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Post By AdminLast Updated At 2020-06-11
What are the different Oracle Products?

Oracle is the largest vendor in serving various companies through different kinds of services across the globe. Today this vendor has become more popular in such a way that, it difficult to find the IT guy who was unknown to this vendor. And this vendor offers several products in developing an application for both backends as well as the front-end of the applications. Hence today in this article, I came up with the various Oracle products that it offers to its clients

Oracle products:

Since  Oracle offers the products in terms of hundreds writing all those in a single article is a foolish task. Hence I would like to discuss the popular products that most of the companies use today with its need and usage. And the following are the different products available.

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1.Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (HCM)2.Oracle Real-time application Cluster(RAC)3.Oracle Service Bus(OSB)4.Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)5.Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition(OBIEE) 

6. Oracle Business Process Management(BPM)

7.Oracle Human Resource Management System(HRMS)

8.Oracle Database
1.Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (HCM):

Prior to knowing about the Oracle Fusion HCM, let  us initially know about oracle Fusion

Oracle Fusion is a family of Software apps developed by Oracle. This product is specifically designed for the use of Business. More specifically for medium to the larger sized business. These types of businesses were selected due to the licensing of the software. Moreover, these apps were used in multiple areas. This includes BPM, CRM, Financial, procurement, Supply chain Management.

Here the users can adopt one(or) more of these modules and can run in their environment. This suite of apps can be installed and run on the company data center. In some cases, people host these applications and run them in a cloud computing environment. But the best advantage of this application is that some of these applications can be accessed by the smartphone (or) a tablet.

This Oracle Suite HCM contains the application of Human Resource Management (HRM). This product offers everything that is necessary for the organization. This framework is built from the bottom up to perform things better and to work best with the team. Moreover, this oracle product provides the necessary integrated intelligence, Social media tools, and mobile accessibility.

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2.Oracle Real-time Application Cluster(RAC):

In Oracle RAC, RAC stands for the Real-time Application Cluster. Hence prior to knowing regarding the RAC, let us initially discuss Cluster

A cluster is a combination of servers inadition to the resources that act like a single system. 

This enables high availability, load balancing, and parallel processing. Usually, any file stored on hard disk space can take up to one (or) more clusters of storage.

 In Oracle products, this RAC is the component of the Oracle 9i  database product. It allows the database installation across multiple servers.   W.r.t Oracle, RAC's shared disk method of clustering databases. It is responsible for increasing scalability.  Because here the servers can be easily added (or) subtracted to meet the current needs and lowers the cost.

In this RAC database system Configuration, we can join multiple hosts together.  For each host of the cluster, we lanch the oracle database. And this Database is the shared storage structure to provide the logical database object. Hence multiple database instances can provide common database access to all users. Moreover,  with this, companies need not buy the high-end servers and increase the availability (i.e if one fails, the other would resume the workload. The RAC architecture looks as below oracle rac | OnlineITGuru

3. Oracle Service Bus(OSB):

Oracle Service Bus (OSB) is a light-weight component of the messaging component of the Oracle SOA Suite. This Oracle product is formerly known as the AquaLogic Service Bus. It is a lightweight component of the Oracle SOA.  This product helps transforms the architecture through different activities. Such as by connecting, mediating, and managing the interactions between the services and apps. And it connects mediates and manages the interactions between the services and the apps as well as the multiple Enterprise Service Bus-ESB instances.

In addition to the basic routing and the transformation service, this OSB provides advanced capabilities for service abstraction.  Besides, it provides a communication backbone for transporting and routing messages across the enterprise. Besides, this software product is responsible for designing the high throughput and reliable message delivery to a variety of service providers as well as the customers.  In addition to the other datatype, it supports the XML as the Native data type.

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4.Oracle Data Integrator(ODI):

Oracle Data Integrator is a popular Data Integration Software Product here. This popular data integration software framework provides a new declarative design approach to define the data transformation and the integration process. This results in faster and simpler development and maintenance.  W.r.t the ETL Architecture, this tool not only guarantees the performance level but also the available cost-effective solutions.

On the basis of the ETL Architecture, this data integrator not only guarantees the highest level of performance possible for the execution of data transformation and the validation process but also the most cost-effective solution available today.

Its declarative design approach separates the declarative rules from the implementation rules.

Moreover, this architecture eliminates the need for a standalone server.  The Central component of this product is its repository. This repository stores the configuration information about the IT infrastructure, application metadata. project scenarios and the execution logs. This Open-source repository is easily accessible by apps. And it is responsible for project development, transformation, integration, and information redistribution.

5.Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition(OBIEE):

This system provides a single view of Business Intelligence performance. This product produces actionable insights from the top to the bottom of the business. A typical OBIEE implementation consists of multiple tiers. Here the information from the data source layer is transformed and integrated along the way. And this information is easily presented to the end-user that is easily consumable. These OBIEE versions include KPI alerts/agents for automated scheduling, dashboards, reports, analysis as well as scorecards.

Oracle BI is the central component of the OBIEE.  This query engine is responsible for the conversion of logical requests to physical statements and to execute the data sources. This is also responsible to generate the optimized queries. It depends on the business rules that depend on the business rules defined in the BI repository.

6.Oracle Business Process Management (BPM):

Oracle BPM Suite is a platform that provides a single design-time and a unified engine. This Software Product provides the unified engine for the processes, cases, rules, human tasks, forms, analytics, and integration. In this suite, the process range from simple to very sophisticated. All these can be easily designed, managed as well as deployed. This product is integrated with the Oracle web content and the Web Central portal.  Also, this suite provides support for human collaboration.

Besides, this tool also improves the process efficiency and quality by raising the utilization as well as the throughput. Besides, it increases the visibility of the process performance.  It does this by providing real-time analytics and simplifies compliance through transparent data. Besides, it increases corporate agility with flexible tools.

Besides this Software product helps enterprises to excel in process management. But many IT people say it is the most used and best user-friendly BPM tool available in the market. Moreover, there nothing much complex installation in this oracle product.  This BPM tool includes the user- friendly modeling and optimization tools.  And this tool suits best for the system integration, business activity monitoring dashboards, rich task as well as excellent reporting for the end-users. These tools ensure Business Collaboration and reduced the cost of total ownership.

Click the following link to know more on Oracle BPM [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuNsmUVdNnA[/embed]

7.Oracle Human Resource Management System(HRMS):

This is the major component of Oracle E-Business Suite apps. It is an integrated suite of all apps that supports all aspects of the HR function. It refers to the organization's software suite to manage internal HR functions. These functions include the payroll. recruitment, benefit, training, engagement as well as attendance. This software helps professionals to manage the workforce. Moreover, HRMS usually stores the company's valuable assets in front of the people who require them.

Besides this product enables the efficient management of the workforce data and supports all the standard HR Activities.  These activities include workforce organization, development, and measurement. All HRMS apps share the table in the software Database. This eliminates the data redundancy and reduces the possibility of error. Moreover, this framework creates a consistent record of every worker. Besides, this tool is also responsible for defining the human resource model. And that supports the enterprise structure as well as the policies.

8.Oracle DataBase (DB):

Oracle Database (DB) comes under the relational Database Management Systems. It is one of the most popular and used database engines. From here, the users can directly access the data. This oracle product has a fully scalable relational database architecture. In these Software products, users can manage and access the data across the wide as well as the Local Area Network. This database runs on multiple platforms. This includes Linux, Windows, Mac Os.

Moreover, this Database supports different versions on the basis of the requirement and the budget. The key feature of this architecture is, it splits the logical as well as the physical data. This database suit best for large-scale computing. Moreover, in this database,  the data location is irrelevant and transparent to the user. Moreover, it allows a more modular physical structure to add and alter. It does this without affecting the database activity.

SaaS products

Similarly, there are various SaaS products also available in this regard. SaaS or Software-as-a-Service is a cloud-based delivery model for various software products. In this, the cloud provider produces and manages cloud app software. Moreover, it will provide automatic software updates and makes it available for the customers and users to use. They also charge for this on a pay-as-you-go basis, which means it depends upon the software usage. The SaaS products that are available such as-

  • Oracle ERP- Financial Cloud
  • SCM and Manufacturing Cloud
  • EPM Cloud
  • Analytics Cloud
  • Data Cloud
  • HCM Cloud
  • Customer Experience Cloud, etc.

Hence, these products provide software services to different customers in different segments. The products offer financial services with the latest analytics and mobile technologies, supply chain management solutions, etc. Also, there is a virtualization process that includes network and server virtualization. Data and HCM product segments also form a broad area. In talent acquisition management, there is a new product or app developed with the name “Taleo”. It helps in managing recruiting areas. 

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Automation products OATS, a leading automation testing suite also helps very much to the customers. 

The most popular Oracle products are divided into different segments. These are database software, middleware software, and application software. These software products are useful for different industries and their operations. Besides, the introduction of cloud platforms had laid the foundation for these products. It runs the business management very smoothly and makes the usage of these software products much better.

Moreover, these products also provide better data integration, development tools, transaction processing services, etc. Ultimately they make the products a top one in the IT services market.


Hence likewise, there are many other Oracle products in the market. And this vendor goes on increasing the products in order to meet the customer requirements. All these products do have a specific usage in the IT industry. Follow this blog to get the latest products of various vendors in the IT industry. And you people can get the practical knowledge of these technologies from real-time experts of OnlineITGuru. Enroll today for the free demo of interesting technology.    

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