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Post By AdminLast Updated At 2020-06-11
What is Pega 8.4?

Pega 8.4 is a Low code Application Development platform. It comes with Inbuilt Case management, Pega Cloud Choice, conversational channels, Data Integration, Decision Management, DevOps and with a low code mobile application, Security, System Administration, User Interface, and many more.Pega 8.4

In this new update, Pega made two important Case Life cycles. That is 1) Conditional paths in a case life cycle and 2) Modular life cycles for cases.

Now I will explain, these two updates in a detailed way.

1) Conditional Paths in a case Life Cycle

Generally, a conditional Path is a section in the life cycle of a case, which is a set on Real-Time Run Values. That is by mastering the Real-life Decisions, Similarly which causes a case to go with many paths.

By that, you can improve, the easiness of your application.

For Instance, you can examine the user, a Credit score in a mortgage loan case, to know that the case starts. With the Underwriting work or it needs more examination, by a loan Executive officer.

The conditional paths, are sequences in a process, that you can Quickly shift from the Sequence view of your case life cycle. To a broad view of Figure and Connectors.

If there is a situation, that you have to make a decision. You can use the view of your own selection. In the same fashion, For adding steps to every Conditional path.

Now we will go with the modular Life cycle.

2)Modular Life Cycle For cases

A modular life cycle, coordinates a flow of certain Events, into a logical part. That you can use simply to Refactor, Reuse, and Reorder. You can utilize certain stages, steps, and processes in case the Designer design a modular life cycle to define a case.

By getting the Events, in an Architecture way, you can create changes to your Designs that, which are Effective and quicker.

The Below Image shows you case-type events, that show how you can update and improve the modularity in a life cycle. I take the example of Job application case type.

As a matter of fact, It is simple and easy to Reuse and reorders certain steps, they are combined into Equal and related processes. For Instance, you can utilize, the Interview process in the approval section.

To make sure, that qualified users can go through an additional round of Interviews. You can move the background check, procedure to a step in the screening method.

So that Personal Data, is derived only when the job, history is related to the open position. You can manage, how many steps are in every method, how many underlying flows were designed, in your application is Decreased Dramatically.

To get a better sense of this Improvement, you have to compare how many numbers and types of flows. That was produced for the Interview process in Pega's old version. Single flow, in the same way, is produced in Pega infinity.

When we have to Design a modular life cycle, for the latest Case type. That is initiated by adding Stages and many other processes. After that, you can Refine, every process by adding the steps.

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Important Features of Pega 8.4

User Interface

In this Edition, you can produce a primary Navigation of Web UI.

Updated Interactions, with Data in tables, with a complete Table Toolbar.


You can Check Java Injection Errors.

There is an Option to Increase, operations in Key management Services.

You can import Certificates, simply without starting the Server.


You can Design, offline Applications by using the Pega Infinity Mobile client Interface.

You can update user Experience with Mobile applications.


Especially, You can Initiate Deployment Manager, in a Distributed branch, which is Dependent on Environment.

Moreover, Group Type Scenario tests in Suites.

Unit test with more rule types and they configure more activity Status.

You can reuse Existing Design Examinations.

Handling applications and test modifications, separately in the Deployment manager Interface.

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Technical Specifications of Pega 8.4

Devices Supported



Web-based Applications.

User Types


Medium Business.

Small Business.

User Support Types



Pricing Plans

Free Trial.

Quota-Based – We have to Contact Vendor.

Services offered by Pega 8.4


Marketing Analysis.

Business Analysis and many more.

Pega 8.4 system requirements

The following are the various system needs that Pega 8.4 version requires to install to support.

The first requirement here is the Intel-based personal computer or laptop having 2GB RAM free. Also, should be running the 64-bit version of MS Windows for supporting it. 

It should have 20 GB of free disk space for the below components.:

At least 5GB space for the downloaded files which you can remove later after the installation process.

5GB space for extracting.zip files which you can delete later after installing.

8GB space for already installed files which may increase in size as per the system’s usage.

Hence, these are the various system needs to install Pega 8.4 version.

Browser versions that support are as follows:

MS Internet Explorer (IE) version 9 or later

Mozilla Firefox version 5 or later

Google Chrome version 9 or later one supports this latest version of Pega 8.4.

Advantages of using Pega

The following advantages can be drawn for Pega depending upon its various uses.

It offers different frameworks for various domains that help to speed up the development process.

The features that support Pega very much are Notification, Routing, Assignment, etc.

Moreover, its responsive UI helps to build software products for various devices effectively.

Also, it has great community support for global Pega users.

It allows users to build logic that removes the manual touch by replacing decision-making.

Pega also allows us to build a fully customizable User Interface to interact with the systems easily. 

It allows background processing of different process flows.

Moreover, it provides support to both front and backend apps very well.

Further, we can also update the latest version of Pega whenever it is available for use and many out of box features also we can try to use.

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With the changing version of Pega in every release, we can see new changes in the platform. Along with this, the App Studio is also becoming more powerful that helps in the application configuration. The new features of the Pega 8.4 version are not only easier and faster to configure various simple business apps. But it also inspires the business users and developers to contribute more to app configuration through App Studio. 

Moreover, Pega 8.4 and further versions will try to add some more Cloud Computing features and services in future releases. Including fast development in Low Code, CRM, and Cloud offerings, Pega is also standing number one in Case management and BPM through a robust and powerful platform. Thus, it is on the move to become more powerful in the IT market with more functional releases. 

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Generally, these are the best-known facts about, Pega 8.4 in upcoming blogs, we will update more Data on it. You can use the Trail version of Pega 8.4 in the upcoming days.