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AWS interview questions

You are the right place, If you are looking for AWS Interview Questions and answers, get more confidence to crack interview by reading these questions and answers we will update more and more latest questions for you…

1. What Is AWS?

Generally What is AWS?-Amazon web services is cloud service provided from Amazon? This offers services in the method of Designing blocks. These Designing blocks start and move any applications in the clouds.

Regularly these Designing blocks are implemented to operate with each other, including the output, we can see in applications that are complex and Highly measurable.

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2. List the main components of AWS?

  • Amazon Route 53
  • Easy Email Service
  • Access Management and Identity
  • S3 or Simple Storage Device
  • EC2 or Elastic Compute Cloud 
  • EBS or Elastic Block Store
  • Cloud Watch

3. List out the different services offered by cloud computing?

  • PaaS
  • IaaS
  • SaaS

4. What Are The Components Involved In Amazon Web Services?

  • Amazon S3:
  • Amazon EC2 instance:
  • SQS:
  • Simple DB:

5. What Are The Main Features Of Amazon Cloud Front?

Amazon Cloud Front, AWS Shield, AWS net Application Firewall (WAF), and Amazon Route 53 work seamlessly together to create a flexible, superimposed security perimeter against multiple types of attacks as well as network and application layer DOS attacks.

6. What is Amazon EMR?

Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) tool for big data processing and analysis. Amazon EMR offers the expandable low-configuration service as an easier alternative to running in-house cluster computing.

7. How is buffer used in AWS?

Buffer is used to create equilibrium linking various apparatus and to provide identical rate among rapid services. A buffer will synchronize different components and makes the arrangement additional elastic to a burst of load or traffic.

8. Explain the types of instances available?

  • General purpose
  • Storage optimized
  • Accelerated computing
  • Computer-optimized
  • Memory-optimized

9. What is Simple DB?

A data repository or structure record that encourages data doubts and indexing to both S3 and EC2 are called as Simple DB.

10. Can I connect my corporate data center to the Amazon Cloud?


we can  connect by establishing a VPN(Virtual Private Network) connection between your company’s network and your VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), this will allow you to interact with your EC2 instances as if they were within your existing network.

11. What is S3?

Amazon S3, “Simple Storage Service”, is the cloud storage service of AWS. Objects appear to be files in an file system are accessible through HTTP. The objects are managed through the AWS REST API, with front-ends such as the s3cmd tool.

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12. What are the different storage classes in S3?

orage, you can store all of your data (pics, videos and document).

And for types, S3 doesn’t have types. It is a different storage medium.

STANDARD_IA—Use for your primary or only copy of data that can't be recreated.

ONEZONE_IA—Use if you can recreate the data if the Availability Zone fails, and for object replicas when setting cross-region replication (CRR).

13. What is an Amazon Red shift?

Amazon Red-shift is a columnar database (based on ParAccel’s engine AFAIK) that scales horizontally and allows you to store terabytes and petabytes of data.

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14. What is AWS Cloud trail?

Cloud-trail is a service offered by AWS that captures a log of all API calls for an AWS account and its services. AWS Cloud Trail, the user will be able to log, ceaselessly monitor, and retain account activity associated with actions across the AWS infrastructure.

15. What is AWS Lambda?

AWS Lambda is a programming management resource from Amazon Web Services that allows users to run code without provisioning for applications. AWS Lambda works on the principle of high availability, where vendors offer on-demand computing resources.

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16. What are the key components of AWS?

  • Route 53
  • Simple E-mail serve
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Simple Storage Device
  • Elastic Compute Cloud
  • Elastic Block Store
  • Cloud watch

17. Explain The AWS DynamoDB?

Amazon DynamoDB is a non-relational database service. DynamoDB is reliable and helps small as well as large firm. DynamoDB is a hosted NoSQL database offered by Amazon Web Services.This service is quite helpful along with the Amazon Cloud watch which helps to see the throughput along with the latency of requests for each DynamoDB table.

18. Which AWS services will you use to collect and process e-commerce data for near real-time analysis?

  • Amazon ElastiCache
  • DynamoDB
  • Red shift
  • Elastic MapReduce

19. What are the few examples of DB engines which are used in AWS RDS?

  • MariaDB
  • OracleDB
  • Postgre DB

20. What is VPC in AWS?

VPC stands for Virtual Private Cloud, it is virtual private network and is isolated from other virtual networks in your AWS account, we can launch EC2, RDS and Elastic Cache instances using our own created VPC.

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21. What are the components of Amazon VPC?

Amazon VPC comprises a variety of objects that will be familiar to customers with existing networks:

  • A Virtual Private Cloud
  • Sub net
  • Internet Gateway
  • NAT Gateway
  • Virtual private gateway

22. What is EBS?

Amazon EBS is like a hard drive in the cloud that provides persistent block storage volumes for use with Amazon EC2 instances. Amazon EBS provides a range of options for storage performance and cost.

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