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DevOps Interview Questions

You are right place, If you are looking for DevOps Interview Questions and answers, get more confidence to crack interview by reading this questions and answers we will update more and more latest questions for you…

Before dive into this learn more about devops at What is DevOps?

1. What Are Adoptions Of Devops In Industry?

  • Use of agile and different development processes and ways.
  • Demand for associate multiplied rate of production releases from application and business.
  • The wide availability of virtual and cloud infrastructure from both internal and external providers;
  • Increased usage of knowledge center, automation and configuration management tools;
  • Increased concentrate on check automation and continuous integration methods;
  • Best practices on critical issues.

2. How Would You Explain The Concept Of “infrastructure As Code” (iac) ?

It’s a smart plan to speak concerning IaC as a plan and is usually noted as a programmable infrastructure, wherever infrastructure is perceived within the same approach as the other code. Describe how the traditional approach to managing infrastructure is taking a back seat and how manual configurations, obsolete tools, and custom scripts are becoming less reliable. Next, accentuate the benefits of IaC and how changes to IT infrastructure can be implemented in a faster, safer and easier manner using IaC. Include to the opposite advantages of IaC like apply in regular unit testing and integration testing infrastructure configurations, to maintaining up-to-date infrastructure documentation.

3. How Is Chef Used As A Cm Tool ?

Chef is taken into account to be one among the popular industry-wide CM tools. Facebook migrated its infrastructure and back end IT to the cook platform, as an example. Explain however cook helps you to avoid delays by automating processes. The scripts are written in Ruby. It will integrate with cloud-based platforms and set up new systems. It provides several libraries for infrastructure development that may later be deployed at intervals a software system. Thanks to its centralized management system, one cook server is enough to be used because the center for deploying varied policies.

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4. Why Are Configuration Management Processes And Tools Important ?

Talk about multiple software package builds, releases, revisions, and versions for every software package or test ware that’s being developed. Move on to elucidate the requirement for storing and maintaining knowledge, keeping track of development builds and simplified troubleshooting. Don’t forget to say the key CM tools that may be wont to accomplish these objectives. Talk about however tools like Puppet, Ansible, and cook facilitate in automating software package preparation and configuration on many servers.

5. How Devops Is Helpful To Developers?

there are fix the bug and implement new features in quickly. provides the clarity of communication among team members.

6. Name The Popular Scripting Language Of Devops?


7. List The Agile Methodology Of Devops?

  • DevOps is a process.
  • Agile is same as DevOps.
  • A separate group is framed.
  • It is problem-solving.
  • Developers managing production.
  • DevOps is development-driven release management.

8. Which Are The Areas Where Devops Are Implemented?

  • Production Development
  • the Creation production feedback and its development
  • IT Operations development

9. The Scope For SSH?

  • SSH is a Secure Shell which provides users with a secure, encrypted mechanism to log into systems and transfer files.
  • to the log out a remote machine and work on the command line.
  • To the secure encrypted communications between two hosts over an insecure network.

10. What AR the benefits Of Devops With reference to Technical And Business Perspective?

Technical benefits:

Software delivery is continuous.

Reduces Complexity in problems.

Faster approach to resolve problems

Manpower is reduced.

Business benefits:

High rate of delivering its features

Stable operating environments

More time gained to Add values.

Enabling faster feature time to market

Learn Devops

11. What Are The Anti-patterns Of Devops?

A pattern is common usage usually followed. If a pattern usually adopted by others doesn’t work for your organization and you still blindly follow it, you’re basically adopting associate degree anti-pattern. There are myths about DevOps.

Some of them include:

  • DevOps is a process
  • Agile equals DevOps
  • We need a separate DevOps group
  • Devops will solve all our problems
  • DevOps means Developers Managing Production
  • It is Development-driven release management
  • DevOps is not development driven.
  • It is not IT Operations driven.
  • We can’t do DevOps – We’re Unique
  • We can’t do DevOps – we tend to’ve got the incorrect individuals

12. Explain With A Use Case Where Devops Can Be Used In Industry/ Real-life?

There square measure several industries that square measure exploitation DevOps thus you’ll mention any of these use cases, you’ll conjointly refer the below example:

Etsy could be a peer-to-peer e-commerce web site centered on hand-crafted or vintage things and provides, furthermore as distinctive factory-manufactured things. Etsy struggled with slow, painful web site updates that regularly caused the positioning to travel down. It affected sales for millions of Etsy’s users who sold goods through online market place and risked driving them to the competitor.

With the assistance of a replacement technical management team, Etsy transitioned from its water model, which produced four-hour full-site deployments twice weekly, to a more agile approach. Today, it’s a totally machine-driven readying pipeline, and its continuous delivery practices have reportedly resulted in additional than fifty deployments on a daily basis with fewer disruptions.

13. What Is The Most Important Thing Devops Helps Us Achieve?

According to Pine Tree State, the foremost necessary issue that DevOps helps North American nation deliver the goods is to induce the changes into production as quickly as potential whereas minimizing risks in computer code quality assurance and compliance. This is the primary objective of DevOps.

For example: clearer communication and higher operating relationships between groups i.e. both the Roman deity team and Dev team collaborate along to deliver sensible quality computer code that successively results in higher client satisfaction.

14. Which Are The Top Devops Tools?

The most popular DevOps tools are mentioned below:

Git: Version Control System tool

Jenkins: Continuous Integration tool

Puppet, Chef, Ansible: Configuration Management and Deployment tools

Nagios: Continuous Monitoring tool

Docker: Containerization tool

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15. Mention at what instance have you used the SSH?

According to the American state, the foremost necessary issue that DevOps helps U.S.A. attain is to urge the changes into production as quickly as potential whereas minimizing risks in code quality assurance and compliance. This is the primary objective of DevOps.

For example clearer communication and higher operating relationships between groups i.e. both the Ops team and Dev team collaborate along to deliver smart quality code that successively ends up in higher client satisfaction.

17. What is post mortem meeting with reference to DevOps?

Post mortem meeting is done to discuss. what went wrong and what steps you need to take in order to avoid failures.

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18. What is the easiest method to build a small cloud?

VM is one of the most effective options for making IaaS cloud from Virtual Box VMs in no time. if you want lightweight PaaS and then Dokku is a very good option because of bash script can be PaaS out of Dokku containers.

19. Name some of the areas where DevOps are Implemented?

DevOps are used for Production and IT operations, production feedback, and its software development.

20. Explain Pair Programming with reference to DevOps?

Pair programming is associate degree engineering follow of utmost Programming Rules. In this methodology, 2 programmers work on a similar system, on a similar design/algorithm/code.

One computer user act as a “driver.” alternative acts as associate degree “observer” World Health Organization ceaselessly monitor the progress of a project to spot issues. The roles can be reversed at any point of time without any prior intimation.

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