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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2021-11-10
Quote-to-Cash using Salesforce Billing

In this blog, we will get a view of the QTC concept in the Salesforce Billing platform. ERP and PMS are at the top of the list. So, firms consider moving to a digital / cloud-based system. So, this can follow by CRM, e-Commerce, and CMS. QTC technology and automation are, always the last thing on managers' minds. According to IDC Market Research, many firms lose from 20% to 30% of their future income. But, because they persist with outdated, inefficient technologies. It also wastes time. But, sales experts spend 32% of their work looking for lost data. So, manual inserting it into the system. Due to the fact that 35-50 percent of consumers prefer the vendor. Thus, who answers their business request first. So, delay can cost B2B enterprises a lot of business. Now, let get deep into this salesforce billing blog.

salesforce billing

Getting Rid of Weaknesses

The usage of a CPQ billing system that interfaces with both ERP and CRM systems. So, it helps ease these flaws.

Only 22% of users of quote-to-cash software use the integrated software system. Yet, they are the ones who are happiest. Many more B2B enterprises are following in their footsteps.

Using a CPQ & billing solution all through the sales process offers various perks.

Here, we'll look at how Salesforce CPQ & Billing software. So, this can help you achieve certain business goals. Also, it will boost client retention, and increase revenue.

The art of creating a sale may appear simple to the inexpert eye. Between the first step, seeking fresh leads. Also, the last step, completing sales, a whole planet can fit. So, the planet's name seems to be QTC.

The term QTC relates to the often difficult sales process. So, it begins with the quote or initial offers. Also, it ends with cash or final payment. Using Salesforce solutions plus QTC can reform your sales. Thus, avoiding the time-consuming and error-prone stages. It might result in user loss.

Here's all you need to know on Salesforce Quote-to-Cash in a nutshell:

What Does Quote-To-Cash Mean In Salesforce?

Quote-to-Cash is an automated version of the standard QTC procedure. So, it can result in a great enhance of your sales and collection success rate. The standard QTC cycle consists of many processes. So, it can be tough to keep track of all at once. But, by integrating Salesforce products, you can successfully manage these actions. So, empowering each member of your sales team that is aiding.

With Salesforce QTC, your team can fast and right deliver user info. So, avoid order and invoicing problems. Hence, it improves data analysis and forecasting.

For the whole sales cycle, the quote to cash process flow combines features of sales. Also, of account management, billing, and accounts receivables tasks. It is a series of actions conducted by the sales team. So, beginning with the original quote. And continuing through the process of the bargain. Thus, fulfilling, billing, collecting, and preparing for the next sale.

While these steps still consider separate processes in many firms. So, it's worth emphasizing. So, single management causes failures and redundancy. Thus, in what could otherwise be a product sales cycle. Because each of these phases is customer-centric and unified. So, they should combine into a unified technology-driven business process.

Implementing a QTC solution. So, it allows firms to improve key processes inside the process. So, allowing them to close a higher percentage of deals. Thus, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

Sales personnel may easily view successful product combinations. So, they offer accurate information to customers. Also, be at once prompted about renewals with an efficient QTC business process. Sales resources provide you with more clarity into your cash flow. Hence, cut errors, and improve reporting.

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Salesforce Billing

The complete quote-to-cash workflow consists of ten important parts. These are the following:

Set up of the product

Establishing a price

Creating, sending, and modifying quotes

Creating a contract

Negotiation and alteration of contracts

Order processing and contract execution

Order processing


Management of payments and revenue


You'll note that the sales process split into two stages. The first group consists of the processes before order processing. But, whereas the second group includes the two steps following order fulfillment.

The former refers to as CPQ. But, whereas the latter refers to billing. In other words, stages 1 to 5 represent event conduct in quote-to-cash. But, whereas steps 8 and 9 represent order-to-cash.

CPQ and Billing are independent features in Salesforce quote-to-cash. Salesforce's policy is that to utilize the Billing software. So, you must buy the whole quote-to-cash package, as opposed to the CPQ platform. Also, this can we can use a separate way.

Salesforce Billing is an update to the Salesforce CPQ product. So, it inherits all the data and records. This explains why there isn't a solo version.

When a sales rep uses Salesforce to create quotes and enter orders for processing. So, the Salesforce quote-to-cash process kicks in.

Salesforce Billing pulls the data needed for invoicing, payment receipt.

What role does Salesforce CPQ's billing software play in the quote-to-cash process?

Billing is the area in which 24 percent of Q2C customers seek to improve. So, this is according to Simplus's State of Quote-to-Cash booklet.

When looking at business outcome data. So, it becomes clear that automated, electronic invoicing needs less money. Also, it needs less time to process. This is ideal for Salesforce users. So, those who are already using the system for B2B commerce.

Salesforce Billing users have an advantage over their rivals. Due to the ease with which they may achieve their desired business aims. So, they get it after it approves quotes. When you use Salesforce Billing, you gain the following benefits:

Salesforce –

Invoice Posting Sales reps can use billing to create an invoice. This secures the bill & prevents it from alteration. The customer must pay an invoice that has been posted. The transaction is also approved for revenue recognition reporting.

Invoicing One-Time Products —

When Salesforce Billing gets a human or automated request to create a bill. Thus, it will create a single invoice line against the product. The quantity & total sum of the item in that line will add.

Invoicing recurring products —

When sales reps use CPQ to quote approvals. So, Salesforce Billing is to create invoices. They create that product on a regular basis. The date & bill fields of the item, find out the time-frequency of invoicing.

Evergreen Subscription Invoicing —

Evergreen approvals have no end date. Thus, instead, the customer requests an open-ended recurring buy that. Also, they can cancel at any time. Salesforce Billing handles such orders. So, which invoices the product's unit price for each billing month. Thus, until the cancellation instruction is receives.

Billing Schedules for Orders -

Salesforce Billing helps to establish dates for when invoices generate for an order. This function is very handy. Further, when payment rules demand payments to make in installments. So, it depends on the number of days/percentage of product usage. It's also possible that the consumer wishes to pay in installments. So, this is another situation where scheduled billing comes in handy.

Use Summaries Can Be Billed On ones own From Product Orders —

Salesforce Billing lets you bill the usage summary aside from the buy of products. Depending on the business model you're using in that certain sequence. So, you can mix and match them or keep them separate.

Creating Invoices for an Order If Necessary —

Sales reps may also use the Bill tool. So, to make an invoice for an order whenever they wish.

Billing On Hold —

You can also stop the invoice from being generation. Also, putting it on hold until a specific state when met.

Integration with Salesforce Billing

To deliver a seamless Q2C experience. So, the Salesforce Billing module integrates with a variety of other apps & workflows.

Some of them are above Salesforce Billing. But, while others are below it and work in tandem with it.

Salesforce CPQ -

Automation invoicing from CPQ quotations. So, as Salesforce Billing objects take info from objects for quote management. Furthermore, to preserve the accuracy and avoid data duplication. Also, all orders via the multi-channel configure price quote method are in connection. Moreover, they have joining in Salesforce Billing.

Order Processing –

Salesforce Billing extracts payment data from orders. So, this can then use to create invoices.

Revenue Recognition Reporting —

Salesforce Billing stores information about orders, invoicing, and payments. Thus, making it a one-stop-shop for all revenue recognition data.

ERP Software –

Salesforce Billing gives info necessary to keep ERP systems up to date.

Renewals —

To record/report the essential data. So, Salesforce Billing needs to work in tandem with all the above systems on a regular basis.

Analytics -

The analytics program you're using gets data from Salesforce Billing. Thus, uses it to process and visualize data on critical business results.

Quote-To-Cash Data Check

Because QTC incorporates so many various departments. So, it's critical that its structure facilitates access. Also, grasp for all parties involved. Since a result, Salesforce's inclusion in the QTC method is a rebel. As well, it allows for the analysis and holistic check. Thus, its several performance measures in a single platform.

Essentially, your team & company may now test themselves as a whole in discrete chunks. You can raise customer satisfaction by improving internal contacts & yield. Thus, reducing tech faults. So, expediting every stage of the lengthy process with Salesforce QTC.

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Advantages of CPQ and Billing Integration
Streamline the quote-to-cash cycle:

The sales lifecycle gets done in terms of price data. So, the logic flows out from the CRM system into Salesforce Billing. The company now has control and insight over the data. Thus, allowing it to concentrate on developing new revenue streams.

Generation of Error-free Bills:

Unlike with the traditional procedure, your sales team directs through the process automatic. So, with pre-configured criteria that can be set up to cut errors.

Subscription and usage-based solutions have simple billing:

Renewals, upgrades, trial periods, one-time setup fees, and other issues. So, these must all managed by businesses. Salesforce Billing was from the ground up to handle all these complex bill needs.

Customers can select from a number of billing options:

Salesforce offers thousands of payment processing apps. So, they do through to the Exchange software store. So, it can add many sorts of billing options to your payment processor. Thus, to minimize payment-related issues with clients.

Improves Sales Performance:

Salesforce Billing integrates your billing data into your Salesforce AI engine. So, allows you to calculate even more precise statistics. Thus, for monthly recurring income, annual contract value, cash-flow forecasts. As well, other financial performance indicators.

Improved Customer Ties:

Customers' billing records link to their Salesforce profiles naturally. These profiles are easily available. So, giving the entire firm a 360-degree user picture. Thus, it increases user interactions.


Billing software automation is becoming more important in today's world. So, rather than struggling well with Salesforce quote-to-cash trailhead alone. Both users and business owners are happy. So, when bills and payments collect in a timely and efficient manner. If you're using this program for your firm or want to learn more about it. Thus, you've come to the perfect place. Get hands-on experience with Salesforce Billing Online Training from IT guru. You can also use this knowledge to create a better career.