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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2021-05-14
Oracle vs SAP: Which ERP software is better?

Giant companies with long-term digital IT strategy that grows rapidly often look for the leading ERP vendors like SAP, Oracle. ERP is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning, an integrated software suite for day-to-day business processes. It helps enterprise to manage their daily tasks relating to accounting, procurement, project management, supply chain, etc. in this regard, we are going to discuss the key distinctions between Oracle and SAP. In Oracle vs SAP, the two major ERP software packages, both have some similarities and differences too. 

Before going to dive into the distinctions of Oracle vs SAP, you should know what are they in brief. There are various myths about both products but here we have to know how we can use them.

Oracle is an Oracle relational database management system that focuses on managing online transactions and workloads. Moreover, Oracle provides a complete suite of cloud apps that delivers continuous latest updates with AI, NLP, IoT, etc. This helps to get updated for the business users with the changing markets and demand. Also, Oracle uses SQL programming language for its database management.

SAP is the acronym for Systems, Applications, and Products that helps customers and users develop useful apps. These apps help to observe the systems and provide better products to the customers. Moreover, the UI within the applications helps users to interact well with the systems and identify the bugs within. 

Hence, this is in brief about both ERP software packages in the Oracle vs SAP comparison. Now we will move further in this ERP software products comparison with some more key points. 

Oracle vs SAP comparison

There are a lot of distinctions between the ERP software systems in Oracle vs SAP. let us discuss the key points of comparison between the two.

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In Oracle vs SAP, Oracle DBM helps the enterprise handle the company’s various activities. Such as expenditure and other resource details in a perfect way and fetch the data when required. Hence, this process is not easier with SAP ERP. Because it does not include any database and works with the inbuilt apps within the system. Therefore, it is preferable to work with Oracle for the data management that has its own coding language.

Oracle vs SAP Difference

In another way to express Oracle vs SAP difference, we can say like this. SAP ERP software is based on the core functionality of the apps. Where Oracle is based on the different types of functions it could provide. 

The ERP software SAP mainly focuses on the capabilities it provides for different functionalities. It also doesn’t expand its functions. Furthermore, SAP HANA also has an AI-enabled system. But Oracle includes distinct functions and offers basic database functions to the various apps. Moreover, it has rich functionality that enables the application to cover the market than other apps in competition. 

The audit management is done perfectly using SAP software where it helps to organize the expenditure and documentation well. It makes all this easier with the production of instant reports. This software helps to store the data for the users for further usage. On the other side, Oracle doesn’t have such a facility, and users have to build reports using the application. 

Hence, there are some other points to cover in this distinction of Oracle vs SAP in the later section. 

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Oracle vs SAP pros and cons

Let us discuss the major pros and cons of Oracle vs SAP ERP software comparisons. The following points will help you to know the key areas of distinctions and advantages and cons too.

Advantages of Oracle

Oracle database has great advantages over the other ERP software. 

It has great database support that manages different database instances on a single server. In this regard, it offers the Instance Caging method that manages the CPU distributions on the server. It also runs the different database instances. 

Oracle supports the various methods and principles to achieve high-level performance.

Moreover, Oracle provides different types of versions/editions of its products that help users in different ways. Users can choose the edition according to their needs and capacity. Also, they can frequently update the changes in the editions as per the changing market needs.

Oracle Db will keep you updated with the latest version changes also to give you the best experience.

Furthermore, Oracle uses RAC or Real Application Clusters in order to provide high-availability of data. Hence, RAC has a good number of benefits over other conventional DBs. Such as load balancing, database scaling, data redundancy, and flexibility, etc. 

There is an availability of Recovery Manager in Oracle DB that recovers DB files while failure. Also, Oracle DB has online and archived backup support.

Also, through performance tuning in the database, one can achieve good results in faster data recovery and modification. This also improves the query execution time of the requests got along with the application process. 

Oracle DB has good portability where it can be ported with different types of platforms. 

Hene, these are a few advantages of Oracle in the battle of Oracle vs SAP. Let us check the disadvantages also of this ERP suite.

Disadvantages of Oracle

The major disadvantage of the Oracle DB is the complexity of this ERP software. In order to work with Oracle DB, it needs to have sound technical knowledge and ability. Also, it needs specialized skills to install and maintain this ERP software suite.

Oracle database suite is difficult to manage and more complex than a simple database system. Moreover, this is best suitable for large-scale enterprises only where they deal with a large amount of data. 

Small and medium scale businesses where data is comparatively low, Oracle usage is not better. Also, the Oracle database doesn’t have an attractive dashboard facility and users can’t integrate it with other apps as well.

Advantages of SAP

In the battle of Oracle vs SAP, the following are the advantages of SAP software.

Using SAP ERP software improves the management of the business with the proper control of the available resources.

Through a single ERP system, you can manage a large group of companies. 

Moreover, it has enhanced external and internal financial system that supports well.

Also, through the use of SAP ERP customer service also improves well.

Further, it also reduces operational and administrative expenses with real-time and accurate information. Thus, it is much cost-effective practice that informs management to control operations, production delays, etc. 

Besides, it prevents business users from data duplication and ensures transparency in data entries and record maintenance. 

Also, it improves the resource planning capacity of the users to put their customer’s attention at the core. For this, it offers different deployment styles. 

Moreover, this ERP suite is highly customizable, easy, flexible, and adaptable.

SAP offers flexible and attractive dashboards to build with easy drag-drop functions. Users will get interactive dashboards so that they can select from the various options. 

Disadvantages of SAP

The high cost of procurement and implementation is the major disadvantage of SAP ERP software. Also, it is complex in nature similar to Oracle DB.

Maintenance of software and updating it at regular intervals is also much expensive. 

Training costs are also high as after the implementation of software, employees of the organization who work on this need to be trained. Therefore, it needs highly trained professionals who can provide extensive training to the newbies or existing employees.

Hence, these are a few disadvantages of SAP software in the Oracle vs SAP comparison. Let us move on to know other factors that differentiate Oracle vs SAP software.

Oracle vs SAP market share

According to the recent reports, we could see that Oracle ERP has gained a good market share over SAP ERP. Hence, Oracle has marked around $10 BN in revenue with a 95% of profit over the previous year. Moreover, the cloud services and licenses support revenue also seen a tremendous increase. Oracle is rapidly growing with high profitability in value. 

SAP has addressed a little cut in the market share which was in dominance in the on-premise ERP market. Thus, SAP ERP is less competitive now in the market compared to Oracle as recent internet updates say. 

Oracle vs SAP salary

Every organization leads its business through efficient people working with full compatibility. Salary is the major part that plays an important role also in the strength of the employees working. Coming to the annual pay packages in Oracle, it is noticed that the overall salary is $164,940 p.a for IC-2. This pay also depends upon the level, efficiency, experience of the employee working within the organization. 

In SAP the annual pay is noted as around $107,500 for T-1 level employees and it goes on further as the level changes. All this information is based on the previous year’s data and it may change as per the current market. 

Let us look at some of the features of both ERP software in this Oracle vs SAP comparison.

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Features of SAP

The SAP ERP software also offers a good number of features that are as follows.:-

It provides an automation facility in driving human resource functions. For this makes sure of maintaining proper application streamline with accuracy in software data management.

The software has an in-memory platform that can store a good volume of data.

SAP ERP is also good in financial management with great accuracy in numbers.

Also, it can deal with sales, customer management, inventory, and production requirements.

Its analytics and reporting features are of great use for business.

Reporting and decision-making are also easier with this ERP platform.

Features of Oracle

In order to meet the requirements of powerful database management, Oracle provides the below features in Oracle vs SAP.

It offers high-level scalability and performance through RAC and portability features. But in a multi-level database, needs to control the consistency and concurrency of Oracle ERP.

The Oracle ERP has high data availability that is required for real-time applications in a high-performance computing ecosystem. Hence, data is made available all the time even in failovers and downtimes.

Moreover, data security is at the top of Oracle ERP where it provides different mechanisms for data access and usage. It provides proper authentication and authorization to users of critical data.

Furthermore, it has a good data backup and recovery mechanism. It can tackle almost all kinds of data failures and can recover in no time.

It also brings great customer satisfaction who uses this ERP software for various purposes. 

Hence, these are the most valuable features of Oracle and SAP ERP software in this comparison. 


This is all about to know in the Oracle vs SAP ERP platform’s distinctions. Both have a good level of benefits, features, and some cons also. While coming to select the one among the two then I would prefer the Oracle database. It is a database management product and includes a highly organized collection of data. Also, it not only performs well but also helps in authorizing, the authenticity of data, security, and capacity planning. Moreover, data recovery in the time of system failure in downtime is also a great benefit. Overall market share of this ERP product is also good and can raise more employability in the coming days. 

To get more idea of Oracle software in a detailed way, dive into the Oracle SOA Online Training with ITGuru. The industry experts here will help you to enhance your skills in this regard.