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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2021-11-22
Workday vs. Microsoft: Explain the Difference?

Cloud is upsetting HR systems, as it is in many other areas of business IT. So, results in a new breed of solutions. It has ditched the on-premises model in favor of cloud-based delivery. Firms like Bamboo and Ceridian, as well as Workday, have emerged in recent years. Further, with more secure suppliers Oracle and SAP launch their cloud-based solution. So, they are in the form of HCM Cloud and SF. But, despite having a somewhat immature product. So, one of the other newcomers is making ripples in the industry. We've created this post to assist you to compare Workday versus Microsoft.

The following is a sneak peek at some of the results from the market research study. It is with over 200 top IT executives in the UK and Europe. These IT executives have got, installed. Further, they have a thorough knowledge of how these products function.

Workday vs. Microsoft dynamics

What is Workday HCM?

Workday HCM Suite is a cloud-based HCM suite. So, it offers a single solution for all HR tasks. For example, financial management, HCM, performance management, planning, and so on. It is suitable for all types of enterprises, particularly those with many locations. Onboarding, recruitment, payroll, benefits, time off, & analytics are all handled in one place. Workday HCM software is simple, worldwide system software. So, it provides clients with the most up-to-date version. It has enhanced features through browser and mobile.

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Workday HCM Benefits

The following are the most well-known Workday HCM advantages.

Users may access the solution from anywhere since it is cloud-based.

It offers a flexible working method for the domains of finance, planning, and HR, among others.

It's simple to learn even if you don't know how to code.

Users may improve the efficiency and productivity of their processes.

Workday allows for auditing of each transaction involving many objects.

It allows users to view many reports in real-time from any device.

The business platforms may make changes more easily with the aid of a simple GUI.

This program also provides you with 24-hour access to your data. But, it has a high level of security.

Assists firms in managing HR and making their personnel.

It also provides many recruitment solutions. So, it is useful to help firms identify the finest people across the company life cycle.

Furthermore, Workday's talent management system solutions aid in better employee management, reward, & promotion.

Workers may check their time for login and out using the Workday API and the time tracking system.

Besides, this tech provides an efficient payroll administration system. So, that it can handle various computations. You may also conduct audit reports and have more freedom with deductions and profits.

It also readily interfaces with other systems using different integration tools. E.g., EIB, Web Services, Studio, and others.

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What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

It is a complete commercial suite of tools. So, it is to manage almost every business operation. It is on Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform.

Sales, customer support, field service, project service automation, and marketing, and so on. So, these are among the 11 major modules, or "apps," on the platform. ERP, talent, finance & operations, retail, business center, & AI are the remaining six modules. So, these are for sales, customer service, and market insight). There is some useful overlap between the two sorts of modules for people looking for a firm package.

All these modules operate with almost every other product in the Microsoft ecosystem. Thus, allowing for even more collaboration chances. For example, integration with OneNote and OneDrive. So, these allow you to share and work together on reports. All Dynamics 365 solutions follow the GDPR. They provide top-notch security and data governance.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Advantages

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a flexible price model. So, it fosters early adoption and a gradual increase in your use. You pay a one-time price for your first module/app, then get a discount on future apps. There's also the option of adding (or removing) more apps as your firm needs to evolve.

Integration without a hitch

It's quite beneficial to be able to link the platform to almost any other product in the Microsoft world. AppSource has a huge selection of app connectors (over 1,000 at last count). Also, you can use PowerApps to create a low-code custom solution.

It is safe to use

You can effectively limit data access during your business. So, you can do this by using role-based, record-based, and field-level security methods. Set grants for joint work. So, that only people who need data to complete their tasks have access. Data encryption is common. Also, managers may use Azure Key Vault to manage database encryption keys.


With smooth interfaces, advice, and interaction, BI skills help you ease AI implementation. BI aids in the union of work processes, the addition of insights into user interactions. Also, the drilling down of data to get actionable information. It aids in sales, marketing, and customer service, as well as finance and fraud prevention.

Customer service from every angle

A unified IT base can address the full user journey across time and media. Thus, resulting in a more holistic user experience. With knowledge-driven case management and dynamic coaching from data and report dashboards. So, Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows your team to provide customer care and support.

Workday HCM vs. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Talent
The solutions:

Microsoft is one of the most surprising arrivals into the HR profession.

"I didn't believe Microsoft Dynamics had anything to do with HR," a healthcare IT executive stated. "I haven't come across it with HR, and it's not on my radar," a legal services IT director said.

Many other respondents, but, have used Talent, Microsoft's cloud-based HCM product. So, the integration of it to the Dynamics 365 CRM-ERP package in 2017. They pointed out that Microsoft has put a lot of effort into promoting this new service. But, that this message doesn't have aim towards IT. Because it offers an option with the Dynamics 365 suite. So, talent was the most widely trialed HR solution. So, it is among all those we know about in our research study earlier this year.

Attract, Onboard, Engage, Learn, and Optimise are the five primary areas in Microsoft. Employee portals. E.g., records, benefits, absences, worker competency evaluations, performance reviews, and training services. Employee self-service is also available. Thus, allowing workers to record and amend personal info. As well, seek leave and absence. Talent links with both Office 365 and LinkedIn.

In the HR world, Workday HCM is much more well-known. Ex-PeopleSoft executives founded the firm in 2005. So, they have the goal of serving the needs of major firms, educational, & govt firms. Since then, the firm has developed swiftly. So, adding analytics and finance apps along the way. The firm may carry out many repairs per year using a cloud architecture. But, while keeping a uniform user experience.

Workday HCM includes HR management modules. E.g., workforce lifecycle and firm management, salary, and employee benefit, among others. Talent management is also present. So, it includes goal and performance management, and career and development planning.

Pricing comparison

For a full user, it involves Attract, Onboard, & Core HR. So, Microsoft Dynamics starts at £30.20 per HR user per month. More Team Member licenses cost £6 apiece. So, it offers users access to read, write, and self-service features. The system covers most workers will need a Team Member license.

Workday's HCM price is not available on the company's website. The cost of a subscription is by the number of license modules, workers in the firm, & the term duration. There will also be a service/maintenance fee as well as installation charges. According to third-party websites, a 3-year contract should cost at least £100/ employee/year.

Workday has more features than Microsoft. But, we've heard more concerns about the pricing, anecdotally. In our analysis, Microsoft scored better on Clear benefits/RoI. But, the two tied on the Absence of hidden expenses and all costs.

 Microsoft would further lock users onto its platform.

Technical help 

Workday provides phone and online help, as well as knowledge base access. Workday Support is a SaaS delivery strategy. So, it is accessible 24/7/365, with "a manager on duty at all times," according to the firm.

Named Support Contacts may use the Workday Customer Center. So, it is an online case management system, to submit user complaints. An online community platform for self-service issue solutions is also available.

The website, community portal, and user engagement, etc. So, these are all places where you may get help with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Microsoft provides technical support. E.g., for Retail, Talent, Finance and Operations, & Enterprise-edition products via Lifecycle Services.

Both provided decent levels of help, according to our respondents. So, with Workday rating better than Microsoft.

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A Roadmap

The continual, seamless release of new features. So, it is one of the promises of cloud-based software. As a result, in a manner that does not apply to on-premises software, the roadmap is a key difference. Connections with 3rd software & APIs. As well, other products in the vendor's portfolio, are implicit. Microsoft is attempting to catch up to its more established opponent in this area. Talent is compatible with Office 365, LinkedIn, and other Dynamics 365 roster products. This might help Microsoft catch up to Workday in areas where this is seen to be lacking. Such as recruiting.

Workday, but, is no slouch when it comes to HCM. Further, continuous introducing new features and integrations. The company's current emphasis is on integrating analytics and planning skills. As seen, by its assets of big data provider Platfora in 2016. Further, financial planning business Adaptive Insights in 2018. The ML-powered Skills Cloud, which identifies the specific skills. Also, the training needs of people and teams were just released.

Respondents to the Delta study gave Workday a very high rating for its plan. Also, Microsoft Dynamics 365 talent received a respectable rating as well.


Workday HCM is surely the more advanced of the two options. The firm established its reputation by upsetting the current quo. Also, now the task is to keep that momentum going. Workday HCM is a feature-rich modular solution. So, it has solid respect in the business.

Workday, according to one CIO, is the future of business HCM. "Workday is the leader in my opinion. One major reason is that they are a cloud-based system. They were for "in the cloud, for the cloud, and on the cloud," according to them. But, the approach is less ideal for SMBs. Also, there have been some concerns about the return on investment.

Microsoft seems to be attempting to control every aspect of business IT. Worryingly for its rivals, it usually has the resources to do so. Also, the typical pattern is to bundle a new product with an existing package. Further, to make adoption as simple as possible. So, then do enough to keep users from turning elsewhere.

Talent is now less feature-rich and mature than Workday's offering. But, Microsoft is widely promoting it. Further, it has enough assets and experience in cloud integration and AI to rely on. So, it's just a matter of time until it catches up. But, at a time when concerns about cloud lock-in are growing. So, many people may prefer not to be fully reliant on a single provider. But, due to the risk of lock-in.

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