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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2021-08-16
Comparison of most used Web Frameworks: ASP.Net and Laravel

Today, businesses need to go digital for every update, depending upon the current market situation. They have to set up their business online, and it needs better technology that supports their business needs. It is difficult for any business entity to choose the right technology to take their business online.  Two such powerful technologies are trending among businesses: ASP.Net vs Laravel. 

Nonetheless, this is a never-ending argument about selecting the powerful web framework between Laravel and ASP.Net. Both technologies are robust, powerful, and give tough competition to each other in the current market.

ASP.Net vs Laravel

Here, in this blog, we have elaborated on both these frameworks in terms of different factors like speed, performance, scalability, etc. At the end of this blog, you can figure out the best framework among Dot Net vs Laravel that suits best for your project.

Let us start with a brief intro to both technologies. 

What is ASP.Net? 

ASP.Net is an open-source, server-side web app development framework from Microsoft useful for web growth. It helps to design modern dynamic web apps that are compatible to run on macOS, LINUX, Windows, etc. Moreover, it allows developers to create interactive, data-driven web apps over the internet.

Dot Net application codes can be written in any of the below programming languages, such as




In order to set up bilateral communication between the browser to the server, ASP.Net uses HTTP commands. It also works on top of the HTTP protocol. The framework also includes numerous controls like text boxes, buttons, assembling labels, and manipulating codes that help to create HTML pages. Also, it lets you build completely web apps using Visual Studio and other amazing tools.

Moreover, ASP.Net web development helps to minimize the code lines for large size apps and web pages. Hence, you can develop many cross-platform business apps using this web framework. 

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What is Laravel?

Laravel is also an open-source web application PHP framework and is easy to understand and robust with expressive syntax. Moreover, Laravel follows an MVC design pattern and reuses the existing components of various frameworks. This is for the growth of web apps. It also helps to develop many web apps by easing the process like authentication, routing, caching, etc. 

This web framework includes many features and functionalities of PHP and other coding languages. Also, this helps to boost web development. Its major goal is to ease the development process for the developer without killing the app features. In this way, this framework is an emerging one and currently many smaller companies are trying to use it. 

Thus, this is all about the brief notes on both web technologies and their growth. Let us move further in this blog to know the key differences between ASP.Net vs Laravel.

ASP.Net vs Laravel Key Differences

There are different aspects to mention the differences between ASP.Net vs Laravel frameworks. The following points will give the idea of key differences between the two technologies. 


In the usage comparison between ASP.Net vs Laravel, we can say that currently, 9,258,086 live websites are using the Dot Net framework. Among them, in India there are around 34K websites are built using this framework. 

But Laravel hosts around 1,341,152 websites including live and historical data but in India, we have 12,899 websites. It seems that the dot net framework has seen a little downfall in the technology trend compared to Laravel. But it may be for a short period because the technology is still updating itself.


Nonetheless, both technologies are highly scalable and dynamically useful. Coming to Laravel is the best suitable and compatible framework for small business entities. Whereas large and complex apps need ASP.net.

But ASP.Net framework is easier to work with many languages where Laravel is not. Hence, Laravel is the latest technology in web growth and comes with more flexibility than asp.net. 

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In this area, Laravel has an upper hand compared to a Dot net. Laravel framework comes with open-source availability and asp.net with a hosting fee. Thus, growing a web app using Laravel is a little easier than developing using Dot Net. 

Moreover, it depends upon the web development company you hire, the actual size of the project, and so on. 

Asp net vs Laravel performance

Performance is the major part of any framework or technology that recognizes the overall performance of a website. For example, when we send a query to the website, it actually goes to the database, then the output is sent to the webserver, and it finally reaches the end user’s browser. All these tasks need a little time or a fraction depending upon the speed and performance of the web app/browser.

This is a simple communication type between the database and server for any coding language. Hence, both of the above web technologies are equally equipped to fetch text, images, and pages to the web server. They are also the best suitable frameworks for web growth and its performance in their area of expertise. 

Asp net vs Laravel speed

We can say the none of both technologies among ASP.net vs Laravel will compromise with the code quality. Both frameworks are capable of fetching images, text, and pages faster. Comparatively, the Dot Net framework is a little faster than Laravel in performance. But the page loading speed finally depends upon the end user’s computer system, database, server, etc. 

Hence, Laravel is mainly comfortable for developing smaller projects whereas ASP.Net is useful for medium and large projects. So, the speed of the web framework will be better with the project size and the end-user's system requirements.

ASP.Net vs Laravel: Advantages and Disadvantages

Here, we will discuss the major pros and cons of both web frameworks, Dot Net and Laravel.

Advantages of ASP.Net

We can the following benefits of using the Dot net framework for different purposes.

  • Dot Net is highly scalable and compatible with other languages and gives tough competition to its rivals.
  • It helps in locating errors before the completion of compilation.
  • The framework is compatible to work with almost all coding languages, including C#.
  • Developers will have numerous tools and feature support.
  • Works seamlessly and faster on the Windows platform.
  • It has the potential to develop enterprise-level apps.
  • Developers may not feel tired while using its due to its awesome UI features.
  • Moreover, this framework offers speedy development with many pre-coded options.
Disadvantages of ASP.Net
  • It is a little harder to learn than the Laravel framework.
  • Licensing costs are comparatively high as it is a Microsoft product.
  • Mostly works on Windows (Microsoft server).
  • Technical support is not that much viable as the Laravel framework has.
  • These are the important pros and cons of the ASP.Net framework. Let us move further to discuss the same about Laravel.
Laravel Pros
  • This web technology is open-source available and has the largest team support.
  • It has a more scalable web application.
  • The reusability of the components of other frameworks useful in web app growth reduces the time for designing web apps.
  • It also speeds up the application work with loads of developers available in the market.
  • Moreover, the namespaces and interfaces of the Laravel framework help to arrange and manage resources well.
Cons of Laravel
  • It is a little slower than other coding languages and apps.
  • Code quality may little compromise because of customization.
  • Also, error handling may not be much speedy as other coding languages.
  • These are a few of the pros and cons of the Laravel web development framework. Let us conclude the topic with a final comparative discussion. 

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Why choose these frameworks?

Both of these frameworks are suitable for the web growth process differently. They make the web growth and the web page more dynamic depending upon the project requirement. But they strive to provide many benefits to the hiring company with their usage. So, choosing among these web techs may be difficult, but it will give a better idea with this comparison. 

When to use which technology: Laravel or ASP.Net 

Many entrepreneurs and young tech enthusiasts may confuse to choose between these two technologies. But it all depends upon the project size, costs to incur, team size, and many other aspects. As per the career development view, both frameworks are potential one. PHP developers are also currently in demand, whereas the Dot Net framework is also suitable to build more than simple and dynamic websites. So, you can choose among them wisely on the small piece of difference below. 

If you’re planning to develop a good and simple website for a startup company, then Laravel will be the best choice. Further, if you are a giant business entity and want to build a dynamic and robust web platform for your users. Then Net framework will be the best suitable one. Learning more about these technologies also benefits one’s desire to opt for the best one. 

In this way, you can choose the best web framework for your project and company. 


I hope you have received the basic idea of both the web frameworks in ASP.Net vs Laravel comparison. Both are web dev frameworks and compete with each other well. Laravel supports the development of smaller projects easily, whereas ASP.Net is compatible for developing medium to large size projects.

Moreover, Laravel needs some additional support in this regard but .Net doesn’t need it. Net uses compiled code that performs like a machine code, but PHP-based Laravel uses interpreted code. Dot Net is scalable to large-size projects as well, with high scalability and speed. Both the frameworks strive for giving the best for their users globally. But most of the large entities choose the .net framework for their larger projects with heavy budgets. 

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