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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2021-11-15
Jira vs. ServiceNow: Difference?

The blog below follows gives an overview of Jira vs ServiceNow. Jira is a project issue tracking tool. It aids in bug tracking & agile project management. Atlassian created it, and it is written in Java. It may add or edit problems, or processes in the project as the team evolves. Besides, adopts changes in the development. ServiceNow is an enterprise-oriented software. So, it aids in incident management and project request fulfillment. It quite handles the project's IT and service control challenges. IT Business Management is an automated cloud-based tool. So, it assists clients in adhering to ITIL principles.

Ticketing systems are an important part of any firm’s IT operations. Ticket-based tech is, in reality, the backbone of the IT help desk. It employs leading service providers practically everywhere. Ticketing systems are the most important piece of software for keeping track of. Also, managing workflow operations inside a firm. Every user issue would lose in a swarm of emails if they weren't there. Ticketing systems are current IT service management solutions. So, it removes obstacles to employee support services. In addition, this is not hyperbole. It brings everything joint in a single, easy-to-use dashboard. So, here you can manage processes, prioritize tasks, and resolve problems. Jira and ServiceNow are two of the most well-known. Further, the popular using ticketing systems.

servicenow vs jira

What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is an advanced and adaptable cloud-based ITSM platform. So, it helps businesses manage, and automate their business activities. It is a simple ticketing system. So, it assists firms in managing their digital workflows for the daily process. It is nothing more than a platform as a service. It aids in the base required for the operation of business services. ITSM software is available. So, it aids in the automation of many company process actions. ServiceNow, which has its beginnings in IT service management. It is growing as the platform of choice for enterprise service management. Thus, combining all business-related tasks. E.g., customer support, HR, and legal into a single adaptable platform. ServiceNow's seamless interface with a variety of technologies. So, it allows you to manage projects, teams, & user interactions in a flash. Further, without the useless bells and whistles.

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What is Jira?

Jira is a robust bug/issue tracking and job management solution. So, it is useful for a wide range of use cases and firms of all sizes. Jira, which began as a bug tracking tool for software and mobile apps. Also, it has developed into a high flexible project system. Thus, it supports any agile technique, including Scrum and Kanban. Jira is a shortened version of Gojira. It is the Japanese word for Godzilla. So, its creation is to compete with the iconic bug tracking app. Besides, to bug and problem tracking. So, it is extreme adaptive. So, making it a unique system in its own right. Jira Software, along with Jira Core and Jira Service Desk, is part of the Jira product family. It combines traditional Jira features. For example, flexible workflows and flexible fields with agile support skills. So, to provide you with a full solution. Thus, it gives you the whole experience of operating an agile project.

ServiceNow versus Jira: Key Differences

Let's look at some main differences between Jira & ServiceNow:

When compared to SNOW, Jira's fee is lower and is the charge as per the agent. Jira charges about $20 a month per agent. But, ServiceNow charges $100 per user every month.

Jira is always created on the Jira platform. It does not function on any other platform. ServiceNow does not rely on the Jira platform.

Jira's installation is simple, and it can complete earlier than planned. SNOW's installation is difficult and time-consuming. Jira takes around 1.2 months on average to get online. But, while SNOW takes 4.5 months on average.

ServiceNow's service is dependent on the requests made. Thus, it is not handled by the same team that handles other problems. In Jira, all requests manage and resolved by a single service desk. Thus, ensuring that operations run in a smooth way.

ServiceNow is a cloud-based solution. It can only use in the cloud. We cannot operate operations on-premises. Jira is useful on both on-premise and cloud systems.

SNOW is enterprise-focused and focuses on ITIL. Jira is not an enterprise tool. So, its appearance and feel appeal to more clients than ServiceNow. Jira can handle any sort of company. So, users pick up on the process fast.

The learning curve in ServiceNow is high. But, since users want to experiment in various ways. So, it employs a cloud-based platform. Jira's learning curve is not high. So, users utilize Jira for known use cases and on-premise apps of the project's software.

SNOW supports the platform by offering a community site and product record to clients. Jira, but, provides a developer portal and a community website. So, here users may get solutions to their questions.

ServiceNow offers more connectors and APIs. As well, a defined API for developing add-ons to the platform. Although the record for creating add-ons is present in Jira. Further, custom-built connectors are few, and users must create their own.

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What is the difference between ServiceNow and Jira?

Atlassian, Inc. Jira was to track problems and issues in software and mobile apps. But, it has now expanded into a strong agile project solution. So, it can now use for firms of all kinds. Jira is a project management and tracking solution. So, it combines all your team's work into a single Jira Project. ServiceNow, but, is a cloud-based ITSM platform. So, it helps businesses manage, organize, and automate their operations. It is a platform-as-a-service. It offers ITSM apps. Further, it aids in the automation of firm process tasks.

Incident/Issue Management

ServiceNow offers whole incident and problem modules. Moreover, it connects directly to the CMDB. So, it acts as ServiceNow's heart. It maintains info about all technical services. You can make an issue out of one or many relatable instances. If you like, you can use AI to do automated tasks. You can use preset criteria to divide the instance to anybody. Out of the box, the Jira includes a set of ITIL-certified procedures. Thus, it issues groups for the incident and problem control. Also has the potential to connect several issues.

Configuration Management

It is the lifecycle management of all items and base components. All objects and their unions can store in the CMDB. SNOW employs a plug-in known as discovery. So, it aids in the exploration of a particular network. Thus, identifies the correlation between base parts. In terms of Jira, CMDB is not a key feature or module of the Jira. But, it is to grow as your business grows and matures.

Management of Knowledge

It provides out-of-the-box solutions for sharing info in knowledge bases. Further, for quick access by users, workers, and agents. It has the skill of having various knowledge bases. As they are known, for distinct audiences for each of them. You may rate and comment on the articles. Confluence is Jira's basic knowledge management platform. Thus, providing teams with simple and rapid access to solutions.


For up to three agents, Jira Service Management is free to use. The premium models begin at an average of $20 for each agent per month. It offers for enterprises with more than four agents. Thus, there is a Premium plan that costs $40/agent/month. It is for firms growing high-velocity ITSM. As a result, the price is reasonable and transparent. ServiceNow also provides a free trial. Thus, premium options start at $10 K/license/year. To get a custom quotation, you must speak with the sales staff.

Resilience and API

JIRA has a robust REST API for developing add-ons and interactions with other apps. ServiceNow has a well-documented REST API. So, it is for dealing with service instances on its platform.

Integrations with Third Parties

JIRA's third-party connectors are unique. So, its Marketplace has over 2,400 add-ons for increasing the platform's skill. ServiceNow's website also provides a variety of connectors. Both standard and custom-built.

Companies Using It

JIRA is using by many of the world's largest businesses. So, it includes Twitter, Sotheby's, Spotify, BlackRock, and Splunk. ServiceNow is as popular among the firm elite. Thus, with Envision Healthcare, Equinix, GE, and Standard Life. So, these are among its famous clients.

The Learning Curve

ServiceNow is more enterprise-oriented and centered on ITIL. But, while JIRA was to be accessible to IT experts from all sorts of firms. As a result, as compared to ServiceNow. So, it has a more modest learning curve in place for IT workers.

Set of Skills

The creation of Jira as an Add-on to Atlassian Jira. So, both are excellent systems for business IT help desks.

It is compatible with the rest of the environment.

ServiceNow is a platform with connectors at its core. Thus, allowing it to make use of many of the features available in other tools.

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Ease of use

JIRA's online interface is simple. So, Atlassian clients will be at ease using the admin portal. The online front-end for ServiceNow is similarly quite simple. But, it is more enterprise/ITIL-focused than Service Desk. Then, making it less accessible to small businesses and IT shops.

Help from the Community

Atlassian provides many services to its users and platform developers. Thus, including a developer portal and a Q&A website called Answers. A group site and a product wiki are available to its users.

Rate of Ease of use

The current version of the JIRA Service Desk is 3.2. The Atlassian Record website has a complete release history. Over time, both the Service Desk and JIRA can upgrade. Since its original release, ServiceNow has received monthly upgrades. So, is now on the "ServiceNow Kingston" edition. The ServiceNow support wiki has a broad release history as well as notes.


Thus, ServiceNow is a PaaS enterprise-grade ITSM solution. It is designed especially for IT operations. It is a simple ticketing system. So, it assists firms in managing their digital workflows. It helps for their regular business activities and apps. Jira, but, has over 250,000 customers. So, it is useful by more than 80% of Fortune 500 firms. Hence, for its excellent business service management & bug tracking features. As a result, firms searching for a quite well ITIL-focused solution. So, they could choose ServiceNow. But, only for small to medium-sized businesses.

The user must understand the project's demands and choose the proper tool. Cost is a significant factor, as are the features provided by each tool. The tools are simple once users learn the fundamentals.

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