pega is a kind of Microjourney TM under the Customer ServiceTM in financial services. This helps the customers by providing value to their payment inquiries. Moreover, it makes banking customers easier to get payment inquiries through different channels. These are web self-service and Web Chatbot.

Pega platform

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Web self-service

By using web self-service, customers can check payment inquiries when they get notification of a particular payment transaction.

The customer reviews the notification or message having the details of the payment received by the bank.

Any missing data within the transaction is proactively located and presented to the customer.

The customer finds that the probable inquiry regarding his payment is prefilled in the bank’s self-service channel while using it.

The Micro journey channels in Pega express enable banks to reduce the gap between the customer interactions through different channels and back-office payment inquiry process of banks. In addition to this, the channel also makes the communication simple between the several banking resources working for payment inquiry.

Thus, in the Pega platform, Express Methodology uses some different design techniques that help the developers and professionals to work easily. By following some best practices, they can design their tasks much easier and can directly use the App Studio. This system brings all the people together to collaborate like professional developers, IT management, etc.

Further, by developing this system in the Pega platform, the enterprises will become more robust, highly scalable. Moreover, the enterprise will be able to manage and engage many people across their development teams.

Low-code app development

Pega platform provides empowerment to businesses and IT alliance with future-proof architecture. In this regard, it renews the legacy systems and old components with new ones to speed up deployment. It also lowers the development cost of the software for enterprises.  This will enhance business productivity and the capacity to deliver products faster.

Due to lesser code usage, the developers can focus more on their core production areas of development. It will increase their work efficiency. They can be more productive and actively scale apps to function across enterprise.

Build faster using Pega in-built best practices

Within App, Studio developers can build scalable apps much faster with Pega Express methodology. It increases developer efficiency on a large scale. Using such a system and low-coding developers can work faster and reduce application time.

Powerful automation

With the latest change in the version of the Pega platform users can find powerful and robust automation within. This can simplify various processes and delivers smart results in a robust manner. Moreover, it also minimizes the cost, effort, and time in servicing customers with high scalability.

More flexibility to connect

The new feature of Pega platform 8.5 has more flexibility to connect and scale higher than earlier versions. It allows doing dynamic front-end experiences with new changes to the DX API. Further, it also allows connecting with more customers giving them better services. It will lead to better business prospects than earlier.

Case management

Pega platform 8.5 enables the business users to resolve their processes much faster with efficient, innovative, and time/cost-saving tools. It allows locating a relevant case approver with the help of business logic. Further, it allows getting approvals from email and push notifications. And also the users can deploy apps with automation for different processes.

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Cloud services

The Pega platform offers many cloud-services where users can subscribe to fully managed cloud services. It runs Pega infinity and Pega’s Apps-as-a-service in Strategic business. It owns and manages the cloud services and also provides his clients with a global service model. Moreover, it operates and provides services round the clock.

Decision Management

This is one of the major features of the Pega platform. It allows users to make action-based decisions by serving customers better and more interactively. Users can limit the active data flow running with the help of the Pega platform. Moreover, businesses can enhance their change management capacities through better decision management.


The Pega platform helps to leverage the low-code application development to build and customize mobile apps. By customizing mobile apps, users can enhance their brand’s visibility and value globally.

System administration

It saves time and cost for the system admin by providing the benefits of various options for managing systems operations and data. The benefit of upgrading is that the applications will automatically update with the version change. Further, the upgrade downtime also can be lowered with data schema improvements. Moreover, any issues can also be located with the queue processor.

Better User Experience

With the latest change in the Pega platform to version 8.5, Org’s can provide a better user experience to its consumers. In the newly built-on app in this platform, for Pega Sales Automation, includes the Cosmos design system. It’s a new system that added to the sales automation feature. Users can use it well now with the latest versions update. On the whole, users will get a better experience using this system.

Reasons to learn Pega Platform

In today’s business, the customer plays a very important role in its growth and development. Now, almost every business runs on the internet. The solutions for interaction between the business and the customer lie in the use of relevant software. But it’s a pity that there is much clumsy software that leaves buyers confused on the internet today. This is the place where PEGA enters into.

There is a need for a free flow of data and information within any entity. Time is always perishable and by monitoring it is found that most big-billion companies waste their valuable time competing to get exact information across the enterprise.

Make easier customer interactions

Always, the customer is the king in any form of business whether online or offline. Without them, the leads will not generate and sales will not come in. And without sales, business is destined to be a failure. PEGA platform makes all things easier for the customers; and this software is simple and straight-forward. Moreover, it makes the customer feel the manufacturer via an easy to follow interface while interacting.

Adapts to changing expectations

The customers explain their needs. These dictations may change many times without a number. Further, it is observed that many businesses are not stable when a customer demands a simple change in routine. In some big business enterprises, the whole system fall-down on account of a small change in the customer’s chain of demand. PEGA platform system is customized to help adapt to all possible change that the customer may propose any. Thus, it manages the desired stability in the business’s chain.

Build better relations

The distribution chain is very long before it gets to the final customer. The customer needs a digital-based human touch as much as possible within the allocation chain. Pega platform has the ability to use its technology in order to make the customer feel about his desired human touch in each step of his journey. In this whole process, a personal human relationship is developed. Thereby making the customer feel that having a rare sense of much-desired human connection in the digital allocation chain.

Long-life customers

Doing business in an analog way is unable to meet up with the demands of today’s customer and market. Thus, many companies have gone digital to stay relevant in their business and to the market. Most of these companies don’t have provisions for the human corner. Hence their customer base is drowning deeper as there is no other way around. 

Pega platform system has a place that offers operational excellence along with delivering a world-class customer experience. Using this system ensures that the loyalty of customers is retained for life for a business. There is nothing as good as that for the business that retains its customers for a long period as the business exists. Moreover, the Pega platform guarantees these things well.

Speed & Accuracy

Every business owner desires without any doubt that the distribution process is done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Moreover, it shouldn’t bear any extra cost to the company and the end customer of the distribution chain. All this becomes much clear when the system guarantees cost-effectiveness. The Sprint module within the PEGA platform is very fast and without extra cost to the business allocation chain at both ends. They are the company and the end customer.

People-based marketing

Based on the people only, any business, big or small is in existence. Therefore, any valuable marketing system should be based on people only. It’s been very difficult to link with the customer because of the inefficient chain include in the allocation network. Now, this is a thing of the past because the Pega platform has drawn up a new system. Whereby tools like “PEGA Marketing” mix with expert marketing services deliver a people-based service to the customers.

Designer thinking

Designer thinking is a human-based approach to problems with the aim of building an experience. This will make business interaction between the employers much smoother without any friction. Moreover, this system also saves time because it is a time-saving measure.

Robotic automation

There were headlines with us for quite some time that robots will soon take over the functions of human beings. This too within the allocation chain. And the same will leave the human being redundant and workless. In the meantime, the PEGA platform has gone ahead of the times with the inducing of their Robotic Automation (RA). In this approach, robots are useful to fasten the productivity of human labor. Further, every business desires to keep pace with trends in the labor market with changing behaviors. This will make them more successful to lead a better business.

Builds exceptional value

PEGA platform includes what it takes to build that exceptional value that is the dream of every business concern. The story of AEGON has a relevant reason for this approach. If the transformation or change their business goes through using this system is anything to go by. Then every serious-minded people and result in the slant outfit should launch it into their business chain system. Therefore, this system guarantees the desired success of the business. This will also enhance the customer base with a successful business approach.

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Digital transformation

There is too much publicity in today’s politics with large people involvement. Many people will promise to provide a perfect system that only leaves the customers lost at sea. Besides, there have been many complaints of failure on the part of some software to provide on the promise. But some of this software is much complex to understand for the users. In many areas, where the software looks very simple and easy to follow. But they actually don’t work when it comes to actual service delivery. So, users have to think before they follow anything.


Thus, we have gone through the Pega Platform 8.5 updates and features. This system gives the most useful approach for a business to make their customers happy. This too by providing better services and products. If the customers get happy, the business will automatically move on for a long time. Some more are there to update. So stay tuned in this space for more updates on this platform. Learn more from the expert’s voice by moving to Pega Online Training at IT Guru. This learning may take you to your destiny in a career.