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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2021-05-12
Top AWS Applications and use cases to revolutionize business

Since AWS has started its journey in the Cloud market, it has served many industries of different sectors. This includes banking, finance, Govt. organizations, and many more. Today, AWS applications are serving various purposes in the IT industry like IT infrastructure services, etc. From startups to giant enterprises everybody is using the services of AWS applications widely.

Here in this blog, we are going to discuss the top AWS applications and their use cases that revolutionizing the current businesses. 

AWS or Amazon Web Services is the most popular and renowned cloud computing platform for today’s businesses. Also, AWS applications play an important role to secure, build, and store sensitive data through integration. Amazon Web Services has served a large customer base across different industries with distinct cloud requirements. Still, AWS applications serve the better by addressing the industrial needs with customized solutions. 

Hence, this is in brief about AWS and its aspects. Let us discuss the various AWS applications and their examples in detail.

Top AWS Applications

AWS applications list

There are many AWS applications that are in use in different business sectors. Here are the top AWS applications that serve the large customer base within the industries. The AWS applications list is here as follows.:-

Big Data

The biggest challenge that today most companies face is a large amount of data. Big Data in this sense is the amount of data that businesses deal with on daily basis. Today due to the expansion of business services many companies are struggling with data storage. Moreover, to store this large amount of data they use most of the traditional methods. This lacks in identifying the errors that occur while processing data. 

AWS offers a vast amount of storage services to its business users so that they can manage to store large data. Even if the data size expands or it crosses its limits unexpectedly, AWS is there to provide virtual data storage. Here, in this case, it offers scale-in and scale-out options to manage such huge data. Further, it offers easy access and faster data recovery services also to its users. In this way, there are many services that Amazon web service to business so that they set up, operate, and scale their large data. Hence, we can say that AWS applications effectively serve Big data managing and storage purposes.

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Data Storage and Backup

Every Cloud Computing service needs strong backup and storage for the data it deals with. There is a huge amount of data that these cloud computing services need to handle. And this requires a reliable and safe storage platform. AWS platform offers very reliable and secure storage and backup services like Amazon S3 and AWS Backup. Through this, any business can store a large amount of business data and can take secure backup also. This data can be stored on different AWS services which makes it easier. Moreover, AWS stores this data on distinct availability zones where if one area fails, still user can access data. 

Hence, all this makes the AWS apps much reliable and secure in data storage services and companies can trust.

Social Networking

Today social networking became a reliable and strongest essential platform for everyone including business. Digital Marketing plays a key role in this regard and AWS also makes it easier for businesses. Social networks and media have a viral nature that causes various services and apps to grow rapidly. 

Moreover, through social networking sites, companies can meet their customers and business leaders easily. They also expand their business services through this meet. AWS social networking engines play an important role in this regard which are powered with strong AWS support. It provides companies to build a suitable social networking site and make profits. Moreover, it helps companies to use these services for better performance and scalability. 

Hence, AWS applications are also the best in social networking. 

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IT Business

AWS applications are the most reliable, secure, and one-stop solution for the IT sector. The various features of this platform like flexibility, reliability, scalability, elasticity, etc. help enterprises to deliver faster results. Hence, the use of AWS applications for IT enterprises and companies makes them more profitable in a little time. This solution proved to be a cost-effective and time saver for many companies. AWS platform provides cloud architecture maintenance services to many IT enterprises. This service saves precious time and cost for these companies rather than engaging a professional into it. 

Website Hosting

AWS platform offers a wide range of web hosting services to build the best websites for its clients and customers. Services like AWS Lightsail are much useful in developing apps or websites that are reliable and secure. It is a kind of VPS or the virtual private server that is a cost-effective service provider including DNS management, VM, data transfer, etc. All this combined helps to build a good website which is easy to use also. Moreover, this AWS applications’ service is useful for development and testing environments, simple web app designing, websites, etc. Moreover, AWS Lambda, AWS S3, Elastic LB, etc services also help in developing the best websites. 

Gaming services

Many gaming platforms use different types of technologies and service platforms to build better gaming apps. Among them, AWS applications also play an important role for these gaming studios. All this makes the gaming apps build, run, and grow. Moreover, AWS S3 and EC2 services allow gaming websites to deliver a world-class gaming experience to users with high quality. The cloud platform offers to build and develop flexible and remote gaming studios. This is through analytics support along with server and networking features.

Mobile apps

There are a lot of mobile apps that we use on a daily basis for different purposes. Using AWS, we can develop the best mobile app in our desired coding language. Also, we can make good use of these applications with a constant access facility. This needs high-level computation, resources, database, storage, and app services. Moreover, auto-scaling and managed RDBMS of AWS app are the add-ons for the mobile apps. This makes the mobile apps much flexible and user-friendly also. 

Hence, this is all about the AWS applications and their usage in different areas of business. Now we will look into the most popular use cases of AWS apps. These use cases will prove the significant benefits and uses of the AWS platform.

AWS application use cases

There are many use cases available for AWS applications. Some of the best and most popular use cases will discuss here. 


The first use case of AWS apps is Netflix which is a popular entertainment platform based in the US. It may be started in the US but now it has spread its wings across the globe and gained much popularity. But suddenly it faced some challenges in scalability due to an increase in viewership. It’s a content streaming platform where videos are played on-demand with high quality. This entertainment platform has partnered with AWS for content delivery and services. Further, the AWS application allows Netflix to execute some thousands of servers and a high amount of storage within a short time. Moreover, users can stream Netflix content from anywhere on the globe through mobile, tabs, and web.


This is a global leader in the Pharma industry and has a reach towards every country. To address the various computing needs, Pfizer has partnered with Amazon. The Amazon VPC was set to deal with Pfizer’s high-end performing software computing and systems. These systems and software are useful in research and development. Moreover, the Amazon VPC has helped this giant pharma company to respond to the latest challenges with enhanced computational capacity. 

Hence, the use of AWS apps has saved the company from huge investment in software/hardware needs. Rather than this, it could be able to focus more on other activities. 


Airbnb is one of the international online marketplaces for home rental businesses. This platform helps people to connect with each other those looking for rental space and those who want to rent out their house. Suddenly the company faced the challenge of the high-streaming of data across the globe which it couldn’t able to handle.

 In this regard, it started the usage of services like Amazon EC2 and Load balancing, EMR, etc from AWS. The AWS EC2 helps in allocating the incoming traffic to different instances that reduces the burden on the server. It makes the platform user-friendly by avoiding increasing traffic for a better customer experience. 


This is a global online travel agency that constantly focused on the R&D of the platform for giving better UX. Expedia is using AWS applications as services for developing a standard deployment model that gives better infra. Moreover, the reason behind using this AWS service is that it offers high data security through distinct availability zones. All this makes this (AWS) platform much popular worldwide.


All we know that it is a National Space Administration that has completed its ambitious project of Curiosity Mission towards Mars. It included a long travel distance of 8 months and finally, it landed through a meticulous landing process. The Rover has taken beautiful snaps of Mars’s surface and NASA wanted to put all these historic images public. 

They wanted to show the public these images with complete details of their mission on Mars. Moreover, it built a library of such images to show but due to its different centers, it couldn’t give the best viewing experience to viewers. The center wants to make it easier for people to access the images and videos they search in this regard. 

Hence, NASA adopted the services of the AWS platform to avoid disruptions in viewing all this. The services include in this regard are Amazon S3, Amazon Elastic Load Balancing, SQS, and Amazon EC2. Among these services, Amazon S3 has provided incoming data storage for various images, videos, and audio files without disruption. 


The most popular social media platform Facebook also uses the AWS applications for its better performance. Hence, to develop a scalable application, Facebook used the AWS services like S3, EC2, SQS, RDS, SimpleDB, etc. Among these services, the Amazon RDS helps this platform to build, operate, and scale the database on the cloud. Cloud data storage helps this social platform to store a large amount of daily data coming globally. 

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This is the most popular web designing, graphic designing, video editing, and photography platform. It uses AWS services to focus on the deployment of its software needs by providing the best operating ecosystem for its customers. AWS cloud is the most important service that this photography platform uses for different purposes. 


The giant mobile manufacturer Nokia Co. has a vast business market including India, Asia Pacific, and South America. It provides speedy internet services through its Xpress Internet services platform. Also, the company runs more than 2000 servers and deals with a large amount of daily data. Therefore, to scale the database and produce reports more frequently it opted for services of AWS. Moreover, the Amazon Redshift helps it well in running queries much faster. Further, it uses BI tools to mine data largely at a minimized cost. Hence, these are the advantages that AWS applications provide to Nokia co.

Hence, this is all about the various use cases of the AWS applications in different sectors of business. It all makes the AWS services much popular across the globe and still focusing on development. There are many benefits of using AWS services across the world. This includes global availability, flexibility, scalability, high-end security for data and storage, and low investment. 


We have gone through the various AWS applications and uses cases with examples. These services that AWS offers are widely popular and make it a global service provider in the cloud segment. I hope this content has given you much knowledge on AWS applications and their other aspects. If you are planning to learn AWS to explore the cloud computing world then go through AWS Online Training with ITGuru. This learning may help you to get more skills in using the cloud platform for various purposes.